Golden Eagle's Short Sword

Required level 6
Item class Witcher
Item type Left Hand

Item characteristics

Damage 6 .. 9
Vitality 76
Will 22
Wisdom 4

Item condition



Can be obtained by slaying monsters of level 7 and higher, defeating Ataman Zultragh in the Skrag Caves, or purchased at the Auction.

all take it what do u want for it!!!!!!11! i got some cool stuff
i will take it where do u want to meat i will give u 67s 79c
I got this off a Barking Grohl :3
where do u get the upgades 4 this?
isit goood
i need it

ill give you 0.50r and 20coins
pls i need it
I am willing to negotiate with you to find out how much or what you want for it. Please let me know if you're interested in discussing business with me regarding the item.
this stuff is worth at least 10g
Douglas Jri need it

i am selling one of these for 7g if you want to you can msg me in game to buy it
i haven't a one
That's look good to get it .

I have one in A/H now for 4G