Barbarian's Axe

Required level 3
Item class Berserk
Item type Two-Handed

Item characteristics

Damage 10 .. 14
Vitality 118
Intuition 38
Wisdom 4

Item condition



Can be obtained by slaying monsters of level 4 and higher, defeating Ataman Zultragh in the Skrag Caves, or purchased at the Auction.

Wish it said where it could be found, but still useful info
where can u get this
One dropped from killing Plague Grohls in Sadar City Outskirts.
i got this axe on lvl 5
how do u get it
i got it at level 2">
cameron17how do u get it

i go one on lvl 9 sinra warrior at winery


its a rare drop anywhere. but its a common drop in skrag caves
i just got one off Deserter Keymaster doing the In Search of Five Keys quest
just buy it, much easeier go to the auction house
i got the cure of silence put on me for a year


this would be REALLY nice 2 have
i got this in ah for 4g lol
i have this axe