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We are announcing the Night of the Great Dragons Contest! Scary time calls for scary stories!
All warriors of Adan who are versed in storytelling and can handle words as good as they can handle swords should post their works in comments of this thread until 12:00 November 6th. Best stories and poems will be rewarded with great prizes!

Best stories will be rewarded with:
1st place - 50 gold
2nd place - 35 gold
3rd place - 20 gold

Attention! Only ONE poem or story from single participant.
And don't forget to mention game locations or characters everyone knows in your poem!

Good Luck!
Pound of flesh left out to thaw
Seems Rand likes it raw
His blood feast on the drive in screen
The midnight show on Halloween

But this mask is stitched on everyday
Smile zipped but out to play
Yet even leather springs a leak
Red running even as we speak

So head down to the pumpkin patch
Watch the damned things start to hatch
Catch these latest spawn of Hell
Then succumb to some witch's spell

Dropping by her house of horrors
A hidden face at scarlet doors
An infinity of something sweet
And all it takes is trick or treat
Black mass called for raising Hell
And spiteful spirits rise
Responding as they cast the spell
But smoke gets in their eyes

These incantations by the verse
Are read from the Book of Flame
So expect that beast to ride the curse
As heads are hung in shame

Thus Rosemary is giving birth
And Damian's laid bare
Now Satan's kindred walk the earth
But let's try not to stare.
OK i'ma do a story since I suck at poems except love

Once upon a the Western Graveyard...there was a tumbleweed...a black tumbleweed.
Always rolled through Western grave. at Midnight, every night, and disappears afterwards, nobody knows where it goes, or its just an ordinary tumbleweed.
Once at about 10:00 a little 9 year old boy, Jacob, wandered from eildrens farmstead to western grave, (farm because his parents are farmers) looking for his mommy that he lost, he was tearing up. He stumbled on into a cave, a normal looking cave in fact. He was scared to go in, but needed his mommy dearly. He was super afraid.
He heard hisses, and growls as he entered.
When he went in, something snagged his ankle. He screamed, and tried shaking it off. It wouldn't budge off. He scrambled right out of the cave, with this mysterious flaky item on his ankle. He exited the cave, and ran back to eildren's farmstead luckily finding his way back. He ran to Gabrila's and quickly said "Shoot it off with your bow!!" Gabrila quickly took out his bow, loaded his arrow, and fired. It came off his ankle, and the tumbleweed was nailed to the floor with the arrow. While Gabrila examined it, he heard a yell. Jacob's mom scurried on over, and was yelling "Jacob Jacob, oh my god, I found you, dear god don't scurry off like that", and Jacob said "Mommy!" and hugged her. Then she asked Gabrila whats going on..and he said, this black tumbleweed was on Jacob's ankle and I shot it off with my bow. And Jacob's mom, (Michell) said, but it's a tumbleweed, how did it grab on? And Gabrila pondered, and said "I'm not sure, why don't you leave it here overnight and i'll do some research", and they left, and said, "Thank you" walking away.

Later that night, Gabrila was in his kitchen, and heard the same flaky noise Jacob heard. He went to his living room to check it out, the tumbleweed was there, but didn't seem to be moving. He went back to making dinner.
He heard it again. Checked it out...and gone...the tumbleweed was gone..a few seconds after he just saw it, it vanished.
He heard his front door creak..and rushed over...he didn't see who, or what opened it, but while he was shutting the door, he heard a witchy laugh moving further away from his house, it sounded like "Teheheheheheheeeee", and he said "That couldn't be the tumbleweed, thats impossible".

Gabrila went on his laptop, and searched about this tumbleweed. He read that it rolls through Western Graveyard every day at 12:00, and it was 11:39. He wanted to do some more research before he went to Eastern graveyard to see if it's true.
It also stated that on October 31, 2014, rumor has it that the tumbleweed will evolve, it says that this rumor started near the cave, where it was written in blood, "October 31, 2104, EVOLUTION, Mwuahahaha" and ever since, everybody has been fearful of this.
Gabrila didn't believe this nonsense, but wanted to find out for himself. He scurried on over to Western Graveyard, the clock struck 12. And there is was, the same tumbleweed, rolling through western graveyard, but...It stopped in the middle, and he heard a writing like sound, and then the tumbleweed rolled away. He went on over, and there he read, "Go to" and he was so scared, had so many mixed emotions. He thought he was going to die, and his friends, & how is this possible, & is this a prank????

