Simple Orb of Strength

Required level 5
Item type Orb
Cost 9


Increases damage of your current physical attack by 40%.
Only one Orb can be used at a time.

how I can get it on my belt????
its good
where do i get this -_-
Kratiswhere do i get this -_-

from the shop duhhh
this item can not be added to your belt
once i get the highest bidder it will be added automatically to your belt
war on! good luck
When you are the correct level, you will be able to 'link' the item to your center belt. Once you enter combat you will see them in your center belt, and you can use them in battle.
How do i use it i'm new in march 8 thurs, 2012
starinethis item can not be added to your belt
You don't need to.

While in battle click on your backpack and then click on the orb.good luck
Thx (happy)
Kratiswhere do i get this -_-

i have a lot send me a msg or friend me and i will give you tons for a good price