New here

Hello,i am a old returning player and was wondering if it worth my time to come back to the game and play it. I've read that it seems the game is dying and or might be shut down within the next few months. I ask this because DE is a game unlike any other in the current market. Ive met some people in game that are still playing but the issue is im a low level. Should i rush levels to be able to do more stuff or slowly level up for valor? Valor is hard to get because 95% of the arena are vs fully buffed bots and at my level its very hard to be fully buffed and still be able to make silver with professions. So please write back on what you think i should do.

Not I want to say, I was specifically told it is not against the rules to glyph yourself against a mob, aka an elite / lower level caves . In the case of glyphing yourself in a boss fight like the Hero boss fight, it is not legal. And as always, glyphing yourself against other players, or fighting your own alternate is illegal.
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