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If you are looking for clan please leave your application here for all the Clans to see. Please do mention as much information as possible - your reputations , valor and professions as it will increase your chances of getting into a good clan. You can only join clans of your own faction as well as requirement to be able to join any clan is level 6.

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My name is Guavona, I am a lvl 12 Blue witcher looking for a clan.
Hello my name is Grimmlor, I am a lvl 8 zerk in empire vaalor. I am learning fast,just started 4 hours ago and am seeking an active clan to join and stick with long term. i will play 8 hours a day seven days a week and purchase reals every 2 weeks routinely. i am serious about enjoying this game with a loyal group. plz respond if interested.
lol hi im sacrifist im looking to join a clan im lvl 17 im a witcher recruit of second blood hunter rep:freindliness and about to master hunting i also do cooking>jewler>and almost lvl 2 masteery on alcemyst ......i am extremely active and ill take part in pretty much anything as long as i can helpdesperate for a clan">pm me anytime if ur intrested in me and i will definatly be intested in you...........lol thanks">
Hello. Level 14 Witcher, almost recruit of the Second Blood rank, looking for a decent Clan. Thank You.
Hello I'm Wolfsinger. I am currently lvl 10 but I level fast (Have been playing about 2 1/2 days) I do not have very much valor yet but I am still working on gaining. I am on often trying to level and see what this game has to offer. I am easy going in temper but I hate drama. I am a hunter and a Paladin. I Know there are a lot to choose from but please message me I am Sadar.
I'm a level 13 player, I am Recruit of the First Blood. I have a barbarian axe. I'm very experienced (my level may not reflect this but I had 2 alts which were jailed) and active. I seek a valor clan (obviously). I am 13 years of age and do not have access to Skype, but I will try to be on daily.

I have lots of green items. PM me if you have space in your clan.

Oh yes: I'm a berserker and a fisherman.

(Somewhat repost)
LV 15 Berserk, I have lots of valor (almost recruit of third blood), I'm on a lot. I am Looking to join a LV 2 clan and I would be happy to contribute lots of stuff. I don't have access to outside communications, nor do I have 1g to pay the clan entry fee, but I will get it soon enough.
lvl 13 witcher
recruit of first blood (working on obtaining valor)
online daily
working on upgrading all gladiator armor with the makhar
lvl 11 zerk/witcher sadar looking for a clan. active daily.
lvl 15 witcher looking for clan
LV 20 zerk, excellent armor, fisherman. Unfortunately no draggy but working on it. At the time of writing 845 Protector rep and 530 Hero of the Empire rep. Recruit of the Second Blood. Not yet 18 years old. Very active. If I'm online shoot me a PM about the clan if you want me to join.

lvl 12 beserker
im a hunter
empire of sadar
recruit of first blood
looking for clan to join
Hi Dragon Eternity players! I enjoy this game and find it engaging and fun. I am looking for a clan and meet new friends whom I can have fun with in playing this game, to learn and share ideas in order to grow (and have greater fun ). I am level 10 Witcher (Empire of Vaalor) and a Recruit of the First Blood.

See you in-game! ">
Hello, I'm lvl 8 Paladin, Empire of Vaalor looking for active clan to do instances and everything else what this game provides. 25 years old.
LV 24 Berserker with full Barbarian gear (minus necklace and amulet), Started hunting 3 days ago and at 400 mastery at that. Looking for clan that will take me in; your returns will be fabulous; I have lots to give, lots to gather!

1000 protectors rep, Have ashy spiketail (no equipment yet sadly)

840 glad rep, i'm getting there :P

I have a dragon now.
838 hero of the empire rep, when I hit 1000 I will be able to heal

473 7b rep

I'll be happy to join any clan, and I'm not very demanding. Please find me in game and PM me or just reply to this post :P and we'll talk.

One more thing: I have an epic sense of humor, comparable to the size of a Jadeite golem :P
Level 20 Looking for clan 860 seven bridges 500 gladiator 700 protector 1k+ hero of empire 1.9k farming 840 jewellery 800 cooking 400 inscriptor
899 alchemy Also have all paladin gear for my level
Looking for a Vaalor clan. I'm lvl 14, very active, still trying to learn my way through the game. I'm a Recruit of the first blood, and I have completed the Map of the Skrag Caves collection, as well as the Protector Collection.
I'm trying to have all paladin equipment.
lvl 13 Pally 3400 valor, active everyday, Sadar
I was waiting to join War Wolves. I'm not the best at things here, I just joined yesterday but i can fight pretty well. Only on level 6 though :\
Although I am only a level 6 right now I am a very perseverant player, defeat does not affect me, I will fight as long as it takes to achieve victoy.
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