something broke in aoh

Celebrations will start on April 12 at 12:00 Server Time and will continue for a week until April 18 12:00 Server Time. During this period, equipment won't break after losing a battle.

21:41 Heaven's Voice: Following Items are completely broken: Artful Magical Brand, Master of Fates Pauldrons. You can't equip them until they are repaired.
pretty sure they just mean in ROAC. Were you in ruins of ancient capital at the time?
hmm... someone can not read the title of the thread!!!
hmmm.... someone can not read the post in news, giving you all the details of this event!!!
Zalex Jr, well. that wasn't a very nice comment for someone trying to help you
Even if the "no damage" is meant for aoh also, it has always been that you will receive damage from non character deaths, bots,dragons,skellies, etc,,,
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