Why was this moved to the various area and not to the guardians area?? Seems like bull shit to me that a main can be involved in a BC fight with his alt and not be jailed.
And it can't be a misstake when you enter this kind of fight, you have to legit click on the character, select attack and use the bc sphere you want, so it was clearly intentionnal.
Oh yeah he's done it to me a couple times before but always died out. I think he is AFK on his alts, and wants to attack you. But because you're already attacking his alts, he joins the fight (although that was not his intention). Not sure what happened in this situation, but could be something similar.
Nah the situation I'm sure of it is that he was playing with his alt, he put drag and cursed legionnaire in fight, he put a driller and then i died but i was on dragon stalling because I knew he was waiting to bc me. Then he tried to bc me, but no way he didnt see i was on drag and couldnt leave battle so he joined the battle, wasn't a mistake at all.

So he has done it more then once but the guards are only giving him a warning lol....seems like they have their heads up his ass. Too scared to do what we voted them to do and enforce the rules...

Might be a reason the game is dead....just my opinion....
just my opinion but you shouldn't even be able to put a driller with your alt if he gets bc'd because i consider it as helping too.
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