What is the point of "request of confirmation of participation in Battlegrounds"

19:07 Heaven's Voice: You have joined the queue: Arena of Honor
Started a fight, knowing I would be unable to confirm at 19:09.
19:09 Heaven's Voice: Battle Storm Kat vs Marian Corsair is complete.
19:10 Heaven's Voice: Battle Started: Arena of Honor

I did NOT confirm, shouldn't that mean I get dropped from queue?

(p.s. was testing this as a newer player accidentally was taken to SB when he forgot to leave queue before starting a fight. He had request battlegrounds on too and never expected to be sent without clicking Yes)
It possible he clicked yes earlier on one of other confirmations (that's how it used to work)
Ihit, 100% guarantee I did not click Yes and was sent to the battleground immediately after mob fight. That's why I did it myself to be sure.
if you are in queue for a battle ground, why are you fighting mobs? Seems if one cannot walk and chew gum at the same time, then one should sit down. if your new friend joined sea queue, then they should be ready to fight in a sea battle. Otherwise, don't join the queue.
Amherst, ummm well, maybe you are perfect but others are still struggling to learn the game. He was in queue, changed his mind and decided to go after mobs. I reassured him that without confirmation he shouldn't go to battleground. Fight ended, he was clicking to leave queue, and got sent to SB. I thought that was odd, so decided to test it myself. Sure enough, even though I didn't confirm, I was sent to aoh.

Sounds like a bug to me, and explains why so many people are still in queue after that 1 minute warning but yet the battle ground doesn't go. Did you even know it leaves you in queue when you sail? If someone can't click confirmation 1 minute before fight starts they should be dropped. That is how I believed the setting worked. Ihit, please clarify.
Storm Kat, im not ihit for sure, but maybe u ran tooo many alts at that moment and mixed something?
novosge1, Whoopsy! Looks like you forgot to read before replying

Before anyone else replies, maybe try it yourself with AOH? Trying to help new people and get this crazy attitude for it. Makes no sense.
Storm Kat,

It does make sense, lemmie calculate it for you.

Y squared + Kat = Attitude

I don't think you know math.... MON
when you join queue or leave a fight only few seconds before the bg starts you get taken in without confirmation yes. looks like its meant to be this way so you can join bgs even when you dont have enough time to confirm but are free at the time it starts.
Clara Korn, If you want to join without confirming, just turn the setting off. Seems to me this makes the option useless.
related to this I have joined an aoh or related q and dc for one reason or another minutes before the launch of combat and it has entered me into the fight still without any confirm.
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