Dear administration

I would really like to go to the terra server since the game on this server has long gone into decline I want an action game to combat sea battles and also be reborn like on terra how can I go to the terra server
Pandor and I are in too.
Can we pay to go to a server with action?
there have already been mergers of ter and aer servers and characters transferred I don’t ask you to unite the server maybe it’s technically difficult to do but why can’t you just take and transfer us to terra what is the problem about the administration of the game I’m silent it is not visible to the questions that were asked there is still no answer from Dreydan, when there was a merger of ter and aer servers, the transfer was what the problem was to transfer us
I had asked him multiple times about this and he said definitely no merging would occur and I assume this extends to moving of a character as well.

I thought I had answered your question earlier, but unless someone else has heard from an admin, I do not see this happening.

When I peeked into the forums on the Russian server, they appear to be in a similar boat that we are in: admins have not fixed any bugs/ maintenance , complaints from players on older posts about the game freezing with bug reports ending in automatic replies , they just have more players than our server does.

I could be reading it wrong, the page was auto translated by google, so it may not be 100% accurate but I gleaned a decent enough amount of information to see what is going on.

This is an old post from Dreidan, he does make clear no move to Terra.
I don’t ask to unite the server, but I ask that I be transferred to another server on the terra, there whoever says that there are people there constantly gather the seas on Hera’s day for almost a day without interruption, as well as ruins on the day of ruins, if the characters were already transferred then why I can’t be transferred to what the problem is, I can’t understand. Dreiden said that they will focus on attracting gnock and where they are, I personally got sick of hitting mobs and fighting bots, I want to play and not just be, transfer me to the terra server
I understand the difference. Just letting you know a response is not likely because there is no current maintenance done.
I see this, even the dreiden stopped playing and they play on the terra and there are also a lot of incomes, but at least there are people and there are battles alas, this is absent, and now I have to be silent if the administration lays down on us and now forgets about us what game to throw? I want to play and there I can play and have fun
I repeat once again for those who do not know before, the game had 3 tera aer and new servers, aer combined with tera and transferred all the characters, why should I do garbage here and not play normally like everyone on terra, it's not my fault that the game came to the decline is new and that there is no influx of players, and this is due to the fact that the administration does not make advertisements and the testament of new players correctly said that we were simply put on the shelf, dreiden, come on, where are you? and get in touch with us and not Simply write runaround

You can create a new account on the terra server, there is nothing preventing you from playing there as much as you would like. As Leane stated, last word from Dreidan was that there would be no merger of this server with with terra. There is no current method to move accounts to another server. If the admin have stated they will not merge the only suggestion I can offer to help you get an answer from an admin or developer is to use the game insight link to request this.
I can appreciate the fact that there were mergers before, and I can understand that it is theoretically possible to do so, but it has been expressed that it would be impossible to appropriate the developer assets to assign them to do this. In other words, they won't spend their time, money and resources to merge the server, and it's highly unlikely that they will assign staff to merge players to the Terra server.
If, and that's a big if, they were to contemplate it, I would expect that they would ask the players here if they want to move all the players to the Terra server. Highly doubt they would spend all that time, money and other resources to move a few players who want to move and not all players.
why should I spend another 3-4 goa to pump a new character on the terra server? you are so simple get a new one and download it, why don't you treat us like garbage and don’t even answer our requests? Everyone noticed that the game has been on a decline for a long time and that it’s not possible to reanimate the question, I have one administration waiting when we all leave the game what would close the server? or something I don’t understand, since it happened that the players don’t come and the game is on the decline it isn’t possible to meet and transfer characters about server consolidation. I am silent, if the question is about money, let them write how much it will cost to transfer the character to another server and from this we will push off
Technically they don’t have to answer our request if they have decided not to update game / maintain it, which happens with dying servers. , Some MMORPGs, they could just delete the servers entirely and remove the website with no notice regardless of level of activity. All money and time spent was elective, most remaining players are aware there is no maintenance but still enjoy to play / spend as desired.
Is it sad for me to read what you write, do I understand correctly what you write on behalf of the administration? If so, then I don’t have anything to do but convey this information to geme insight and demand a refund of funds that were paid to the character, that is, to create a claim
hat is, I correctly understood that you are writing from the name of the administration and I can move your diologist to Terra as I have a character there, so I pour a lot into it, I have to warn the community that this could happen
I would love to see more interaction from developers here, there are bugs that need to be resolved, and there are enhancements that would be great to have on this server. However, I can't tell you these things will occur. All I can do is relay what the current situation is and what I have been told. Based on all I know, there is no intention to merge or transfer accounts, and I explained why as it has been explained to me.
Do not take my comments as advocating for the current status, it is not meant that way. I play here too, and I would love to see changes and improvements. I only want to help you and any others who are reading these comments have a clear understanding of what the state of the game is, at least to the best of my understanding.
The last time I saw Dreidan on the account I have used to talk directly to him, I wished him a Merry Christmas and didn't get any response. So, for me to tell you that these things will happen, that there will be a merger, or that accounts will be transferred would go against my experience and knowledge.
If you are looking to make a post that expresses your desires in hopes that they will read this and act, then I wish you the best of luck in that regard too. The most effective communication I have experienced in the past several months is through Game Insight, and that's why I suggested that as your best alternative.
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They can shut down if they choose to, NOT that this is what DE is doing. I did not say that is what the admins are doing, only that you are not owed a response and money spent here is elective, especially when it is well known that no maintenance /fixes have been done on the game for quite some time. I just do not believe in providing false hope that you may receive a response.

Keepers have done their best not to mislead people into thinking there is work being done here or that requests will be processed / honored/ or even responded to other than an auto response from Game Insight. We would like to be able to do more, but that is beyond our capabilities.
Lina, you’re right, but on terra you can reach Stargaz with much desire, but you won’t get to dreidan, on PvP you are alive and there are people, but here we have PvP dead, there is interest in the game here, there’s no rebirth here.

lina if you are in touch with dreiden or you have his personal mail then please write to him to let him appear at least a day in the game if possible

Unfortunately I have not had contact with an admin since May of 2019. I believe this is their way of stepping back and that is the best they can do in regards to where the game is at now.
it’s very sad, I would have stayed in touch with such a beautiful woman anyway
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