This Game

This game makes me feel old. Too many people and even clans for that matter come and gone.

Here is a page for remembrance.

Who do you remember?
the original Elle
George Lopez
Darth Mez
mack city
Cpt Clown (love him or hate him, he stirred the pot)
Marcus here.

I guess I could say I remembered BETEPAH

Cpt. Clown
Phoenix Rising (!)
Lady Sin (when I pissed her off sometime in 2012 XD)
Cloud Krull
Aizen (all these Vaalor legends)

But this game sucks. Y'all should play Team Fortress 2 with me—the support team is equally indifferent but the coding is much more sophisticated ;)

I play team fortress 2 on steam

but most of all i really miss that beehatch!
also miss Esta Kinya, still one of the best guards the game has had!

And yes I am the original lazybee

Zeus2105 strong zerk good friend
Shy_Gal :(
I found this thread in the depths of the forum. Also, I remember many great players and friends who have left the game. (It's so strange, many of them wrote in this thread).

- Ihit (Category: The most missing mod.! Ihit, you got the hint?)
- my shadow "Trongster"
- MtDill
- Novinha
- Sus (R.I.P)
- D3athKnight
- Supermaus
- TheOnlyOne
- Shim(-ora)
- EllieJay/Podeth
- Skif
- Lance
- Zec
- RF_17
- Truffles
- Bärenklaue
- vwabe
- Kelsang
- BastardGer
- Kiriann

Who do you remember?
i was gonna say Ihit also (laugh)
Thunderstruck (I know you miss fighting my drag storm kat xD)
RF_19, yes I miss Thunderstruck (and you ) very much lol Fun to see you replying on the 'we miss you' page hope all is well.

king joffrey (I really wish I knew what happened to you )
Sir Lancelott
a whole bunch already on others list (Tronster! You'd be so proud of me today! lol)

my old AER crew and all the old guards

and many more who will hopefully pop in one day and say hi.
Removed by user
Gwynwhyfar - formerly in VS
Scycho - clan leader of Hethan Uprising

hope they are living well, long time no news from them....think they left this game : (
Storm KatRF_19, yes I miss Thunderstruck (and you ) very much lol Fun to see you replying on the 'we miss you' page

damn, that reminds me to trong's chicken *boak boak

RF_19, if you think I'm suffering from alzheimer's, because I listed the "17": nope, I think RF_17 was the best version of RF-version!*raaaawr*

Laurelin was a great friend too
Waterhawke and Kelemvor also not login for some time
Gold King, waterhawke should definitely be on my list too. Hope she pops in to give an update soon :)

I have to add Leroy and Reaghnf and Nurse and Whitefox, I am really glad you all pop in enough to say Hi but do miss the long chats full of giggles

Nick, come back soon :)

Candol & CK, glad i see you on other games
Gold King waterhawk and LadySpirithawk; just thought to "Hannibala" too.
Gold King, rf_20 would have been the next in line xD
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