Sydian price

Ok seriously I’ve heard some crazy crap going on here to force people to quit but now, after months and months of barely being able to sell sydian for 5s. “The council” sends me message just now saying I need to sell if for a minimum of 6s.

Now please use simple logic here people. Aoh gold has just been decreased by 80%. And you raise the rate of sydian more then 10%. I’m not sure what economy your living in but it must be some concave universe that is not based on logic or reason.

Basic FACT: everything will drastically reduce in value due to aoh gold changes.
You don’t need a Ph.D. In economics to figure that out.

Guardians please confirm this is legal. As dreidan stated I can sell or trade sydian to anyone at the going rate which u just raised to 6s.

Please confirm I can sell 20k sydian for $1,200 gold

Kinda interesting how a guardian sends me a pm telling me about the price change then he can’t answer a single question. Lol
If 6g/100 is legal and you can legally alter by +/- 30%, why is there a problem with 5g/100? (Lowest price at 6-30%=4.2)

Yup, hell froze over, I have finally written a post supporting Linda in a problem. (Hopefully facts aren’t missing that would change my mind, but seems a legit concern if it’s AH sales to random people).

Anyone want to buy 100k Sydian for 6000G? ... asking for a friend
Katnip Kingpin,
Yes kat it’s gotten so unbelievably ridiculous, we agree on something. No one can deny simple logic.

Now the guardians need to let us know the exact rate?


Or as kat said can we alter it plus or minus 30% which is what I thought was always legal. However I know the guardians like to make special rules for me and pandor.
That's just dumb... I've sold mine at 45g per 1k to friends and I will continue as long as those broke boys have the gold to pay me, I'm looking at u boon!
I was told I would get jailed if I sold lower then 50g per 1000. And now 60g. Like I said they make special rules for me.
I don't know who is Laker talking to but I totally agree that things going the wrong way here. They can't make rules to all servers equal if they are so different. They were thinking long time if they give us lvl 90 what other server had and what may brought us a bit forward but in changes to make game harder they don't even let us know neither ask us...

I don't get much syd and have to buy some from time to time to keep up and I know players who only buy syd as they are in small clans playing slow, wich is fine but makes it even harder for them now.

To sum it up, I totally agree with the previous posts.
So that’s it? I get a pm from palasa saying raise your sydian rate and then boom! Nothing. No one answers my questions or can clarify anything.

Why am I not surprised.

Clearly “guardian” bias once again.

Gotta giggles and drink the good wine.

Cheers all before this server dies completely.

For the first time, the Sydian prize was set from Dreidan to 7s. We in the Council, reduced to 6s. Secondly, the -30% rule does not apply to Sydian because it is a fixed price. It's just like things that can be purchased with Reals. If there is no gold price in the auction, the real price with double Gold (3 Real = 6g) applies.

And last for the third. I have not only this Job, but also in real life. Which takes a lot of time. And don't worry, I didn't forget you Linda.

I will discuss the whole issue again with the council. After that I will make a post in the Forum that it really all know. How high the Sydian prize will be after. Whether it stays at 6s per Or is reduced by the AOH change. Until then, the price remains at 6s.
It doesn’t seem like a fixed price if I can freely set it for 1c/1k according to AH... also people that don’t check forum don’t know about your so called “fixed price”... really how “fixed” is your price then?
How is seed different from other lots?
For example, if patron's collections are sold more expensive than the price in real terms, is this a violation?
If nobody buys seed for 6s then how to sell it?
No sales in action house no gold in aoh means no gold to buy anything this was poorly thought out. Looks like the end of the game to me.

I strongly disagree with most of what is said there.

1) prices for items are set by game (what does the game buy something from you, for example, the game pays you 10 copper for 1 sydian). If we wish to make sydian valued at 7 silver per piece, then i guess the sell to game price better come up a bit. In my opinion, same with reals to gold conversion, the game values one real as one gold (trade window), so how can the admin and guardians value it as one real is two gold?
2) auction (what will others pay for something) if you put something into auction, and it does not sell, you either have to lower your buy now cost, or adjust the bottom price and hope to get a bidding war. auction has always been a free market, except the whole 8 gold for a strawberry to illegally transfer gold from an alt to a main thing.
3) prices for friends was always allowed to be adjusted by 30% of average auction price (does not show an except sydian in there anywhere). If that changed, then it seems like the rules need an update see
4)The game just took away our gold, so now things are valued way lower than they were before. What was selling for 40 gold, will now seemingly sell for 8 (look at what a fight now earns you vs before this change.

You simply cannnot hold us to the same cost of items from when we were earning 12 gold per fight to now when we are lucky to earn 4. The market value of items has crashed. I would hope the guardians recognize this change (they need to play the game).

Love the last line in the page... "Players will be notified of such changes." yea, that never happens. These unwritten rules are killing us. You simply cannot change the rules cuz you all feel like it. First off, Admin sets, writes, and communicates the rules. Even they cannot change rules without writing them down. Guardians cannot enforce a rule that is unknown to the players (well sure you can, but that will not be tolerated at all).
Great, I just sold 20k and I like making more on it. Thank u from the depth of my heart and wallet.
Lady Sharra,
They are only trying to end me but I have plenty of gold and buyers for as much as they want to raise it for.
However it’s definitely the kind of thinking (or lack of thinking) that will force people to quit sooner.
Pretty funny how they killed making gold in aoh then a few days later the guards ONLY tell me to raise my price.
Gosh I feel so special :-)
I’ll never run out of gold but most players don’t have the very generous friends I have to buy my sydian.

Very well put, everything I wanted to say but won’t waste my time typing out
If it's a set price, then make it so u can sell it back to the game for that price! Easy fix!
We decided due to the recent changes in arena 4 silver is the lowest acceptable price.

It was previously set at 6 silver when Ihit was originally around but since there’s been lots of changes, this is what we feel is best. The 6 silver is what we used up until today’s announcement , as myself and all of the other guardians have always discussed and it has never gone lower than the 6 silver pricing per our approval until now.

And there is no discrimination against specific players, if your trades are looked at more closely it’s because you have a history of being a cheater and those people tend to repeat themselves.

We have set the price as is and if you elect not to follow it then that is your choice. All trades that are not in accordance with rules will be fined as 50 gold + amount gained. Or in the case of repeat offenders, 2x or 3x the amount based on how many strikes you’ve had in the past.
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