Love is Coming to Adan!

Dear friends,

A wave of love and romance is about to hit the world of Adan. Flowers, gifts, and confessions will soon flow from around every corner as one of the happiest holidays – St. Valentine's Day – is approaching! And while you wait for that to happen, we offer you to take part in a love confession contest.

The rules are as easy as they get..

1. Select a recipient of your letter – it may be a human player or an NPC.
2. Post your confession in this topic by February 17th. Don't forget to write the recipient's name or nickname!
3. When you write your unique confession, try to keep it relatively short: your entry can't contain more than 300 characters.

February 18th, we will announce the names of the three lucky winners who will receive a holiday gift of 20 Gold each!

Share your love with others – it's a beautiful feeling!

There is nothing I want more than to grow old(er) with you. I love you! Hhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuugggggg!!!
Adriana Korf -
A million stars up in the sky
Your eyes twinkle brighter I can't deny
Your a real beauty, and that's what's true
This poem goes from me to you

You always know what to say
Your the reason I rise each day
I love you with all my heart
Together forever, never to part

- Demon ">
Dear..Storm kat?,

If I could ask for anything, i'd only ask for you..
A joy I never knew.
On this very valentine
I wish that you were mine.

My hearts wrapped all around you
I don't know what to say..
But if I could have one thing..
I'd want you to be my 'bae.

I'm drawn to you in pure attraction
I need you on this day, for your fulfilling satisfaction.
In you..I find joy and delight..
I go insane when you're in sight..

I never thought I would capture..
This intoxicating bliss and rapture.
I love you very much
You're all I ever wanted..
My devotion I declare
Just need you to know that I care.

Please say you feel the same for me
Say you’ll be forever mine
We’ll share a life of happiness
My treasured Valentine.
To Snow ball man.
It was your birthday, we had drunk and dined
Half of the night with our old friend
Who'd showed us in the end
To a bed I reached in one drunk stride.
Already I lay snug,
And drowsy with the wine dozed on one side.

I dozed, I slept. My sleep broke on a hug,
Suddenly, from behind,
In which the full lengths of our bodies pressed:
Your instep to my heel,
My shoulder-blades against your chest.
It was not sex, but I could feel
The whole strength of your body set,
Or braced, to mine,
And locking me to you
As if we were still twenty-two

from your lover Natsu ">
To Baty my one true love,

I love it when you log on
It helps me go all night long
When I see you leave DE
I find sadness when I pee

Oh how I love you
Just like when I take a poo
If it was not for red
I would be there in your bed

From Mev, may we find eternal happiness with each other
To my Artaith

Your love is magical, that's how I feel.
But I have not the words here to explain.
Gone is the grace for expression of passion.
But There are world's and world's and ways to explain.
To tell you how I feel, but I am............

Speechless,Speechless, that's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you , I have lost for words,I don't know what to say
My head's spinning like a carousel,so silently I pray...

Helpless and Hopeless,that's how I feel inside
Nothing's real but all is possible if God is on my side
When im with you, I'm in The light where I can not be found
It's as though I am standing in a place called hollow ground...

Speechless, Speechless that's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you, I am far away and nothing is for real.
I'll go anywhere and do annything just to touch your face"( u have the cutest)"
There's no mountain high I cannot climb
I'm humbled in your grace">....

Your love is soo magical, that's how you make me feel
But in your press acne I'm lost for words......

Words like........ ,"I LOVE U"">
be my valentine boo">
To Garuug, with love, from your Ellie ;)

I see the seduction in your eyes as you make me hunt your goods,
I know the way you love to make me follow you to the woods

I know the way you're thinking, you love this little game,
nobody else can see it, they don't look at you the same.

Others, they don't like you, they say “oh Garuug stinks”
but I see passed your odour, you pesky little minx.

One day you'll stop running, and you'll look me in the eye,
you'll realise that you love me too, you'll see that you're my guy.

We'll have little goblin babies, that frollick to and fro,
and you won't run away again, you won't ever have to go.
Dear, BlazeTheBold
This poem is for you.
I know we have not known each other for a long time
but this has really been bugging me for the past couple of day's.
i just want to know if you would be my Valentine.

From your Lover -Zeus_Vortex">
To Red Dragoness.

Sometimes I think you don't like me,
because you say things that are mean,
but then I see the reason,
it's because I am your Queen.

