Turbocharged parodroid

Required level 82
Item type Mechanoid


Parodroid, which can be set on a player located at the same location with you. If the victim player is already in combat, the parodroid will engage in this battle on the side of his opponent. A parodroid cannot attack a player under the influence of Orb of Morok.
A player killed by a Parodroid has a badly broken equipment, and the player will also be struck by a random curse black quality.
The effects of Mirrors of Aeon reduce the chance of receiving a curse.

Cannot be set on a player with more than one machineoid at a time, as well as on a player who is in: Tournament of Honor, Tournament Invincible Warrior, Ruins of the Ancient Capital, Whirlpool of Captive Souls, Instance, Clan Hall, at Wandering Archipelago locations, during Boarding, during Incidents, Duel of Truth and League of Eternity, as well as on players under the influence effect Aura of Absolute Protection.