chat issue on mobile

so, i reported this before, but i will again. on mobile, when chatting, if someone replies, it overwrites what you are typing and puts in "You have received new messages!" this is very annoying when trying to reply to a pm, and anyone says anything to you. please fix so it does not notify me of new messages.
Will forward your concerns to our developers. Thanks for the input!
yep, still annoying as heck.
Still annoying.....
yep, still annoying.....
Are we making any progress on getting this fixed???????
yep, still very annoying......
Still. Also happens when chatting and a mob fight is done before you can press enter.
ihit "Will forward your concerns to our developers. Thanks for the input!", do you have a ticket number? maybe i can call and get an update.... or just maybe you could give us an update.... that would be most helpful.
Yes, this still does happen. Thanks for asking.
Yep, still an issue.

I am too scared to even ask instead I will go back to being quiet and pretend I never read this
This is NOT by design. And is still a bug!!!
Ihit.... come on, you were on, what is the deal?
Ihit, this is still a bug!!!
Admins dont care about us. Clearly
yep, still a bug, still annoying, and still no ticket number from ihit
RF says this is a BUG...
RF says this is still a bug... now he is getting upset.
Amherst, This is working as designed. Not a bug. Ihit please don't fix this highly annoying 'feature'.
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