Dont know where to post this so ima do it here

Im making this post to warn you not to group with a player called _Nimeria_. She will firstly get her whole group to kill an elite for her and she will steal all the loot. Yesterday I was helping littles out in instances on my alt and when it was time to divide loot as usual (Damage based division) _Nimeria_ kicks all players and takes loot for herself. When me her and her clan leader came to a decision for a solution she refused to comply and she ended up trying to hire silly bonecrushes on me (None of the people bonecrushed me) I urge you all never to group with her or let her be group leader :P
According to your discribtion , its not fair to do that and injustice to the other group members
You've most powerful group does not mean you've everything you want and carry away so as you write so I am here and I will return to my friends because the server is not a problem and did not care about this post
This is against the rules and Ihit should punish
Here's what happens if my server is not so today I will leave this to the server
My group members have a strong disadvantage because you're not going to read this post anything you want to know me goodbye
Get out of them are nothing more than a storyteller go to work in the garden
_Nimeria_, i work in the shed located in the garden silly. and as of you calling me a liar many players alts have encountered this problem with you and i know 2 of the people from our group who also got kicked for you to steal the loot

Pming random guys to go check out your picture and then constantly flirting with them to get what you want game wise sounds like a crappy thing to do. Stop being a game ho because anybody can suck keyboard schlong. And if you're a thief, then you deserved to get bonecrushed even if your a dime. :) Dimes are great, except for the dimes that are probably crazy and will pull a knife on you. Or the dimes that are really some old, balding Russian guy.

Oh and btw, his name is Chris Brown.

Not criiiis.
12:13 Heaven's Voice: You are no longer friends with _Nimeria_.
12:13 Glean » _Nimeria_: Congratulations, you are the only person I have ever unfriended.
12:14 _Nimeria_ » Glean: I'm glad your decision
Ichorr, Sterling Archer, I think you are poor write more alts))))))))))
_Nimeria_, thats not my alt lol i can name you all my alts right now, rohcI, HunterIchor, FarmerIchor, FisherIchor and my old alt sattas17

Just a concerned brother, that sees hos screwin over bros.

Bros before hos.

Sterling Archer, lol i wanna know who u r now
You are funny
Sterling Archer,

LOL thank you!
pearlsThis is against the rules and Ihit should punish
Nope, not against the rules. You join a group "at your own risk" and leader can and will take everything, many times. Have seen it happen over and over again. The best advice I am giving new folks now is to leave it on random and let DE decide, or only group with people you know well and trust to be fair.

Sterling Archer,
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Unless there are rules agreed upon by all party members prior to entering somewhere (Caves f.e) and screenshoted there is nothing to be done about such situations.
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