Here Comes the Scary Time!

Dear Friends,

The frightening yet funny and wildly loved Halloween is drawing near, and we would like to offer you to take part in a poetic contest and tell the world how inhabitants of Adan spend their time during the most scary day of the year!

Contest Rules:
1. Until October 30, write a poem on the topic "Halloween in Adan".
2. Don't forget to mention game locations or characters everyone knows in your poem.
3. Add a pinch of terror, a spoon of mysticism, and a glass of Halloween magic.
4. Post your work in this topic and wait for the jury to get totally psyched out by the monsters you unleashed!

Please note that:
1. Your contest entry must not break our Forum rules or any laws.
2. Your poem must be rhymed.
3. Use or remaking of other people’s poems is forbidden.

Authors of the three best works will receive:
1 Place – 30 Gold;
2 Place – 20 Gold;
3 Place – 10 Gold.


Halloween in Adan—The Vigilant Guard

Twilight falls, the undead rise,
Will all of us meet our demise?
The smith, merchant, and high priest rest,
But the Vigilant Guard is put to the test.

We are the Vigilant Guard, Preservers of Order!

Through Eldiren's Farmstead the darkness creeps,
While our faithful hunter Gabrilas sleeps.
Barim, Kungar, and Skinflint Bron
Gaze silently as the undead march on.

We are the Vigilant Guard, Preservers of Order!

"Die...die now...foolish mortal.
Three foolish necromancers opened the portal.
We are an unstoppable force!
Die now, die! And join our legion, of course."

"Never! I will fight 'till the last breath!
I fear not! I embrace death!
Maybe...maybe I shall perish,
But my glorious legacy will be cherished!"

"Let this fear shake your soul...
While it is still in your body.
Feel your body as a whole...
Before it's ripped to shreds."

"For the order I uphold, I will not give in!
Go back to your graves! Get in!
My sword is my law, it cannot be broken.
I am of the Vigilant Guard! I have spoken!"

We are the Vigilant Guard, Preservers of Order!

Fear is a demon that will chill your spine.
Let it overtake you: that is fine.
You will soon be a hollow shell,
Through Adan will ring your death-knell.

But if you cast off this thing called fear,
You will find that greatness was here.
Every human seeks to be immortal,
It is only fear that makes us mortal.

Laugh off the undead, and strike them dead,
Rip it apart, chop off its head.
Fear is a choice. In your mind—right here.
But the Vigilant Guard is without fear.

We are the Vigilant Guard, Preservers of Order!
Everybody all around
trying to sleep, safe and sound
hell let out all of their hounds

the joy and happiness for the devil.

Sounds sound everywhere
valdian forest holds the ancient bear
the ancient bear disappeared
no one knew where it would appear
out from nowhere came krom tander
slayed the bear with all his power

the necromancer struck gain
summoned every argar everywhere
havoc hit adan again
would this woman ever rest?

down came another beast
turns out this beefur was not pleased
krom tander had killed his father
the beefur wanted to avenge his father
sounds so everywhere
no more quiet anywhere...

Blood shall run this fateful night,
As soldiers stand pierced by fright.
They pause as approaches a cadaver,
Husks doomed to roam Adan forever.
Make haste to the clan halls,
As all our defence falls.
Arm you self one last time,
Before you meet the almighty divine.
Drumming against hall doors,
Former enemies forget past wars.
As they now fight side by side,
Against an endless undead tide.
From Wyvern to Valdian Forest,
Vanquish all and stand your post.
Avoid the vampires bight,
Warriors fight with all your might.
For on this hallowed witching hour,
Immensely grows the darks power.
Quickly stand for all you love,
And pray for light to appear above.
To end this wicked night,
To stub evils delight.

