Invention of Death Labels


Magic is a double-edged blade. During their studies, young scholars get tired of hearing this saying. Wizards-in-training have to remember that for every force there is an equal counterforce. So, each spell can be turned against its caster. Such is the principle of balance that defines our world.

But the principle was violated with the appearance of Wraith Spheres. Originally intended for secret agents, these Spheres soon became a tool for settling scores, highly demanded by assassins and ill-tempered warriors of opposing Clans. Noble knights were crushed by the reality of not knowing who their attackers were and not being able to challenge them to a fair fight. But advocates of chivalry weren't the only ones enraged by the essence of Wraith Spheres. The wisest of wizards turned their attention to the problem and soon a solution was found.

A counterweight for the magical force that empowers Wraith Spheres was discovered, making possible the creation of Death Labels. By using such a Label in combat with a Wraith, a warrior can not only uncover the identity of the aggressor but also gets a chance to track the aggressor’s location for a certain time after the battle finishes, allowing the warrior to seek out the enemy and exact justice. With the introduction of Death Labels, those who use the wondrous and terrible invisibility imparted by Wraith Spheres realized that things had changed, and that the time of attacking others with impunity had ended once and for all.