Secondary objectives for Martial valor heroic quest + lvl 34 Hug me bot...

I suggested this a few months ago... would it be possible to make bots count for the secondary quests of Trials of Power? For secondary quests such as Slay 15 enemies, or Take down 7 Zerks... really hard to get when arenas are not often populated... and would still not be easy against bots. Would be way more encouraging to work toward accomplishing these quests too :)

2nd thing. I noticed the bot Hug me, lvl 34, has pally attributes, buffs and magic, but she's dressed as a witcher, like the Healthy Hedgehog witcher lvl 34 bot... normal? :D
You will also find mobs that wear pally gear, but throw fireballs. lol So Hug Me is likely not a bug.

+1 on the bots count for kill quests, would be great and would bring more players to the arenas to complete quests without having to bend any rules.
awsome idea its very hard to complete second quests
Yes bots should count, and hug me is normal, shes a pain to deal with but supposed to be that way lol
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