Green Dragon gear 60+ where can it be found?

Since we lost Duel of Truth which seemed to be the only place where you could get dragon gear level 60+, also level 50-ish, in drops (from the main battle) I have been hoping that DE would give us a mob that would drop these pieces but checking bestiary nothing seems to have changed. So have I missed something or is there still no way to get it in a drop. I am guessing when cap is lifted this might change but it would be nice to know if this is the case. Oh and before anyone suggests it heroism rank is way below where it should be for blue dragon gear,
I get level 46 dragon gear when I'm level 60, explain that.

Its what they drop check bestiary no high level mobs drop green dragon gear above level 50 still its good for dust.


Can we have a comment on this please is DoT coming back if not what will drop level 50+, 60+ and when the cap is lifted I guess 70+, etc, green dragon gear.
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