Will it change anything if you know now or when the news post comes?
Like what is being done on the terra servor coming for us as well?

no we wont get a dicussion thread to say our oppinions about wars
yup will be a lot of changes for a few different people
Clara Korn,
our opinions and insight might matter too
here is translation using google translate. for the original page

Friends! We are working on a clan war, which many of you are waiting impatiently. And we do not want as much as you make them interesting and useful event. A few words about how they look and what they, in our opinion, is not enough. The main changes compared to the previous version: 1. All wars are held twice a week, at 21:00 on Wednesday and Saturday at 16:00. 2. Decades of war is reduced to 2 hours. 3. If a clan wants to fight, the head or the authorized person not later than 24 hours before the start should press "want to fight" in the clan diplomacy. 4. The enemy is automatically selected according to a number of features: a close relationship military effectiveness, the exception is too frequent meetings with the same clan, etc. Prior to the start of the war you do not know who will fight. 5. Victory conditions and the underlying mechanism set points remain unchanged, added random events from the series "otbey caravan ammunition" for which are given bonus points and some raskhodka. Indemnities and "seals of defeat" for the defeat no. 6. Renounce war impossible, nobody forces to press the button "I want to fight." 7. Number of received combat heroism during the war will be increased up to 2 times. The problem with the calculation of heroism for the junior level characters will be corrected. Awards: the heroism of fighting + bonus number of the most active participants in the battles, and the reputation of the clan sidian proportional to the activity, + in the process during a random event more pies much else. No, you do not seem to get a reputation as losers too clan and sidian, although, of course, less than the winners. The key phrase - proportional to the activity. And no, we do not fear that this will make the archipelago irrelevant. In our opinion, the main problem is that the active clans in the game is not much. We would like to increase their number, so that the system successfully took off and fell in a month due to lower activity. And we have an idea how to solve this problem: to transform the current clans into full-fledged alliances (with the general chat Alliance), reducing the maximum number of people in the clan. But to do this step, without discussing it with you previously, we do not want. Let's discuss? Reasoned opinion is very welcome!

Here is what seems to me like the first big response by admins:

Later mileage by comments with meaningful questions and give answers directly to them. A brief summary of the reading at the moment:
Watching the wow effect is likely related to the word "sidian" and "heroism", and against the background of the wah effect seems to have lost one of the basic ideas: that the system took off and fell, clan-members should be plenty. Stand out Ranry opinion on the war as an opportunity to do the impossible pleased, therefore, to open one of the elements that influence the choice of the enemy. Very simple and logical element, the results of past wars. The victory moves the level of difficulty in following up wars, defeat - down. Therefore, the ability to do the impossible for those who wish, in general, is provided. I suspect categorical rejection of reducing the number of clan due to the fact that the thesis is not deciphered. Fixed the error. what meaning in the phrase "to reduce the number of people in the clan, turning them into full-fledged alliances"? And there is a clan, say 3 levels in which 50 people. It is divided into 3 Clan for 16 people, 3 of these are included in the clan alliance. Two new clan that we create for the people of this clan And not recreated and is pumped from the ground, and at the start have the same situation temple, the same level, the same reputation as a distinguished clan. A property of this clan will be shared by the participants themselves, for our part we will provide appropriate tools. We understand that at the moment not in every clan has 3 potential head, so ready to add the chat alliance. To control does not suffer. For two days, Wednesday and Saturday, at the starting period after the restart of war identified not by accident. This not only at different times. This is also an opportunity to experiment with 2 modes: fighting with the alliance and without his participation. The result here is not obvious, so you need to see and compare experiences. I am pleased that in general the proposed causes your approval. And I highly recommend once again seriously consider the topic number of people in the clan. More clans - more different opponents - less predictable. Few opponents - slipping into a situation where "we do not go to war, there is still throw on Stalk." And then reanimate all will be much more difficult, as experience the same Tigeany or fight the truth we speak clearly. The rest - in the evening.
So to summarize it: From what I can tell,

Wars twice a week Wed and Sat, 2 hours not 4, have to say you want to fight, don't necessarily know who your fighting, can win sydian, heroism times 2, based on activity. (My only question about this is do you gain heroism for a lost fight?)

Victory moves next war difficulty up, defeat down.

Your current single clan can be divided into sub clans that are allied to each other.

I translated all 7 pages of comments on the original forum thread and to be honest there is some good suggestions and stuff in there.

Keep in mind though that google translate does not translate everything 100% so take the translation (No I'm not going to post all 7 pages. I put the link to the original thread at the top if your interested.) with a grain of salt.
The thread for discussion on possible format for new wars will be coming up soon, please note all mentioned things are not yet final.
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