Night of Velet

Warriors of Adan,
your time has come once again.
Here returns the The Night of the Undead,
A night that even the strongest warrior dreads...
monsters rise out of their graves in the dead of night,
bringing nothing in their path but pure fright.
Hide your family,
for the beings of our nightmares wander murkily.
Here us warriors stand tall,
ready to fight for the monster's fall.
Back to the Graves, they shall go!
For the light of day, they shall never know!
Feel the wrath of cold-blooded steel,
then now the monsters of the night will finally keel!
Master Velet! Aeona! Eldior!
Lend us your might!
For tonight we stand and fight
A fight like no other...
Monsters rise out of their graves in the dead of the night,
Bringing nothing but pure, cold-blooded fright...
The Vigilant Guards,
summoning mighty skeletars,
alas will not be enough...
Shoulder to shoulder,
we stand tall beside our fellow soldiers.
Prepare yourself!
For this is the Night of Velet!
For when this day befalls to night,
be ready to stand tall against the undead blight.

Halloween In Adan

Halloween horror in Adan is finally here
So beware of high levels using bonecrusher spheres
The monsters are ruthless and will tear you apart
So make sure to equip your good pots from the start

If you want to be stronger and have nothing to fear
Spend all of your money buying blue gear
Youll go to the skrag caves and beat them with ease
get enough relics and craft a new piece

fight a few zombies then wait and heal
wonder who thought of making blue belts 35 reals?
If your losing badly in the mines of tagol
Dont be a wimp and go hide in clan hall

Theres scarier monsters yet to behold
Go to valdian forest but dont say you werent told
The branchy dreval will stomp you to the ground
And do gangnam style while you sleep nice and sound

Do not be scared of the monsters you see
If you need some help just call out for me
With my sword of crushing thunder ill destroy any monster they send
And put an end to the horror of Halloween in Adan
From Port District to Harbor Front, they lie in wait,
for the chance to kill and maim,while fishers lay their bait.
Especially on Halloween, the day of fright,
we, the heroes, must gather together with all our might.

From Valdian Forest to Fort Giard, we fight
for the chance to rid the land of the horrible sight
of the monsters who abide our domain.
We, the heroes with our dragons, monsters we will slain.

Human and animal monsters abound day and night.
To the children of Adan, they represent quite a fright.
Berzerkers, witchers, paladins to the rescue.
The children of Adan can feel safe, wouldn't you?

by VaalorianMom
Buried in the Western Graveyard

Beneath this grave lies a valiant knight
who in the this graveyard did bravely fight

With no mount, battered armor and his dragon half dead
he fought an elite to cut off its head

He jumped in too quickly onto the quest
assuming he was more than up to the test

He quickly worked out that he should have known
the elite was too strong to take on alone

His paladin magics didn't give it a scratch
and its critical hits he had no chance to match

Within seconds of starting he quickly was dead
as the elite cadaver took off his head

What parts were left over were then buried here
except his left arm, two toes and an ear

His right foot was also most recently seen
on the belt of a zombie turning grey green

From his death the lesson is simple and sweet
'don't fight on your own when you fight an elite'
Hooray! Let's cheer! It's finally here!
Adan citizen's favorite time of the year!
Celebrated with blessed food and amazing drink
Beware of those who look to strike fear.

Have no trust for those dressed as vampires
They tell half-truths, full-fledged liars.
Drinking your blood and draining your soul,
The original bone-crushers for hire.

And pirates, the're not much better.
In fact, they're just the same.
Yar! Ask Captain Tarden, who above all,
has all the booty in game.

If you decide to go trick or treating
Don't do it in either graveyard,
For life unto death is Lady Necromancer's giving
Even though by her looks you may fall hard.

I suggest to fore-go going into Valdian Forest
That's a place filled with fright.
Man eating trees and bears with proud chests
Spooky and sinister flying sprites.

Hold on! There's Garuug! Teleporting, gave chase.
His bag full of candies my hunger's erased.
Darn, I can't believe it! He got away.
There's a hole in his bag, sadly, no treasure today.

Still, ghosts and dreadful cadavers
They stroll in Tartu.
Scary pitched metal clanging
Survived by a few.

Pumpkin heads on mounts, owning the dark.
If I win this battle I pray for a drop
That I can put on my gear, perhaps a blue mark?
I guess I can settle for a 100 spark.

On Hallow's Eve
There's no place that's safe.
Skrag-filled caves, costumes, monsters....
Scarlet Square! I love this place!

Song sung in clan halls, most know this verse.
As for these words if you thought they were phony,
Be prepared for a friendly hex or curse
And meet me at the crossroads, so you won't get lonely,
You're in good company!

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