2017 Dragonblade Cookie Ban has now commenced

Some little multicolored dragon with a unicorn horn that licks and loves hedgehogs has been misbehaving just a tad bit.

So with great sadness and heaviness on my heart.....I must put the Dragonblade cookie ban back into effect IMMEDIATELY.

No sweet, delightful buttery baked goodness for her until she starts behaving...stops stealing coffee and vodka...and stops trying to confiscate the ducks. Oh and STOP PAINTING MY PONY BUBBA GAVE ME!

but I brought you a full flask of and a box of goodness
i got cake
are brownies allowed?
Let's not forget about that coffee ban I put you on a few weeks ago ;)
Zalex Jr, you so thoughtful!

dragonblade, Storm Kat, I think for good measures....ALL sweets and treats should be withheld from our little mischievous tree frog that purrs

_Mindless_Prodigy_, ok hun...and tell me how that has worked out for you
just don't end the ban like last time
Nurse Ratched, I never follow Mindless rules; so there's Lots of coffee for you. Please do give him a black eye while you're bouncing off clan hall walls

dragonblade, guess I have to eat all the brownies myself. Behave so Nurse will give you sweets back soon, please
Have you been eating those mushrooms again???
all i said was decaf!...and also ...brownies and cake and sugar is allowed...if not there is always the store

though if kat is baking the brownies i might end up with food poisoning ....so give me her sister's

Decaf......BLASPHEMY!!! You should know that

But also the vodka stealing in the boss fight....all the coffee you have tried to steal from me....all the goodies you try to swipe from others and lets not forget about the ducks.

Yes go to the store....BUT would never compare to the yummy treats your DE friends could bake and give to you.....only if you just behaved
behaving is boring.... and decaf has no caffeine which is good for you
hmmmm......seems someone has been smuggling the little devil dragon some contraband

The ban is still in place....until Rubido says its over...sorry DB he said to keep it in place - so you just gotta wait
Well the little cookie eating tree frog has been begging and pleading and asking to have her ban removed. I do not believe in food torture for long periods of time.....I guess I am just too nice.


of course until she misbehaves again....which I am guessing will be way before the 2018 DB Cookie Ban that is scheduled.

go enjoy your virtual sweets now hun!
YAY! will take the cookie dough out of the freezer finally!
Storm Kat,
can I have some???
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