Back pack manipulation

Remember when players put everything up on AH so they can have extra back pack space? That made the game stagnant for a while. Then admin have the brilliant idea of keeping the items in the players backpack until the item is bought from AH. That decision made the game thrive. Players understand to sell items at a resonable price instead of rediculous prices like 300G for a green weapon instead of 30G. The game thrive cause of that genius idea. Now the game is stagnant again why? Players are using alts as extra back pack space but this time admin do not want to be geniuses anymore. It seems like they want to see the game slowly pass away. Sometimes u have to paint a grim picture before someone can wake up and smell the roses and treat the roses like roses instead of ashes.
Gave a rose to my dragon, like everything she gets she burned it to ash.

Backpack space is a limited concern when I log on to more pm of another clan being robbed . So many things need to be fixed instead of ignored
The reason ah prices have gone up is player make a lot more gold now with hop in ash. I use to make 35-40g per hop now I make 100-130 nearly every day.
When does how much someone makes determine the price of something? In Clown College? My University taught me that price is determine by Supply and Demand. Everyone knows that players not toons but actual players has decline so demand of products has decrease and players still get drops so supply has increase. This is why I love playing this game. Everything I learn from institutional learning aka College and higher learning aka real life is totally wrong. I have to unlearn them all and relearn the right way from the graduates of Clown University aka players of Dragon Eternity. Oh and I learn another thing too, when I leave my driving side door open and leave the keys in the ignition, I blame the car manufacturer when my care is stolen why cause they did not put a locking device on my steering wheel.
" players still get drops so supply has increase. "
Nope, with more players playing in arena for hops there are far less drops. People don't want Exp for nothing. Hop in Aoh, hit very minimal number of mobs. Pay more to get your hands on one of the rare drops listed in AH.

This also explains the price of essences. Hop in arena means not running an eye. Very few people want to hop 2 hours arena And run 2 hours eye. No one needs to buy essences, they could run eyes and trade, but in order to avoid the exp many will pay much higher prices for them. And since they make so much more in AOH it's easy to use that gold on essences. Therefore, price goes up
Your university should have taught you about inflation so you wouldn't look this stupid...
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