If you hit an island mob and are turned into a wraith

This is a "known issue". If it happens to you and you want to report the bug, please include my report # 7982923 to make it easier on Pavel to see it's happening to multiple people.
It is happening again today for me, the only issue I have found is that you can't be healed while the wraith buff is going, otherwise I am not seeing any other bad effects from this. Just a strange bug.

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Pavel Lens
Pavel Lensky (Game Insight Support)
Aug 13, 14:57 MSK

Dear (Kat),

We've already found the true cause of the problem with, and our tech team is currently looking for a way to make it right.

Game Insight Support Team
You are now turned into a wraith as soon as you leave your ship. Have not entered a bug report yet, figure there's a ton of things going on in the island after the most recent "update" so will patiently wait.
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