There are games out there for sure... but none like this one. I think i speak for us all, we are all heartbroken
Agreed. I look but have found nothing like this game. Damn
I used to play Archeage. It was fun, always lots to do. It was rather P2W and if you want to own property on the server then you had to buy a subscription. But you could play without paying and enjoy it (and even do quite well). I had a very nice house and lots of friends and a flying horse that I could ride. Although you need a PC to play (it is a 3D world). The best aspect was the world itself; it was large and there were lots to explore. I also liked the sea battles; large medieval battleships with 30+ people complement fighting each other and huge sea monsters.
I had to leave it because it took too much of my time and my career was going down the toilet. But I do miss it.
League of legends. Miles better gameplay and a game decided on skill not money. Fucking fantastic :-)
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