Guardian Application Form (Forum Moderator)

If you would like to become one of the Forum Moderators, please complete the application form below:

1. Your real name
2. Age
3. Place of residence / occupancy
4. Contact details (e-mail, messengers)
5. How many hours can you dedicate to forum moderation?
6. Please specify time intervals, when you definitely can present in the game (morning/day/night - please state time intervals by server (GMT) time)
7. Do you have any forum moderation experience?
8. Why have you decided to join Guardians?

Please note, all applicants should meet the following requirements:
Minimum age - 20 years.
Minimum character level - 15.
Minimum time able to dedicate for moderation - 2-3 hours a day.
Proficiency in English.
Potential Guardians should have access to Skype.

-If your application does not satisfy the requirements above, this will be marked below and in a week’s time, your application will be deleted.
-If your application to become a Guardian has been declined, your application will be deleted.

Please, watch your applications, as they will be marked!

You are kindly requested not to flood in this topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted and violators will be punished. (Any messages posted outside required format will receive a 24h gag).
I dont know if this should go here.. but I was wondering if to apply to forum mod you need to be in guardians clan, or you can be in any clan you like?
You need to be in the Guardian clan
Application removed
Denied, you must be in Guardians to apply.
1. Joseph Cantrell
2. 21
3. Michigan
5. 2-3 hours a day sometimes more.
6. 22:00-02:00 evening or 06:00- 09:00 night.
7. no
8. To answer questions pertaining to the game and keep an enjoyable gaming environment for newcomers and on going ones.
1. Tomo
...will pm or Skype the other questions....
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