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As of Oct 2017 - I will pay in Sydian for a Sparks of Life (PVP) quest completion. Join clan (or PM me) for details.

Come and Go as you please, there is no leash holding you here. Enjoy the game in every way. As long as you are able to join after the clan quest is done, then I will get you your agreed upon (and noted in clan news) reward.


Price List
Guide to Alts

Objective: To give a detailed plan on advancing from 0-1k rep in all professions on multiple toons to allow for the best learning possible without gaining levels on your main.

At all times you must follow all rules regarding alts. If you have created a character, you have agreed to follow all rules. Read them: http://dragoneternity.com/about/law_game/ again. If you have any doubts or questions talk to a Keeper of Wisdom or Guard in game.

This is for demonstration only!!!!

Prices I will use for comparison. The price is per 1 piece.
Resources: Wheat 15 / Strawberry 15 / Skild 30 / Skild Fillet 30 / Minnow 15 / Minnow Fillet 15 / Carved Ham 40 / Jaw bone 2 / Pelt Scraps35 / Coal 15 / Quartz 15
Items: Lesser Glyph of Life 40 / Lesser Elixir of Life 40 / Lesser Elixir of Endurance 70 / Lesser Orb of Courage 6

5 Characters required called: Alt1-Hunt, Alt2-Farm, Alt3-Fish, Alt4-Mine, Main.

All alts will be Zerks. Multiple reasons for this can be explained, but primarily due to Garuug and Hop when you get older. Alts will not be at all concerned about reputations, valor, heroism, or experience points.

Professions information: http://dragoneternity.com/library/about_professions/ Note - Quests must be the correct one, cancel and get again until it works. You will have to check daily and switch it if needed. This goes the same for all crafting quests and can actually be the most time consuming part of cycling alts.

Become a Zerk and get to level 6.

Begin as a Hunter. Set traps at Winery, Outskirts of Valor, Outskirts of Sadar, Eldiren's Farmstead, and Watermill.
Valdian Forest, get the hunger quest - ?? Pelts. (can't recall number, but definitely you do not want to use Jawbones)
Outskirts of Valor, get the jeweler quest - 800 Transparent flasks.

Be prepared to return to this toon every 30 minutes to run traps.

Alt1-Hunt will craft -
Transparent Flask, at least 1000
Cured Ham, as many as possible
Diluted Ink, 100
Ancient Parchment, 200
Lesser Glyph of Life, 200

Needs to acquire:
Flasks = Coal x 120 + Quartz x 120
Ink = Fish Oil x 100 + Coal x 50

Alt1 will sell 200 life glyphs (80s) + many cured ham (varies)
Alt1 needs to buy 170 coal (25s50c) + 120 quartz (18s) from alt4 (43s50c total)
Alt1 needs to buy 100 fish oil (fish+flask cost = 16s) from alt3 (59s50c total)
Alt1 has 20s50c left + cured ham.

Makes 1g05s40c from other alts

Become a Zerk and get to level 6.

Begin as a Farmer. Set strawberries and wheat at Winery, Outskirts of Valor, Outskirts of Sadar, Eldiren's Farmstead, and Watermill.
Watermill, get a farmer quest.
Outskirts of Valor, get the Jeweler - 800 Transparent flasks.

Be prepared to water your crops every hour.

Alt2-Farm -
Transparent Flask, x800
Lesser Elixir of Life, x200
Lesser Elixir of Endurance. x80

Needs to acquire:
Flasks = Coal x 96 + Quartz x 96
Life = Flasks x 200 + Jawbone x 18
End = Flasks x 80 + Skild Fillet x 90

Alt2 will sell 200 life pots (80s) + 80 end pots (56s) (1g36s)
Alt2 needs to buy 96 Coal (14s40c) + 96 Quartz (14s40c) + 200 Life flasks (21s) + 80 End flasks (20s40c) from alt4 (total 69s40c)
Alt2 needs to buy 18 Jawbone (36s) from alt1 (total 1g05s40c)
Alt2 needs to buy 90 skild fillet (27s) from alt 3 (total 1g32s40c)
Alt2 will have 3s60c left
Alt2 will also sell strawberries as buffs.

Become a Zerk and get to level 6.

Begin as a Fisher. Plant your nets at Valor Harbor, Port of Sadar, Outskirts of Valor, and Outskirts of Sadar.
Port District, get the fisher quest.
Watermill, get the cook quest - 300 Minnow Fillet

Be prepared to empty your nets every hour.

Alt3-Fish -
Minnow Fillet, as many as possible (at least 300 for quest + 87 per courage brew)
Skild Fillet, as many as possible (at least 90 for alt 2)
Rancid Fish Oil , x100 (comes in 150s so can make 300 1 day then take 2 days off)
Light Brew of Courage . x100

Needs to acquire:
Transparent flasks x 100 (buy from any other alt 3s)
Brew Pot x1 (buy from alt4 1s)

Makes 2g04s95c from other alts = 2g after buying

Become a Zerk and get to level 6.

Begin as a prospector. Go to Pond and set those 4 sites. No other sites are needed but feel free to walk around and see if others are open.
Mines of Togul, get a prospector quest.
Outskirts of Valor, get the Jeweler quest - 800 Transparent Flasks

Be prepared to clear your mines every 2 hours.
(This is by far the easiest alt to manage and you may want to make Alt5-Mine & Alt6-Mine to sit in pond and collect coal and quartz as well, depending how much time you want to invest in the game. You can leave mines for up to 48 hours before they expire).

Alt4-Mine -
Transparent Flask, x1000
Fragile Flask for Elixir of Life, x200
Fragile Flask for Elixir of Endurance, x80
Lesser Orb of Courage x500
Brew Pot, x1 (comes in batches of 100 so rarely have to build)

Needs to acquire:
Courage brew x1

Alt4 will sell 500 courage orbs (35s)
Alt4 needs to buy courage brew (13s05c) to alt3
Alt4 will have 21s95c left

+ makes 1g12s90c from other alts
You should play those 4 toons for at least 2 weeks before beginning your main. (I played for over 3 months on my alts before building my main).
ALL ALTS SHOULD HOARD COLLECTION PIECES. Do not sell them, do not trade them, do not use them. Your main will buy all much later to get professions without exp. In the long run the goal is to have all professions on your main in order to build orange pots and glyphs (non transferrable, your main will need to be able to build). You do not need to worry about your main professions until you are at least level 25 and have a better understanding of the game. Save your experience points for PVP and reputations before that.
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