I found 18 of them at winery, right bank, outskirt sadar, scarlet square, harbor front, watermill, landor, ancient temple, apairy, cape wryven, steppe temple, east grave, west grave, mines of tagol, aidorian road and valdian forrest

other 2 places I can not remember where

anyways where are the other locations?

edit valdian forrest not aldian city (interesting name if if they make it into a new local thou)
Village of landor
Sqr of Storms as well
2gravyards, 2squares, 2 outskirts, 2temples, nests, harbour, rightbank, A road, forrest, mines, apiary,meadow,winery,watermill, cape, village
thank you for this post, my hair turned grey while i was searching everywhere
Might be different for vaalor than sadar...went through every location and only found 18; found only one at locations. Didn't find any doubles. Will keep looking as I move around though. They seem to be pretty noticeable.
1) Right Bank of Shadan
2) Scarlet Square
3) Outskirts of Sadar City
4) Valdian Forrest
5) Aldorian Road
6) Mines of Tagol
7) Crystal Meadow
8) Western Graveyard
9) Eastern Graveyard
10) Village of Landor
11) Faltanar's Apiary
12) Cape Wyvern
13) Steppe Temple
14) Ancient Temple
15) Strekade Nests
16) Watermill
17) Winery Crossroads
18) Outskirts of Vaalor City
19) Square of Storms
20) Harbor Front

Edit: exact locations removed to not be complete spoiler.
if I wanted the EXACT locations of the eggs posted I would have updated it after I found them all... thanks for spoiling it for everyone who wanted to do the actual finding them on their own
sense I got all the eggs now and there are unwanted spoilers can this thread be removed ihit... unless requested to stay around
Zalex Jrsense I got all the eggs now and there are unwanted spoilers can this thread be removed ihit... unless requested to stay around
I have removed the exact locations since that was not the intent of the O.P.
how do i do bless the eggs with your glory and awaken the spirits of legendaryy heroes if you know please pm me in game "mob snm" be waiting thanks you ">">
Thank you for the list, got that last annoying egg that I just couldn't find on my own. Much appreciated.

As per the quest, fight in AoH, ToH, 7b, and SB to charge the eggs. It takes a lot of fighting, I have only managed to charge 1 today. Good Luck. ">
MOB SNMhow do i do bless the eggs...
I heard killing ghosts and clearing hunter's traps can also count.

i got 1 charged some how on hop
For the love of... went back through all the locations; found one I missed at vaalor outskirts but still one short...the eggs are pretty noticeable...must be blind...never did like search and find quests xD

Edit: It was Harbor Front I was missing. Tricky one.
Ironic123It was Harbor Front I was missing. Tricky one.
Somebody else just asked me in pm about Harbor Front. Some of them are matched very well to their surroundings.
sry for hating on you trongster... know you were just trying to help...
The only egg I managed to charge was in AoH. No luck on barbarians or during hop, not even when I went to sea battle. Guess it's back to the colosseum tonight! ">
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