Crown-Legate Crimm

Hail Sadar! Strength and Fury!

The First Mentor of Sadar's War Academy. An experienced fighter, who knows firsthand, what it is to conduct a raid deep into the enemy territory, to clash with hordes of nomadic Taurs or defend a fort from the insular pirates. A loyal servant of the Empire, willing to give his life for it without a second thought.


Storm-Brigadier Rand

Warriors of Vaalor, the Emperor and the Great Dragons are with us!

The First Mentor of Vaalor's War Academy, in command of other mentors and recruits. An experienced and wise warrior who has survived dozens of lethal battles, from reconnaisance missions to full-scale assaults. Though his face is worn and covered with countless scars, inside he is still a young and quick-tempered soldier who won't hesitate to defend his homeland from its numerous enemies.


Master Davian

Only when your weapon becomes an extension of your body can you truly understand the essence of martial arts. But many years of hard training must pass before one can reach such a state of mind.

Master of the Colosseum, mentor and teacher to the gladiators, who has devoted his entire life to studying and perfecting martial skills. Though no longer young, he will give a sound beating to anyone who is foolish enough to challenge him in the arena.


Hephaeor the Blacksmith

My father always told me: "Follow your chosen path to the end." I chose mine a long time ago, and no matter how desperate I was, no matter what doubts beset my mind, I never even considered stopping or turning aside. And now my gut tells me that the true goal is near.

A sad Dragon blacksmith who is still suffering from losing his Brother-by-Word hundreds of years ago. Hephaeor now finds purpose is creating an armor of unseen hardness that no one will ever match. Nevertheless, he never turns down the many travelers who know that one can't find a better master in all of Tartu. Hephaeor is always busy, so he usually doesn't waste any words.


Minoton Takhur

Our world is beset by troubles, pain, and disasters – and only beauty can save it. One look at my precious flowers makes my heart sing and puts my soul to rest.

A former military interrogator from the Gliding Shadows cohort who retired from the army after some unfortunate events. Now he receives a military pension and lives a life of a peaceful gardener. Takhur is always happy to chat with a passing traveler, especially about his military past.


Ardiana Korf

Small-minded fighters only believe in sheer force, never able to  understand the power of the weapon that they usually call a "woman's weakness."

A secret advisor to the Vaalor House of Tranquility, an organization dealing with events that threaten safety of the Empire.
A deadly beauty with remarkable intuition who carefully considers thousands of possibilities before making split-second decisions that saved Sadar time and time again. Her talants serve the Empire daily, protecting its citizens from enemy plots.

Miner Daron Lars

Many secrets does the Earth hold, and we know only a tiny fraction of them. What hides beneath, deep down under the surface? What wondrous creatures dwell there? Only the Great Dragons can tell.

An opportunistic treasure hunter passionate about caves, mines, and underground tunnels, Daron spends entire days below the surface, searching for valuable minerals and ore that he can promptly and profitably sell.



My father says that not everyone is destined to become a Dragon Knight. But I believe that if you want something really, really bad, you are bound to get it! You just can't fail!

A brisk and merry lad who dreams of one day becoming a Dragon Knight. Helping his father with various chores, in his free time Aldir likes to visit the Dragon blacksmith Haphaeor, whom he adores, though you can also find the boy gathering mushrooms, fishing or just strolling around the neighborhood.

Meldina the Witch

Live for a century, learn for a century. As many years as I've been in this world, I am still astonished by the wisdom of Mother Nature.

An ancient witch and herbalist who knows everything there is about creating cures and mixing potions. Even Sadar's old-timers remember Meldina as an old crone, so nobody can truly tell how old she really is. In spite of her grumpiness and standoffishness, Meldina has a kind heart and never refuses to help if asked politely. 


Allur Rag-Veta

Heroes inherit eternity!

The Knight Allur Gan and his Brother-by-Word, the Dragon Rag Veta the Sun Dimmer prefer to stay in their half-Human, half-Dragon form. Inseparable from the Trial of the Dragons, they soon discovered that their new form supersedes their past appearances both in combat and in everyday life. Allur Rag Veta was a loyal companion of Veron Dan-Riyad, the first Emperor of Vaalor, receiving the epithet "The Punishing Hand" for his ferocity.

Magistrate Vorg Khala

Some call us "the Knights of Cloak and Dagger", some call us "the Emperor's Watchdogs", but I personally prefer the more poetic "Unseen Guard".

