But how him, we cant find any else in game, i sure... ODIN -- god of alts

When really this stop???

1) He got full clans with alts in both sides?
http://dragoneternity.com/game/clan.php?title=Ancient+Specters in valor side
http://dragoneternity.com/game/clan.php?title=Novus+Natus in sadar side
I sure he used them to exchanger reals with daily drops all them+ maybe do garug on them, than ups all on his reps etc.

2) He join same batles with this 3 character to kill elites in islands and in fights anywhere
a) http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=-O%20D%20I%20N- its his main
b) http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=eddieson alt
c) http://dragoneternity.com/game/user.php?nick=markson alt
They healed him with glyphs, so he not used even balm and pots for kill elite for example, but drop all his.
the first case is a fact. not sure if anyone on server who not know this , but if its not against rules, then ok. let him have army of alts and make advantage meanwhile others hard work for every rep and other stuffs.

but in the second case i was witness too. attecked a lvl 89 elite nyph with blue mount and orange balm meanwhile alts were waiting to join him. it was between 06/02/2018 11:53 server time (first nyph elite done with alts) and 06/02/2018 12:07 server time (2nd elite attacked but not joined with any alt because they were hexed). i found it unworthy to join fight and make screenshots or save link, i have screenshot about the combat in location.
its already cleared that against rules. not even sure if he sailed on same ship, but he joined the same fight with using alts... admins can check it even if wraith. if they still check anyhing. =(
what will be the next? join the same pvp? or that already happened too?
up, he use all alts each day, and else trying making garug with each of them, OMG, he have so much time, its not normal...
http://dragoneternity.com/forum/drako/12940.html for admins
lol now he buyed image with alts reals lol, so sad what not any admins here
if they were vedmak1984 and Sydeste wouldn't do all the cheating that they do

quotes below about them and there cheating ways

goddessLindaSo, we all have seen people cheat occasionally but as an ongoing daily basis, it’s getting a little ridiculous. Do they think we are blind or just stupid? They do realize that we all have access to islands with no beacons and we can see them bc’ing their wifey over and over again. Sometimes she is as she is, sometimes she is writhed. Sometimes they join each other’s mine fights. Oh but my favorite to watch is when she is writhed and he is not. That one is definitely my favorite. I like how they mix it up so they don’t bore us as they do this many many times thru the day. Maybe to add a little more spice they can switch islands every now and then. Perhaps he can wraith more......or wait, they can both wraith at the same time......Ohhh the excitement of seeing wraith hubby versus wraith wifey has me in a tizzy!
So I guess my question is, if I get married, can I use this tactic to bump my bc up tens of thousands of points like he has in a month? Not only that, I can get first in confrontation every week and be oh so joyful at my accomplishments of illegally obtaining rep and confrontation points.

MnMsnow you no he must need that 16 bucks every week or he just wouldn't "try so hard"'.... its not like he has impressed any one... given us all a good laugh yes....

and u left out the bc'ing of the alts he don't have... perhaps hes just being a good husband and helping her out cause e she cant steal her own islands.. i forgot you need your own boat to be able to do that... good thing he has a tolerant clan who just don't mind his cheating ass using there boats to get help with his cheatin games

i must have missed some of those because i NEVER see her take her own all by herself....and him not be there for backup

paradoxismine Maybe I could wire him 16 bucks, whats the Russian exchange rate? 16 get you 20? Think that would make him behave? Granted he does get some confrontation from hexing and baning every one he cant kill in under 5 minutes from the arena , whats that 20 fights?

But then we would loose the entertainment factor from all the island mine fights he has with his little wife...

OH noes, I do hope this is not normal game play from the Russian servor

perhaps Russia defines cheater different than we do..

