Dear administration

I would really like to go to the terra server since the game on this server has long gone into decline I want an action game to combat sea battles and also be reborn like on terra how can I go to the terra server
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If your comments contain language that can lead to a flame war, I can remove them, including ones that contain abusive language to another player or a Keeper. This includes calling what Keepers share as knowledge of what they have learned from their previous interactions with admins as lies or fiction. If your comments can be kept at a respectful manner, I will leave them as is. The 3 day silence is for noncompliance with Chat Rules especially with abusive and inappropriate language . Judging by the forum silences on all 4 of your characters on Terra server, this is not new. Just in case: here are the rules -
It would be cheaper to consolidate and get rid of a server anyways I talked to game insight they stated "we are working on it and have new things coming" but no regards to a server merge and the mentor quests freeze up if the players finish the mission to get the green weapon before getting a mentor so new players have no chance and have been quiting before they even start. Even the guardians are in decline I can't seem to find a single one on all day compared to when I started and there was one on every minute of the day. I come from the original game ive been here 8+ years through multiple accounts and am sad to see the game this bad. Even Irish and ihit are gone and they were some of the main communicators to the administration
Game Insight Support Team
February 17, 2020, 04:00 -0500
The new version of the game is under development at the moment. We're searching for proper ways of making the game better right now, so that our players can keep enjoying it and get some fresh experience at the same time. The developing process can be rather time-consuming, so it is difficult to tell the exact time when the update is released.

Anyway, thank you for your interest! Stay tuned!

Sounds like some really great news, can’t wait to see what is in store for all!
lol, admin character was hacked. . If they have problems with protection, when will there be time for the transfer.
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