Magistrate of the Ministerium of Secret Orders. An acute, courteous and impeccably polite man of indistinct age, who can be easily mistaken for a well-off artist or a scientist. It is highly unlikely that anyone will see this man for who he really is: the head of the secret service guarding the Empire and its interests.


Fire Dragon Flamidar

Every Fire Dragon has a timorous flame inside, and I am no exception!

A young Fire Dragon, notable for his quick temper and uncontrollable ferocity in a fight. His combat experience is vague and Flamidar hasn't yet learned that needless fervor doesn't always win the day. Meanwhile, the young Dragon is absolutely sure about himself and is ready to rush into battle a a moment's notice, regardless of how many enemies stand against him.


Earth Dragon Erdiran

The firmament can take many forms, be it bedrock of impenetrable strength or sand, loose and pliant. The same goes for the Earth Dragons: each is unique and different from the others.

The mere sight of this young Earth Dragon's powerful wings, long talons, and sharp teeth strikes fear into enemies' hearts, but little do others know about Erdiran's true essence. In reality, the young Dragon is nothing but a coward who is afraid of getting wounded and mutilated in battle. Erdiran does his best to conceal this shameful trait, which is very uncommon among Dragons, but without the help of others, he will barely be able to overcome his weakness.


Order Dragon Illendurg

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but even the Dragons of Order can forget their common sense. Fortunately, one can always repair his mistakes afterward.

A young Order Dragon who, by his very existence, justifies the saying, “there is no rule without exception”. Unlike other – sober-minded and rational – Law Dragons, Illendurg shows gullibility and naiveté that numerous scoundresl and charlatans often take advantage of. But these tricksters had best find the deepest hiding place there is, since deceiving a Dragon is a really stupid and dangerous thing to do.


Water Dragon Aquilar

Water is a fluid, ever-changing substance. That is why we, the Water Dragons, can adapt to any circumstances. Well... almost any.

A young Water Dragon who is plagued by an extremely nasty human habit – drowning one's sorrow in drink, namely rum, which the Dragon prefers to other hard liquors. Aquilar is in love with the Dragonesse Dahleedaya who knows nothing of his feelings and seems not to notice her secret admirer. A friend's help or some simple advice would surely make the Dragon come to his senses and try to win the lady's heart, but Aquilar is too modest and shy to reveal such feelings to anyone.



Chaos Dragon Tsaldar

The best way to punish your enemy is to deprive him of his mind!

A young Chaos Dragon whose magical knowledge is still pretty limited, Tsaldar has to rely solely on his strength and agility. Like his Dragon kin, Tsaldar focuses on sudden attacks and unpredictable actions in battle, catching his enemies off guard and striking before they recover. 


Air Dragon Luftar

Just point me at the enemy, and I will descend upon him like an inexorable sweeping tempest!

A brave and valiant, yet a very young Dragon. The spread of his mighty wings and his deadly magic are feared by his enemies, but Luftar still lacks combat and life experience that matches the wisdom and insight of the Elder Dragons.


Krom Tander

Being a scientist means being a dreamer. A curious mind will always find a way to make the dreams come true.

A lonely Dedaire mechanic, completely dedicated to his work. He possesses the richest imagination as well as an unheard-of level of  diligence, but, due to Krom's absent-mindedness, his inventions are often of little use and at times, they're even dangerous to those who dare to use them.


Lady Lardiana

The formula for my success is simple: focus on the client, not on the goods!

A raid of the northern Torling pirates on her native village left this Moon Elf an orphan early in her life. Almost all the villagers died, but Lardiana and a couple of other kids were able to flee and hide in the woods from the death that the Torlings brought. In a few days, the starving and dirty Elf child was picked up by a merchant named Dalgar. Raised in the merchant's big family as if she were his own daughter, Lardiana soon adopted all of her stepfathers trading skills and became an important part of his operations. When her foster parents died, Lardiana's adopted siblings denied the Elf her share of the family inheritance, but her talents and skills allowed Lardiana to reach the top once again. Soon, the Moon Elf found herself in charge of Sadar's largest Trade Cartel, which unites all of the Scarlet Empire's biggest trading companies.


Nordaine Kungar

Be it early morning or deepest night, a fine day or a stormy one, you are always welcome in the Four Roads Tavern!

