duel of truth ,

as i was participating in the duel prebattles and gathered over 60 bombs ? when the time came for the main duel of truth ? { Breckets: 36 - 43 ] i could not enter , i tried to refresh , used Ctrl/ hold -+ F5 for total refresh , signed off and then on and all the tricks i tried ? still failed to enter the duel , i wonder if it was a stalled chase or there is a bug ? please investigate to it , thanks
can any guardian on duty PLEASE , look in to my page ? i still have the dryidri bombs in my back pack and also on my screen the duel of truth wont start till 2 more hours from this thread , please help me fix it :( i couldnt participate in the duel of truth because of this
Were you in a group? As it is not possible to enter if you're still in a group (especially if someone from other faction used to be in this group).
yeas i was , so thats thats what caused it ? but then again the duel was still active on my screen even though it was over
but then again if this apply to me ? it shouldv'e applied to my group mates too , i did the prebattles but not the main event , yet they did both , i don't think it has to do with the group , even after the duel was over ? on my screen page was still active for over 2 hours with 62 bombs in my backpack

If you ever experience that you are not being able to enter main duel first thing to do is disband group if your only one in it or leave group if your in one, it happens.
i will , thanks for the help guardian ihit :) much apreciated (black_beer) , but i am sure 100% they where in that Duel ( main event ) , unless ? in this case if any group member from oposite faction enter the duel 1st ? the other must discharge from such group in order to enter the main duel , correct ?

Exactly. If you encounter that you cant enter main duel it is most likely because you're in a group.
will do thanks again for the swift help :) this thread can be closed now .
As everything was solved , closing the thread.
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