Game updates

Octagon now transferable!

If you don't want to use it, you can sell it to other players for a reasonable price.

Changes to summoned Machinoids!

Machineoids pitted against other players have undergone a number of changes:

• all machineinoids currently on hand will be available for use only in the battle itself, there will no longer be an opportunity to set them on other players:


• in addition, they received the form of Summoning Orb, and are placed in the combat effects section, along with summoning amulets;

• all Drillers, Loaders and Parodroids called into battle received the same combat characteristics, and equally badly break their opponents' equipment;

• you will no longer need to enter the nickname of the enemy to summon a machineoid, for example, if you died in battle, and the enemy on whom you wanted to incite a machineoid also died in battle, you will only need to come to the same location (in case of boarding), highlight your victim for observation, and apply the summoning scope.

New Machinoids are available for purchase in the Engineering Workshop with the following features:

• they can already be set on other players, but cannot be used while in battle, the mechanics of use will remain the same - the set machine will attack its victim, or interfere in an ongoing battle;

• they received new effects that allow them to hit their victim with a negative spell of orange, red, or black quality upon killing. However, the protective effects on the victim will work, and for example, being protected from injury, a player killed by the Driller's drives will only break equipment, but will not be injured..

The limits for the daily purchase of machineinoids will remain the same:

• Level I the workshop allows you to buy 1 green or orange quality machine;

• Level II allows you to buy 2 machineoids of the same quality;

• Level III gives access to the purchase of 2 green, blue, orange or red quality Machinoids;

• Level IV the workshop allows you to buy 3 machines of the same quality;

• Level V makes it possible to purchase 3 machines of any quality.

Upgrading Dragon items!

Now you can improve your existing Dragon equipment according to the same rules as basic items or jewelry. To improve the selected item, you will need gold or reals, as well as dust, the color of which depends on the quality of the item itself. There are two upgrade options available for any of the basic equipment items:

• into an item of the same quality for a higher level;

• into a higher quality item for the same level.

Also added the ability to improve the mask from the main class element of fire, order and earth to the secondary element of water, chaos and air while maintaining met. The upgrade is available for masks of green and blue quality of the elements of Fire, Order and Earth of the following levels: 18, 32, 52 and 72. The upgrade is available within one class, ie. for example, for the mask of Fire, improvements to the mask of Chaos or Air, respectively, will be available.


The cost of changing a mask from the main element to a secondary one is equal to 25% of the cost of improving the mask to the same level in gold or real, as well as a certain amount of essences corresponding to the elements of this mask.

Also, for an additional amount of natural dust, the issuance of green Dragon items from level 15 to 30 has been added to the chain of tasks for obtaining green equipment of the Barbarian, Guardian and Golden Eagle sets.

Ongoing changes are just another way of getting things. It will not in any way affect the range of stores and what Dragon items you can get in battles with monsters. The equipment can still be purchased in any way convenient for you!

Good luck, gallant warriors and beautiful warriors, and may the grace of the Dragons be with you!

perhaps something to allow me to run the game on chrome would be nice. since adobe no longer works
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