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Just a heads up on the eventual change in format-

As some have already noticed, Google Chrome has begun showing pop up messages indicating Flash will no longer be used at the end of next year. I have read Mozilla and Internet Explorer are also looking to phase out Flash, so there is a strong possibility DE would no longer be able to be played at that time via a PC because DE is a Flash based game. For iPhones and Androids I am not sure, I haven’t had any issues playing from iPhone. However, most browsers have been removing Flash players from usage because it puts your device at risk when it’s used.

Reason being, since Flash uses its own memory inside of a browser, it opens up a window where hackers can jump to a specific memory address and gain the ability to take control of your entire computer. All updates for Flash were to try and prevent hackers from being able to do this, but it’s too big of a security risk, so Flash is being phased out slowly in lieu of players like HTML5.

The game has quite obviously died down quite a bit, but there are still some active players who have spent a long time here, so I think they should be aware of the possibility of not being able to play on PC at all within the coming year.

No browser will have Flash anymore because Adobe, developer of the software, will no longer provide any support for this product is what I have read .

If anyone is aware of any browser that will continue to use Flash, please feel free to post.
Adobe end of life flash sometime ago. So, yes, using old tech puts your computer at risk... this should not be shocking to anyone. Same with using old apps on your phones. And since the admins dont even check in, not sure there is anything we the players can do. Wonder if terra got an update.

Some players are not aware this game is entirely flash based and what it means for playing via PC for the coming year. It’s just a heads up for people who aren’t as informed in this area as several guardians were not aware of it until recently , so some players may not be as well. If you already know this, then you need not read what I have posted.

I try to read all the guardian posts to make sure if there is anything useful to know. Since chrome now for a few months would not auto load flash, it was pretty easy to see it. And since almost everyone has complained about the app, lack of teleport, and fight exit delay, most that are active know the issues.,

I read your posts in the hope of new info. Some of us still dream i guess.
Time to kiss our asses goodbye thanks to the hackers that have to ruin everything. Don't help when the money grubbers have to force everyone to phones and pc's, i've seen my job of printing phonebooks drop off so bad that employer has went from 5 plants to we being the last one.

Like I said, since you already know exactly what I posted and that means we will not be able to play it via PC at all, then it’s not needed information for you. I have had quite a few that were unaware it could mean the game is entirely inaccessible and still thinking its highly likely other browsers will still support it like Brave or Puffin. Or, that Flash can still run, but it just wouldn’t get any updates. That doesn’t not appear to be the case here. The game itself may end up being only accessible via a phone app.

Some things may be obvious to you; it does not equate it is the same for everybody else. If you’ve known since some time ago that the game would reach the stage of complete inaccessibility, then good for you. Some players do not and they should know it’s highly likely especially given the time and or money spent here.
im pretty sure any can find a not popular (unknown) browser who is still flash based. its shouldnt be a problem. the question is how fast that can run DE. :)
so long ago i use mobile device and sometimes browser what is not chrome/firefox/opera/ie (because they dcd or crashed much times). so and i can say on other browser is not problem to login (yet) - not talking about this case, when none can login....

ofc for this possibility you need a very good firewall as flash player wont be longer safe.

I am sure there are browsers that work. I have in fact asked guardians, and then opened a ticket asking exactly what is supported by DE. Never really got a good set of requirements. Now that Flash is dead, I am not sure there will be (kind of what Leane is saying). I think what is being said is come December 2020, Dragon Eternity is going to be dead on PC and Mac. Unless the developers get it up to HTML 5, or you wish to run an at risk browser with an unsupported version of Flash. But since the mobile bugs (app freezing on 3.04, teleporting, and fight exit delay) have not been addressed (and it has been over a year), then I don't think they are going to fix this.

End of the day, unless the admins and developers are willing to put in some effort, then the game dies in a year. At least we get to know when it is over :)
Amherst, and once again the only reason we found out about anything is is because of a different company... clearly the ppl that run this game is terrible at owning anything and is the reason this game will die
Funny that the game shutdown for 8+ hours and we still get no response shows the disrespect they have for us.. I'm not a casher never had been but I dedicated aloooot of time to this shit so I'll just say this

Don't cash don't give these ppl ur money anymore right now I'm cutting down majorly on my playing hours because these ppl don't deserve my time anymore. The only reason why I get on here nowadays is to talk to the friends I made here and with discord even that reason is over with rn I'm not doing any hops just good ole mining and war if my cannes wants too, other than that I'm done

Not the first time we got disconnected and were told nothing, nor given any type of apology. Many complain about cashers and what they did to the game, but without revenue, the game simply would not have done as much as it had. Look at when we were on Aer, the Russians were paying half the cost as the rest, so they "cashed" for way less money. But yea, Blizzard and other big game companies need to make money. I am not against Game Insight or DE making some money. I am against them simply leaving the lights on, and not giving the players any type of real support.

We have asked for bug fixes and game improvements, and gotten nothing. As I said, at least we know when the lights will be turned off now, unless they do something quick. Either way, it has been fun. Maybe time to dust off that copy of Diablo i have on the shelf lol.
People have been saying that the game will die 4 years ago (on terra), and yet, we are still here..
Yeah, there are not many people working on the game, but they haven’t given up on it.
Game Insight has bigger projects, and it only makes sence that they focus on those more.
As for updates, at least on terra, the admins said that new events are coming.. so we will see.
Right now almost all browers games are opened by Adobe Flash Player so it is not just this game. There are a few games using launch platforms
which is it seems the way to go for the furture. There are ways to get games to work without browers like using apps in Microsoft store which this game Company has on some of it s other games so mayybe we will be using other Flash Players later on to open the games so it is not just this game that will have to do something but all or most used browers games. Let us hope the best that this game will survive this all. I too only Play this game from pc.
funny thing is today while sitting playing, I had three people come up to me and ask what game this is. I told them, and then went on to explain how there are major bugs that impact the play ability of this game. While I would openly have suggested this game before (while warning of the cost to play), now, I simply cannot suggest it.

We complain about the lack of players (even created the mentor program to help bring in new players), yet major bugs (and now flash support going out), will drive away anyone new wanting to play here.
maybe its not exactly this topic. but there is less and less way to play this game

lately i realized there no longer valid link to download - even from any site - the app 3.03 version (for avoid bugs/freeze on android 8+).... i tried to help an existing player here to be able play again but it wont happen. this is sad only.
The client for this game on pc would help... But there is nothing we can do to influence this situation.. it is all up to game insight:(
Game Insight had one a while back. It was horrible to play.
Amherst, yeah, so they wanted to make it better.. but gave up:(

awesome, so even their "fix" of going back to 3.03 is now no longer an option. I still do not understand why 3.04 is still in the play store knowing it does not work on android. BTW, just upgraded to the Note10+, and yea, 3.04 will let you log on, and then immediately crashes. You must install the 3.03, download the 1 gig of data, and then each time you logon, remember to not click on update. You much ALSO turn off auto update in the play store app (not suggested, but if you don't, the game will update to 3.04, and then you must uninstall, install 3.03, and then download 1 gig of data, and then remember not to update each time you log on).
Amherst, sounds like an Android thing:) we don’t have that issue with iOS:)
Sydest, i have old version for play in phone android) and this version very good work) if need i share
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