Love is Coming to Adan!

Dear friends,

A wave of love and romance is about to hit the world of Adan. Flowers, gifts, and confessions will soon flow from around every corner as one of the happiest holidays – St. Valentine's Day – is approaching! And while you wait for that to happen, we offer you to take part in a love confession contest.

The rules are as easy as they get

1. Select a recipient of your letter – it may be a human player or an NPC.

2. Post your confession in this topic by February 11th. Don't forget to write the recipient's name or nickname!

3. When you write your unique confession, try to keep it relatively short: your entry can't contain more than 300 characters.

February 12th, we will announce the names of the three lucky winners who will receive a holiday gift of 20 Gold each!

Share your love with others – it's a beautiful feeling!

Tho this peom does not rhyme
I figured im running out of time
to get 20g last day I need it now!
Rikela with you everyday has been an amazing and crazy ride.
I love you more each moment and your wild energy is my drug.
Your Panda looks forward to the next year together with you.
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