Casket of Merit

Required level 10
Item type Room


A magical Casket received as a gift from the Elder Dragons.
Inside you may find the Gift of the Knight Order,"red" Consumables: Balms and Blessed Food for your level and, if you're lucky, an element of the Fortune's Favorite Collection.

Can be received as a gift for purchasing 10.00 or 10 in the Bank or as a reward for placing in the top 3 in the Weekly Confrontation Rating in one of the Leagues.

well aperantly at lvl10 mine doesnt want to open
DeathOmenwell aperantly at lvl10 mine doesnt want to open
I got 3
I go to sell it because i didn't want it and it offered me ONLY 15 SILVER when its worth 10 GOLD
! anlamadım
sell it in auction.. lol..
you can't
Heaven's Voice: Chest of Recruit has opened, and you discovered inside: Flawless Elixir of Endurance (1 pcs), Flawless Orb of Vampirism (50 pcs), Flawless Elixir of Life (5 pcs), Casket of Merit (1 pcs), Flawless Orb of Strength (50 pcs).