lvl 50 - hero of the archipelago quest


I was writing to ask for assistance. For the last 2 days, I have not been credited the kills for the lvl 50 quest - hero of tthe archipelago. (defeat 5 players)

I have cleard my cookies and restarted my browser. So far it has not fixed my issue. I am unable to complete the quest because I am not gaining the points from the kills to do so.

Is it possible to look into my toon and make sure everything is okay?
who did you kill ? did your dragon do it ? was the player your level or higher ?
im more intersted who you can kill in archipelago 5 times (or more)
Sydeste, we can catch players on the way to deal with outpost stuff now. Outpost added options that were not there before

Either way, Jannyj if it's still not working, cancel and get it again from Harbor Front. You have the buff for Keys of the Three Leaders which is not the same as the 5 kills you were hoping to have. You want Hero of the Archipelago
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