Lately, whenever I switch tabs (from the game to something else and back to the game) or even open a new tab: the game just freezes. It's very hard to go on alts and even multi task while playing the game without the game freezing.

It's very frustrating having to refresh the game at time for even just peeking another tab.

I have heard of few players having the same issue.

PS: I have cleared history and erased cookies, but it is still happening. Also, I believe it's worth mentioning that I am using Google Chrome

Best of lucks fixing it
I have this problem too.
It's a huge problem for many. Sounds seem to cause the freezing too.
I also have this issue :(
same issue here
same here too, worst result is when doing traps, as lose rewards
same issue here
its a pain
Does anyone work here anymore?
kingmpDoes anyone work here anymore?
Yep, Pavel ...
Please Please Please can someone look into this. It is driving me up the wall
This was replied to on the russian server. It looks like certain browsers stop supporting Adobe Flash. They recommend that we start using only Microsoft Edge. Looks like main problem is with Chrome . Are you guys using chrome ?
I am using chrome yes, doesn't Edge suck?
Only reply in a month comes from another player...
Although much slower than chrome, I haven't had a freeze on Edge yet, which is certainly refreshing :)
TY pearls
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