Relic of Fire Rabbit

Required level 3
Item type Relic
Cost 5


An ancient artifact that houses an awakened spirit. Such artifacts can only be found in the underground tunnels that Skrags dig. A thing of great value to shamans.

i need 7
i need 4 more(santa)
where can i find it and how?
us need it most so i need to know how to get these kind of relics for dark hunter gear
where do i find 1
i need 7

where can i find it and how?

I need four
I NEED 7 poo

how much for it?
Where I can find those caves (tunnels)? ">
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tunnels you have to do a quest you can buy on auction house n its 1 gold 50 silver.... read the infomation guys">
i need 20
where are these tunnels!
where to reed more information?