The owner of the Four Roads Tavern knows firsthand what hardship and suffering are. Nordaine's mother died giving birth to him and his father disappeared in the Mines of Tagol when Kungar was still a child. From an early age, the boy had one demeaning job after another, before fate finally took pity on him, giving Nordaine a chance to become an animal tamer in a traveling circus. He took a really strong liking to the job, but a fire completely destroyed the circus one day. All Nordaine could do was save his beloved monkey Mimi, and they have been inseparable ever since. The former tamer then decided he had done enough wandering. With the money he saved during years in the circus, Kungar bought a piece of land on the outskirts of Sadar City, where he built a roomy tavern that is always open to locals who need a drink and a laugh, and to travelers seeking shelter and food.

Barim Lisar

Sometimes, after a long day in the shop, I can't even feel my back. But I'll tell you what: I wouldn't change what I do for anything in the world.

A tanner, a carpenter, a joiner, Barim is a jack-of-all-trades whose work is appreciated by both simple folk and nobility. Warriors hold armor made by him in high regard, praising its durability and strength. His proud demeanor, athletic build and striking facial features have caused some to speculate that Lisar is a member of a noble family who refused to follow in his father's footsteps and chose manual labor over knighthood.


Radir Galtar

I'm not sure if wine can really wring the truth from men's lips – or only the drunken mutter   but our world would sure be a grim place to live without this drink!

A long time ago, Radir started with a small patch of land and a few vines. He worked hard day and night, learning the secrets of grape cultivation and winemaking. Many years passed before he saw the first results of his studies, but they've surely paid off. Today, Galtar's Winery is famous all around Tartu and the wines made here are highly valued in both Empires. As for Radir, he may have started as a modest peasant, but now he's a successful owner of the largest vineyards on the continent.

Gart Carlon

Well I've heard that hate and revenge burn one's soul to ashes. So what? Take my hate away from me, and nothing will be left. It's the only thing that gives my life meaning!

Former miller whose family was tragically killed in an unexpected and inexplicable strekade attack, while Gart himself was out of town. Smitten with pain and grief, he now wants nothing else than erase all the colonies of the wretched insects from the face of Tartu.


Gal Karion

Free your spirit from pointelss worries and mundane commitments  and concentrate your mind and soul on one of the Great Dragons. Expand your mind and they will heed your call.

When he was a kid, Gal Karion discovered that he could communicate with the Great and Elder Dragons by seeing into the future and calling forth their blessing. He used this gift to survive the harshest of battles, escaping the arrows of island pirates and blistering magic of powerful wizards, as well as the icy breath of his own "brethren". Realizing one day, that such a gift must not be squandered, Gal Karion decided to become an agent of the Elder Dragons, donning the robe of a priest in the Temple of Dragons. From that moment, he has enlightened his flock by teaching it ways of calling out to the Elder Dragons. He also trains congregants in a special fighting technique called Eleven Steps of a Dragon.

Faltanar the Beekeper

Isn't honey wonderful? Look at this heavenly syrup! It's like sunslight in a bottle!

A good-hearted Dragon beekeeper, devoted to his beloved profession. Rumor has it that Faltanar chose the place for his apiary – a field of Old Menhirs – for a reason. One can feel ancient magic in the air in that area. Some attribute the special virtues of Faltanar's honey to the effects of that very magic. His heavenly nectar heals and breathes life into the sickly and weak, and it's no wonder that with each day, more and more people come to Faltanar to purchase some of his delicious remedy.


Elder Vil Gimpley

Maintaining a household is a difficult task! Some days, I don't even have a single minute of free time. Can't complain though. The farm feeds me.

More sophisticated and experienced than the majority of others his age, Vil is the Elder of a tiny inland hamlet. A terrible plague robbed Vil of his family, sparing only his daughter Giliara. Together, they run the large household that has been left in their care.


Skinflint Bron

Buy this, sell that. It's simple. You just have to keep you eyes and ears open. You know, buy low and sell... at a reasonable price, of course. Reasonable for me! Ha ha!

Usually posing as a purveyor of rare creaturest, this con artist makes a living by selling stolen and counterfeit goods. But Bron hasn't lost the last of his conscience yet, so there's still hope he will change. Right?


Maldor Helgar

Beer is the most wonderful drink in the world. No, the entire universe! It is not called 'liquid bread' for nothing. But only he makes the best beer whose soul is kind and intentions good.

Grandson of Garon Helgar, founder of the renowned Helgar's Brewery that is praised all over Tartu. Maldor is the current owner of the Brewery, responsible for sustaining the proud tradition of brewing the best beer in the land and keeping his family's recipes a secret. Kind-hearted and friendly, he sometimes becomes nervous and fussy, when overwhelmed by his many responsibilities.