Or maybe we should all just work together on a daily basis to show him he has no place here anymore, he is not the only one that can hex/bane/ and bc.. he can be gottten to in every hideout, at every mine he steals (or has her steal).. if he cant get mines for the 7th any more perhaps they will not come to his aide any longer... if he is stuck hiding in clan hall, he is no threat to any one, or even better, if he had no clan hall to hide in...

sighs, but then we are not very good at working together are we
thank you all for finally exposing the biggest cheat in the game Vedmak1984
people full of jealosy, what i else can say.
Odin atack us in sea with this alt for make haul sydian with main in another clan and ship.....
He think very smart, but one day i sure u lost all this alts!

lol they don't cheat

that must have been a very tough miner
i mean dear odin's 237.813.092th alt,

"admins should really watch around how many are "doing" archipelago quest out on islands. we dont do more or less than others. but i wont call names or make list."
translation: not only we are doing this, but you must know, as you have numerous alts sitting on every island. you see everything, not only us. :) you also saw that it was 2 fights, not 10-15 how the others are doing the hero quest. they are helping each others, we are cheating. ok.

and anyways i was mounted and orange pots, he wasnt naked, so it not looks how you think it looks :)

ps: i am thinking about making a manual how to use thousands of alts properly, with exemples and screenshots about your wonderfull full real marked gear wich is invisible now that you bought image from alt reals. =) we know how you got that, as we caught you on islands hitting elites with alts (btw this is the main topic of this post, funny we got back here). ofc... its not cheating. so why be greedy and not share then with everyone? i will be nice and do it instead of you. i hope you dont mind if i use your example. i doubt i find anyone else who is this expert with altmaking. please correct me if im not right:)))

that must have been a very tough miner

miner was not togh, but who def own mine was awesome strong and unreal to beat her^^
he even stall me with his alt for make hop with main in other time....
he even stall me with his alt for make hop with main in other time....

you started the stalling you held and stalled odin so the 5 min mark went by, so don't tell porky pies, and then sent sydeste to stall odins hop,
you really need to get over your god complex and get off your high horse

ps, you also summoned and baned odin on every round while he was on hop and you wasnt, so dont think your hard done by, cause your not

http://dragoneternity.com/game/fight.php?id=5abc8339-a369-0401-fc40-812418c42785 < summons bane and slow play

http://dragoneternity.com/game/fight.php?id=5abc8591-a439-0401-7e26-caef7756778e < summons bane and stalled so odin couldnt join next fight
Removed by user
eddieson, ty its work with Harley and Teacher also, we can all see them now^^
To be fair, there is a screenshot of y’all battling. That in itself is not against the rules, but the likelihood of her putting you in hideout is slim to none unless she got lucky. I played 5 years now, and I have managed to put you in hideout only once because I got lucky 😂 with a crit kill.

Also, for everyone that messes with each other’s hop, just remember you’re kind of screwing over other people who might be hopping and just want to make a little something extra so I can do heals for little to no charge for some smaller folks that get caught with the big ol curses.

Oh and technically, they never addressed the rules on having more than one account for alts. I read through that whole god forsaken alt thread and there isn’t outright saying you can’t have more than one account, at least not from what I gleaned off of it. Unless there’s still an admin working for this place, 😂 feel free to correct me on this. And alts can be very helpful, I use mine to plant plums and fish some buffs for myself and for a few of my friends so they don’t pay ridiculous AH prices.
I have beat vedmak a few times, he's not always a bad guy or unfair. And it's really simple to not rig a fight and not discuss who will win simply by having 2 mobs belts (grey/green/blue pots or glyphs) and no pvp belt ready, or by running mastery for a 2ndary green costume.... and voila! Other player bcs and wins and you did nothing illegal.

Leane, I actually did the research on Terra too, and there is a thread there specifically stating that multiple emails are NOT against the rules as long as they do not 1- join the same fight, 2- trade illegally (through AH, trade, or clan chest). So again back to the question of why we are even tattle-tailing on people who aren't breaking any rules to admin that won't even read it.

Drama Eternity at it's best
Storm Kat So again back to the question of why we are even tattle-tailing on people who aren't breaking any rules to admin that won't even read it.

Drama Eternity at it's best

Very bad what not any1 admin here for even read it, and make game more fair...
vedmak1984, Lucky for us they aren't watching, since we obviously Must Rig the shaab boss fight to win it. All you big pinkies, we players don't stand a chance
Ahahhahahaha he have even own war, Damn u are best
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