petition for more battlefield bots

I am starting this for one reason... I have not seen a IW launch on nova sense it came out. Thinking further on it 7b no longer launch and last Saturday I missed out on getting the days bonus by 1 rum because last 3 sb did not launch. Now, with the exception of the SB and ROAC because of obvious reasons, why can we not have bot fillers for IW, 7B, and ToH as well. I for one would like to enter a ToH hop sometime or do my first IW sense the first one that happened when I dc crashed.

On a side note bots kills should count for days bonuses!
I second this. Arena bots were awesome, why not do this for all of the battlegrounds?
I was talking about this the other day. I Also think the same, Sea battles and ROAC should be kept the same (maybe be do something about the alts in issues).

But for TOH IW and &B please put bots in
Can we got Bots for wars too?
i would love if sb and 7b always would go
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