Problem with level 11 quest.

i started a new quest the other day. it worked great until i got to the quest titled Historian's Help. its a level 11 quest. part of the quest was to sketch a statues symbol. once i did that, this new part of the quest, Historian's Help, says i have to give the sketch (symbols copy) to Giehl Cardin at the ANCIENT TEMPLE. this is where the problem occurs... the guy i'm suppose to give this item to ... isn't there.. at all. so, how am i suppose to complete this quest when i can't complete it because the main quest guy isn't there?? please fix this. i'd like to be able to continue on with my quests and can't until this one is fixed first. thank you.
Hello weasey9,

Make sure you have your npc bar open - i've just checked and he hasn't gone anywere. Also i was able to complete this quest without any issues. Could you make a screenshot with npc bar seen and your quest log open (for this quest) in Ancient Temple and send it to Thank you!
Thank you, we've received screenshots you've sent regarding your issue with not being able to turn in this quest. You must first finish quest 'In The Depths of Ship' before you will be able to turn in Historians Help as during previously mentioned quest Giehl Cardin disappears and you have to find him in these chain of quests.
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