Clans that achieve level 2 should get acquainted with the following rules for using the Clan Chest.


• Transferrable non-stacking Items such as:
- Weapons, Armor, Character Necklaces and Pendants, Belts
- Dragon Armor
- Jewelry (Rings, Earrings, Bracelets and Charms)
receive status of Clan Items when placed into the Clan Chest, meaning they become property of the Clan and can be sold/transferred only to other Clan Members.

• Other Items (Consumables, Resources etc.) do not receive the Clan Item status and can be handled at player discretion.

• When a player leaves a Clan, all of the Clan Items equipped on that player's character are automatically unequipped and placed into the Clan Chest.

• If the Clan Chest is overstocked, new Items are added to it beyond the capacity limit.


• There are no restrictions for transferring Gold between Clan members except for the cases described in the "Possible Violations" paragraph.

• Clan Members are allowed to use Gold stored in the Clan Chest at their own discretion. Permissions for withdrawing Gold from the Clan Chest are issued by the Head of the Clan, and any disagreements are considered to be Clan's internal affairs.

• Guardians will only interfere with certain cases where fraud is evident or hacking is suspected, e.g:
- a Clan Member left the Clan, taking all the Gold from the Clan Chest with him;
- a Clan Member who took out a 100 Gold loan didn't return it in due time.
Guardians will investigate such cases only upon receiving a screenshot that states the conditions of the deal.

In these cases, the former Clan member will be punished in accordance with the rules. If possible, Guardians will return the confiscated Gold into the Clan Chest.


• There are no limitations to placing Reals into the Clan Chest, but only Clan members with respective permission are allowed to withdraw Reals from it. Exceptions for this rule are listed in the "Possible Violations" paragraph.

• Game Administrators are allowed to withdraw Reals from the Clan Chest as payment for commercial services ordered by the Clan.

Clan Chest

"Clan Chest" section of the Clan interface contains transaction history showing: date, Items placed into or taken from the Chest, Gold or Reals put into or withdrawn from the Chest and the name of the character who conducted the respective operation.

"Permissions" section contains special Permissions that allow withdrawal of Items, Gold or Reals from the Clan Chest to certain players.

Possible Violations

• It is forbidden to temporarily accept players into the Clan for transferring Items/Gold/Reals through the Clan Chest and kick them from the Clan immediately after the transaction has been complete. Only transfers between actual Clan members are allowed, any operations with the help of temporary Clan members are considered a rule violation.

Examples of Violations:

- Accepting two Clan members, one of which transfers 1000 Gold/Reals into the Chest while the other withdraws 900, whereafter both players leave the Clan.
- Accepting two Clan members, one of which transfers 1000 Gold/Reals into the Chest while the other withdraws 900, whereafter both players stay in the Clan, but it turns out that both characters belong to the same player.
- Accepting players into the Clan to exchange Reals for Gold.

• It is forbidden to transfer Clan Items/Gold/Reals from the Clan Chest to other players without receiving a proper compensation. This will be carefully observed by Game Administration. If a violation of this rule is discovered, punishment will apply not only to parties of the illegal transaction but also to the Head of the Clan who allowed it.

• Punishments for having multiple characters apply to these rules. For instance, if a player decides to start the game over, sells all of his items, places the received Gold into the Clan Chest, creates a new character, enters that same Clan and withdraws the Gold he earlier placed into the Chest while playing with the other character, it is considered a rule violation.

Game Administration reserves the right to decide what is considered a violation of the abovementioned rules. Administration also reserves the right to change and/or supplement rules at any time. Please observe the possible rule changes.