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He went home, being extremely aware of his surroundings, just in case. And went to ""
And this is exactly what it said....Well, first. It had A black tumbleweed picture, with blood drippings going down the website, below it, had a "Click here" black button. He clicked it, and it led to another link, and it said "DEATH - 12 hours". Thats exactly at noon he said. He was shocked & afraid. He sat in the corner all night, when the sun came up, he went to Michell & Jacob's house. They talked, and he explained, and they warned the people of Adan. Everyone was preparing, everyone put aside the fact of Sadar & Vaalor, and worked together.

They made corsair phials, dragon ambrosias, everything they thought they needed. 9:50 AM, and everyone sat in winery shivering. The tumbleweed rolled over, and sat in the middle of all of them, everyone picked up their axes, and grunted.
The tumbleweed transformed into a little girly doll that seemed ever so innocent. Everyone said "Lame" and just threw it in the garbage"
The next day, the doll appeared back at Winery Crossroads. And sat there.
There was lots of talk about it, and one old man, came, and said, "hold your horses", it probably just fell out of the trash can, put the trash lid back on, the trash man is coming tomorrow.
So they did as the man told them..
The next day, the doll appeared in the same place.
Everyone came to winery to come to a compromise on what to do.
People said slice it, and so they did, they cut it up, and threw it into the trash, shut the lid.
And continued their day.
The next morning, the doll appeared in the same place.
Everyone came back to winery, many jaw drops occured.
They observed the doll, and saw a little button on the side.
One brave man clicked it, and in a creepy voice, they heard..."Death of Adan or Death of you"
And a little girl said, "There is no way out"
Later that night, they had a campfire at winery and tried to forgot about that nonsense. At Midnight, the fire turned off, a spirit rose, and said "Death it is"
The spirit shined like the sun, and threw a sphere on the floor.
The sphere turned into a black hole with a razor blade spinning there, and sucked everyone, and everything in.
Guts & Liver appeared into a foggy forest, everyone is adan's guts & liver that is.
3 defenders dropped out of nowhere.
And said "We are the Defenders of Adan"
And introduced themselved.
The blue one said, I am "Clawsnix"
The purple one said, "I am Avengstix"
The black one said, "I am, Criptinix"
They all stuck their swords into the ground, causing cracks, a shaking, & glowing, a white hole appeared, and all the guts got sucked back, over the portal, it said "Back to Adan my friends"
They all went back to Adan, but everyones memory was gone. Nobody remembered a thing, except the Defenders of Adan.

The end.
Hello, Reader. I am Sapphire warrior... Or Sapphi for short, I don't care. I work at the front desk of the Tavern over in good ol' Winery Crossroads. Nice job, but little pay. I get to meet a lot of new faces each day and help point the way to people who need it... But, something happened recently and it changed the way I see Tartu forever...
I will tell you what happened... But please be quiet. I... I-I think IT is a-after me... PLEASE don't jump to conclusions before I finish.

Starting on the night after the Millennial Eclipse, I started hearing complaints from one or two people about waking up with claw marks on their right shoulder. Two days later, I heard complaints from another three guests about them hearing a murmur of chants that went, "What you seek is in the Eyes of Oblivion... What you seek is in the Eyes of Oblivion". It confused me, and I didn't think much of it. I passed it off for people scratching their shoulder against the bedpost while shuffling in a nightmare... Though I found it odd that it would seem more than one person had this happen to them. This thought lingered with me as I locked up the building for the night and went to bed.

The next night, I heard piercing screams rising out of some of the guest rooms with the sound of crashing furniture and the sickening crunch of bodies as these guests that talked with me yesterday were flung out the window to their unfortunate demise... Everyone on staff went into pure panic. None of THEM knew what happened... But I put together the pieces. I looked out the window and my face grew pale with horror... I looked into the deep soulless red eyes of a monster sinking its enormous claws into the dead bodies and clamping them into its jaws soon after. This was a beast so unsettling that not even the Gods of SHAAB, or Tangor, could conjure something as revolting as the... the THING that I saw! As soon as I locked eyes with it, it hissed at me with a nearly hypnotic tone... "What you seek is in the Eyes of Oblivion" before clomping down into the forest. I ran after it, but it vanished with a spine-chilling laugh into the shadows. I gave up on my chase for the monster and went back to the tavern to catch my last scraps of sleep before work the next day.

