Event quest for Hero mobs

I can "Follow" the event to the mobs, I can actually attack the mobs and get hero reputation for them, but I don't get insignias to drop. It was a problem for me earlier, then one day I was able to get the insignias, but the last two times I attacked the insignia mobs, no insignias, only normal drops and hero reputation. Why no insignias?
Also, don't have protector quests, never got the regalia quest, Arena of Honor quests, and not sure what other quests I am missing.
This game is so bugged. No wonder why the population doesn't grow. In low level hero events, only 1/2 of the events drop insignias, pro quests are glitched, and idk what else but probably a lot.
23:08 Heaven's Voice: Battle Gambrel vs Sinra Robber is complete. You received 54 Experience.You received 173. Loot has been reduced, as your level was higher than the enemy's. You received: Hero of the Empire +2

No insignias.

Got insignias yesterday though. Did fire eye and Hours of Prosperity and even got a key. Why don't I get the insignias in this event?
23:16 Ix_Omega_xI » LOST-SOUL, Storm Kat: no insignia. just orbs and rep

still happening.
Still not working: 18:15 Heaven's Voice: You received: Hero of the Empire +2
18:15 Heaven's Voice: You received: Flawless Orb of Strength (60 pcs)
But no insignias.
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