Thefts & rampant cheating

Clans are being robbed blind, players are hard at work cheating to become the best of the server,breaking game rule after game rule, yet NOTHING is done, not even a simple reply that we are out of luck. BUT we get all these cute new EMOJI'S?!? Best "update" yet!! (Yep, that's loaded with sarcasm, in case you missed it!!) Will we ever see the rest of the game or just new cute crumbs to give us hope that we haven't been abandoned completely????
it is plain to see that they don't give a dam about the people all they want is all that money that the young one are putting into this game
I complained about this 2 times and they told me they would get back to me within 24 hours which was on the 5th of march and here it is
the 16th and I say that is a long 24 hours and that is all I got to say about this and I can sleep with a clear mind..
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