Professions: Improvements and Updates

With the introduction of Professions, many residents of Tartu happily plunged into crafting and other useful activities, having started farming, fishing, hunting and mining valuable minerals, as well as preparing food and other consumable items. And the mark "beta" by Professions tab is not just for show. It indicates that this feature will continue to undergo improvements and important changes. Many changes have been made since the initial launch of Professions, and it's time to make them more widely known.

• The time it takes to develop your skills in a profession has been reduced. Now, new levels of Mastery can be reached significantly faster.

• You can get additional storage for resources by renting or buying a chest in the Tavern at the Winery Crossroads. You can open your chest by simply clicking on the Tavern Building.


• Now, plots of soil that are not unavailable to your level will not be marked with arrows. Should you click on such an area, you will see the usual notification that you must increase your level of mastery to grow something there.

• The effects of fertilizers and watering can be observed in a dialog that appears when you hover over particular patch.

• Seedlings can now be seen immediately after planting seeds.


• Catches have been increased. From now on, when you place a single net, you can catch up to 20 fishes. In addition, now it is not possible to catch fish beyond your current mastery level. • In order to maintain balance, recipes have been modified in the case of some types of fish.


• The prospector menu is no longer locked at the start of production • Extracted resources are now sorted by quality, starting with the white level.


• Now you can sell the resources you obtain directly from the hunting results window.

Of course, these are not the only changes that have been implemented. In the meantime, we are continuing to improve Professions so everyone in the world of Dragon Eternity can have a reprieve from battles to enjoy the peaceful fulfillment of crafting the strong armor, magic orbs, life-giving elixirs and other items much needed by any adventurer.

Unrelated to Professions, this final tidbit will certainly will appeal to many active chat users. Now you can disable notifications of chat rules violations. Mouse over a name in the chat tab, click on the cogwheel icon and uncheck "player punishments" in the dialog box that appears.

oooh!!! first post and a new chest
Professions and a storage valut for safekeepings awsome, the addition of professions is a very cool thing. Not only can players go out and quest kill and battle but we can now often spend our time lvling these professions up to craft items. The idea behind the changing of professions is also very cool, one can switch back and forth and not loose all xp gained or lose the items they currently have ( excluding traps and mine currently taking place of the switch) but none the less it offers players a chance to dwell in all professions at one point or another. kepp up the great work guys. i see great things ahead for this game">">
nice n helpful!
lol kinda silencing heavens voice but it will be helpful as a guard when trying to answer the questions that come to you wont get bombarded with curses and shackles...sweet deal...further more loving the new tab access your items at any time instead of wasting energy which may possibly result in a lost sale when you cannot move.. im a hunter totally digging the new changes to the faster mastery of the professions been a bit rough there i cant wait to see how much faster it goes up...i noticed it has been modified not to slow but not ridiculously fast either just i know i can sell straight from the window i will be able to use it lol...and different quality of the mining items seems better for the mining i do some mining myself also this will make the profession a lot more enjoyably playable...not much of a fisher or hunter but the people who use these professions seem like it will be very enjoyable for them also ty for the update notice
thx admins yet again
thanks guys for improving a great game
am i the only one that doesnt quite understand this
i hope this will help me make better potions faster because i keep running out of them
Are there going to be any improvements to Blacksmithing anytime soon? I feel like its a little bit ridiculous to be able to craft and wear armor but not have access to the seals to acquire the necessary ingredients for the armor.
I'm active in all professions and I'm very excited to see these new changes. The added chest will be very useful in helping me gather more resources and continuing my manufacturing empire. The professions just keep getting better good work dev team.
I am glad that the professions are being continually updated. Now, if the item database could only be completed...
Can't wait to see the new things to come for the professions! They are already fun so hopefully they will only get better.
This is going to be great for the serious Arena Player for that extra "kick" that the crafted items can provide.
i just started the game about 20 minutes ago and im so adicted all the aditions are absolutely wonderful and professions woot lets get moving
Very nice improvements, I think they will enchance the player's experience, since I thought professions were hard.
this is very helpful information and it will be nice to be able to disable punishments as it seems they come quick and often for some players (for whatever reason they choose to break the rules). I'm new to the game but have enjoyed it immensely when not bogged down by all the pettiness that gones on from time to time...
Interesting, thanks for the info.
Alright I will post this here. I am not a fan of professions. With everyone focusing on professions no one has money to purchase goods at reasonable prices in AH. I had pay top dollar for my equipment because that was the way the market was structure prior to the introduction of Professions. Now, no one wants to buy good equipment at what used to be fair market value. Prices have been slashed by more than half in some cases. So the option is sell cheap or take up room in your bag where space is precious already. It would have been great, only I bought all my stuff before the prices came down ... I thought professions would have been something totally different, but honestly professions to me is not as fun as it could have been.
That being said, I still do appreciate all the development you guys do on the game! I wanted to end on a positive. ">
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