Casket of Merit

Required level 10
Item type Room


Magic chest, received as a gift from Senior Dragons.
Inside you can find Gift of the Knight Order, "red" quality consumables - balms and grace food for your level, and with a certain amount of luck one of the elements of the collection "Fortune's Favorite".

The chest can be obtained as a gift by buying 10.00 or 10 in the bank, also taking prize in the weekly ranking of the confrontation in one of the three leagues. After the expiration of the lifetime will be automatically opened.

well aperantly at lvl10 mine doesnt want to open
DeathOmenwell aperantly at lvl10 mine doesnt want to open
I got 3
I go to sell it because i didn't want it and it offered me ONLY 15 SILVER when its worth 10 GOLD
! anlamadım
sell it in auction.. lol..
you can't
Heaven's Voice: Chest of Recruit has opened, and you discovered inside: Flawless Elixir of Endurance (1 pcs), Flawless Orb of Vampirism (50 pcs), Flawless Elixir of Life (5 pcs), Casket of Merit (1 pcs), Flawless Orb of Strength (50 pcs).