Taletina Berries quest from Elder Vil

This quest asks for 100 Taletina Berries. I have already collected 450 Taletina Berries with at least 100 berries from each of the four locations. The quest is still showing up as incomplete. Please help.
Hello Eterna1,

This issue has already been reported, please refer to this thread - http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/4627.html#cP=1
We are already looking to fix the quest as fast as possible.

Edit: We have identified problem with quests and they will be working as normal after next update.
Can you give me an estimate as to when the next update will happen?
We're expecting updates on Friday. Possibly start of next week.
Waiting for the update too.
Guys, before the update I had 800 taletina berries, then after the upgrade, I was allowed to finish the mission, but the 800 taletina berries won before, continued in my backpack.

What should I do?
Nicolas Dani,

They do not take up space, so you might as well leave them as souvenirs from the quest.
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