You talk about me to everyone,
and as cute as that can be,
I feel that I must tell you,
you are not the one for me.

I hope your heart can heal,
and that now I have confessed,
you can move on with your life
and stop being so obsessed.
From your trolling of newbs in main, to the killing of noobs in Wolves.
I think you're awesome and butt kicky.
keep killing and mocking.
Love you so much you gorgeous hunk of a zerk.
To Mirror on the Wall

The beauty you show others can not believe,
Hope one day we can both conceive.

When you sweat and relief your shirt,
Girls go crazy and we all get hurt.

The image you display,
Would not go away.

Thank you for your bold actions,
Without it, we will have no blue faction.
Vous savez qui vous êtes...">

This is a big confession for me. I've always been really shy, but I can't hold this feeling back any longer!

"> Here goes

There is something about you that sets my heart alight.
An intense fire that I haven't felt this strong before. Melting the frost that has kept me reserved for so long.
Almost as if the thawing plains are springing to life with countless vibrant carnations and tulips once again.
This is a happiness that I haven't felt in a long time. Just pure happiness that everyone around me catches and reflects in an instant.
A newfound confidence that lifts everyone's spirits.
A simple hello from you would be enough to flush my cheeks into a rosy pink. That is all that it takes, from you..
You have caught me with my guard down so effortlessly, Holding my attention in such an understated and flawless way, that it makes my heart skip a beat and steals my breath away in mere moments!

I am always left wondering: How? How did you catch my attention so effortlessly and so powerfully?
But, my answer was here the whole time. It's because you're you.

At first glance, I could've sworn I felt something change within me when we first met.
I felt that ice that had secluded me crack and shatter so effortlessly. I felt myself becoming alive again! Just from you...

Ne changera jamais, mon cher...">

"> ~Sapphire warrior
Nurse Ratched,
Through happiness, and smiling, will attest
Each day, for you, this heart that healed will stride
To show you what has yet to be confessed
Because you shared with me, my heart takes pride
I found and know what life has at it’s best
The joy that mends and fills my heart… My Bride
From Nova SadarianDad to NovaVaalorianMom
In this world of Adan, I would search through the graveyard and fight cadavers for you. I would swim the Shadan River and fight valternas for you. I would go to the world of the dead to bring you back. I would fight Arkashul for you. I would hike into the Scrag cave for you and fight the horrors within. I would hop to the Knossis Canyon and fight the abyss monsters for you. If I would live this life over again, I would still marry you. If the sun ever dies and Adan falls waste, I will say to you with my dying breath, I still love you. With you, my life is eternal and filled with joy.
From NovaVaalorianMom and all my alts, to Nova SadarianDad and all your alts, as a wife to her husband in game and in real life: I love you now and forever.

From NovaVaalorianMom and all my alts, to SadarianSon/Vaalorian Son and all your alts, as a mom to her son in game and in real life: I have loved you from the time I knew I was pregnant, and I love you now, and I will love you forever.
Dear Pink Panther (oops, I mean Panyar!),

The play of muscle under fur covered skin
The way you growl and look as I begin
To fight
Your might
And that of your kin.

Much as you annoy with your healing ways
Still there are days
When your hue
Excites me anew
And your strength never fails to amaze.
To Ani-Dahila
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Come home at once so
I can have love with you

I dedicate these love words
slowly to you

I loved you yesterday
Even more so today
Tomorrow's a given
Forever and always

You came along
Like no one before
You captured me fully
And forever more

I give you my heart
And all that is me
You lit a spark

You make me happy
As only you can
Being with you
My life is grand

Thank you Baby
With all that is me
I love you Baby
For Eternity
Will you be my valentine ">

Are we husband & wife?
Are we not?
You told me once...but I forgot.
Theres no suprise there.
So don't bother to glare.

Heres a flower for you.
But only if you knew..
How special you are to me.
And if it wasn't for Kat, i'd get down on one knee.

I'll tell you one thing.
It's written on my bling
You can't forget like I would this time.
Will you be my Valentine? ">">

To Mindless

I love you like a fat kid loves cake,
Even more than I love milkshake,
and since I'm a fat kid that is a lot,
you are the best cake that I have got.

You're sweet as frosting and sprinkles too,
My heart would get skinny if I didn't have you,
Even though you mock me, you are still mine,
So yes I will be your valentine ">
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