I have a question

Just an honest question: What are the chances we can make this game a bit more fair when it comes to the cost of playing? The US players basically pay double what some others pay, and gold, heroism, etc. are all based ONLY on damage dealt. So unless you are a Russian Zerk, the game is at it's basic level, going to be unfair in your earnings.

I get it, we all picked our classes, and where we live, but the game itself should not be so stacked for one set.
I'd like to make one point. A very good player, and friend to all got so upset about the devs change, he sold all his gear, and left the game for good! Of course I'm talking about Laker! This alone should worry you, as he was a loyal casher, paying to play, and he was a very fun player! You need to understand the past, to understand the present state of affairs! Please, if at all possible, change what they broke. Thank you for the hard work you're doing and remember, we're just trying to help save the game as much as you are!
How long more does it take to restore the gold drop in arenas? This is the crucial modification that made many leave the game coz it has become unsustainable to do hop in arenas and hence the game.

Seems that it takes a long time.
so, like there is no chance we can balance the cost for reals here? Those of us paying double just need to accept that?

a very long time it seems.
While the Admin is "fixing" things, can we PLEASE look at balancing the cost for reals, and whatever was done to break the gold drops? Many players have left simply because the cost to play is too high. When a group of players pay half what other players pay, and there is a large group of players that are given rewards so there is zero cost, do you really think the population of players will grow?
There will not be a change to gold drops or cost of reals.
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