Many News in the World of Adan

Lesser Star of Discovery. Jewelers who have already reached the Apprentice level of Mastery can now create a Lesser Star of Discovery, which increases the amount of experience received in combat by 2x. To craft this item, purchase the necessary Scheme in the Shop and study it.

Warrants for Gladiator collection exchanges. Our Shop has received Warrants for Gladiator collections the purchase of which you need a certain level of Gladiator reputation. With a Warrant, you can get an item from the collection of the same name in exchange for similar items from a collection of lower level.

Faster Creation of Fianites. Warriors who have already reached level 16 and mastered the Art of Necromancy can now create Fianites in just half an hour's time. Fianites are crystals with an undead ally imprisoned within that can be used during the battle!

A new Crypt. In addition to the Eastern Graveyard, we have added a new site for those of you who have reached 37,000 reputation with the Vigilant Guard. There you will be able to create Fianites of Dawn Rat-Kin Skeletar, Dawn Valterna Skeletar and Dawn Argar Skeletar.

Increased chance of cursing opponents! Now, everyone holding a medal for Bonecrusher reputation has an increased chance of striking your opponent with a curse while using Bonecrusher Spheres. The probability depends on the quality of the Medal.


Dragon experience and valor. You will now receive 30% of experience and valor for the damage dealt by your Dragon in combat. Of course, valor will still only be earned while fighting other players.

Settings to match your computer's performance! The settings dialog has been updated and can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. There you can select the display mode of the game, depending on the power of your computer. You can either choose one of three preset modes: maximum, minimum, or balanced, or you can manually choose the settings by using to the individual mode. In the future, game settings will continue to be supplemented and expanded.

Transferable relics. You now can receive sleeping relics in the Skrag Caves that can be safely bought or sold without fear of angering the spirits lurking within them.

New armor for dragons and humans. Your battle companions can now equip new armor of "blue" quality, which recently arrived in the Shop.

Also, armor of superior "purple" quality for humans is now on sale: Sets of Lord of Storms, Ruler of Fates and Twilight Ruler.

Owners of the previous "blue" sets have probably noticed that the appearance of their armor has been changed.

The Roomy Military Belt is available for valor. "Soldier of the First Blood" rank holders can now purchase a product new to the store, the Roomy Military Belt, which will allow you to take into battle even more potions and magical artifacts.

Great consumable items ! In the Shop we now have consumable items of "orange" quality: great artifacts, elixirs, balms. Aside from that, Great Orbs have been made even stronger and now are sold in kits. To purchase the new items, you need not only the proper experience level, but also the appropriate level of Valor.

Repairs are now more affordable! Repairs of all items have been cut in half, so now fixing your equipment is much less of a hassle.

Food for mighty warriors. Now in the Shop, you can find food for mighty warriors of levels from 39 to 49.


Orbs of Fearlessness can disorient! Now Orbs of Fearlessness do not only increase the damage done by melee spells, but you now the chance of disorienting your enemy.

How wonderful!! cannot wait to experience these benefits!!!
Incredible additions!! Great to see a game evolve this way! Keep it up!!
I love it!! Repairs were costing me a lot. Love this new stuff.
great update thanks to the conceptor and moderate :) cya in the game thanks again
Coolkeep up the good updates and let me have some free items(dragon items)then when i get my dragon i can equip them and be unstoppable. BWAHAHAHAHA
fantastic new stuffthis game gets better and better">awesome
Woo new quests! Oh wait, that's right, there aren't any... just more crap you have to pay in reals for. You took away map-jumping and made it an option only for those with money... really? As if we needed any more confirmation that this game only cares about those players who can afford to buy reals.
One of the things I have really enjoyed about this game is that the cash players have less of an advantage over the non cash players than in other so called "free games." This is however changing at an alarming rate. Some of the changes are for the better, most are merely for the cash since most of the new stuff can only be bought with reals. As game designers/publishers you are effectively alienating the largest portion of your customer base, the free player which will buy reals at some point. The AWESOME purple gear offered in shop is ONLY 333 reals to buy the complete set, which give the cash player a HUGE advantage. Unless there will be a way to exchange gold for reals, I see the game losing a lot of the non cash players, thereby driving away a good portion of the cash players.

Plus no new quests for higher level players....say 22 and up. All in all a very LOPSIDED update.
I'm agree with Dioo and groves , it's even harder now to participate in arena and those who already reached " soldiers of the first blood " have a huge advantage over us , but I like the new dragon armor and hope to see this game gets better and better , but plz be fair in upgrades , thnx
This is some real cool new stuff can't wait till I am at a level required to get them. Love the change to the settings as I am one of those with the low end comps. You have out done yourselfs. I only wish I had not sold off that shield I had could have exchanged it now.
i like the idea of cheeper repairs. the expence was driving me into the ground.
seems like some good updates
My husband and I came to this game as something we could do together, and enjoy without having to spend RL cash just to accomplish something. Now it seems that is changing. I do not mind spending my hard earned cash for little vanity items as I do in other games, however, when it is required for me to spend $333.00 out of my hard-earned paycheck JUST to upgrade my armor and weapons or I risk those with the funds to do so owning me in this game that says to me that the money I do spend on this game is meaningless. I, the player, mean nothing to the company I am giving my support. SO I ask, why am I giving my support? There are many free to play games that DO NOT do this to their loyal fan base. I will not name names but I know of one who only charges RL money for new "skins" and things such as xp boosts. I believe that this is a terribly poor way to treat a loyal fan base and I for one will be leaving this game, as will my husband if things do not change fast. Thank you for your time.
Insane! time to farm rep
ridiculously awesome!
i just started out but i'm hooked can't wait to see how powerful i can get w/ these additions
Nice to see that the game continues to update as one moves up in level.

cant get enough of this game. new schemes, new clan stuff, just keeps getting deeper
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