Very early the next morning...
*CRASH* I heard from down the hall when I was delivering breakfast to one of the rooms. I saw the monster bust down one of the Tavern doors with an earth-shaking roar, causing the man to release an ear-splitting scream as he was slaughtered by IT with its claws and fangs - spilling his blood all over the room. I instantly ran into the room in full armor with sword unsheathed and lunged for the beast. I sunk my sword into its neck... It is a fatal hit... For any other monster. This one merely laughed and vanished into the shadows murmuring "What you seek is in the Eyes of Oblivion... What you seek is in the Eyes of Oblivion". I thought I got rid of that monster here for good... But NO! I should've known better than THAT! I was a fool to believe that it would after only one night...

I see the consequences of my foolishly optimistic thoughts now... Its murmuring is scratching deeper into my thoughts and I can feel its claws dig into my skin and slash at my very soul in my sleep. It's tormenting me... It's trying to clutch me in its claws to drag me into a true state of insanity. I worry I MUST be falling there now... But I may already be there. I locked myself in the closet to hide from that... T-That THING. The line between this and alternate realities have become blurry. I hear claws scratching through the door now. Is this just my imagination? ... No. Is this real? ..... What I seek is in the Eyes of Oblivion.... What I seek is in the Eyes of Oblivion... *THUNK*
Sapphire warrior, server nova

Ok, this is real, think what you may, but I know the truth. I can't tell you the full story, a jinx has been put on me, I-I have to stop midway... *takes a deep breath* OK, here goes- Once, in the Eastern Graveyard (went there to help people of our beautiful Adan), I found a game board. I know what you think, 'it's just a game board, why the hell do you care about the stupid thing?!' Well, you are wrong. 101% wrong. So insanely wrong. I was poor at the time, and thought that I could make a quick buck with it. I brang it home, and started playing. I had no family, brothers or sisters, (all dead because of some kind of disease, but I never believed it) so I played in utter silence by myself. It seemed like some kind of 'Game of horror' (that was the title), and I stared playing it. I landed on square one- 'the lights go off'. I had my weapon, so when the lights went off, by themselves, (just a coincidence, I had hoped), I wasn't scared. The next square- 'You hear a creak form the basement. And surely, there it was. I spun one more time, to see if it was truth or lie- 'You feel a weapon dig into your back'. Before I could turn around, I felt a sharp pain, and there I was, bloody, no evidence, and not a trace of murder in the house. I was moaning, just lying there, no one to help. I was going to die, when I heard a sharp rap on the door. I was relieved, as if it was a friend, they would lend me a helping hand, and if it was, well- what more could they do to me? When I didn't (because I couldn't) answer the door, I saw a blade make a clean cut through the hinges of the door. It was my friend, Zec, who had come to see me. He ran over to me, and asked 'What the hell happened to me' and things like that, but I couldn't answer, because I doubled over in pain, and eventually fainted. Ok well, that's the end of it, no more. That hex is starting to burn up my insides...
OK NOW I DONT CARE WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS TO ME! EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO ME, AND WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST! Ok, so now (ow that jinx is killing me) I was lying in the four roads tavern in the outskirts of vaalor City, with people all around me. I sat up groggily, and I could feel myself again, but it felt like my back was completely broken down. My close friends sat down near me, and I asked them to give me a full recount of what happened. (OW!) Ok, so here's how it went- After I fainted, the house was burnt down, no one knows by who, and everything of mine was lost, including my weapons and armor. I got some new recruits weapons though, but they felt like cheap plaster on my skin. I was brought to the hospital immediately after (OW THAT STUPID JINX!! Sorry, my insides are burning up) that, and blood was dripping all the way. But I wasn't dripping regular blood, it was a shade of green. (OW!!) A shade of green.. I couldn't recall why at that time, I had read about that before, but that had seemed unimportant at that time, the clean, sharp cut in
my back was a much bigger problem. I was better in a few weeks, and I got some new armor (AAAAA STUPID JINX!!!) and lived on the streets, as I didn't have any money now, but I was well-protected now, at the least. (Pain going up now..) Within a few days of my release from the hospital, I was oozing green glop from my mouth! I ran, I didn't care where, I remembered what green blood and all this was about! It was.. The mark of (Now the jinx is going to kill me, I'm sure) SHAAB!! (Ow!!!! I'm gonna die in a few minutes, I'm sure... Well, at least I didn't die yet.... Damn that jinx!) I was slowly.. Slowly turning into one of his minions, a defiler, a damned defiler.... I lived in solitude for the next few days, not wanting it to spread. But within a few days, my weapons and armor changed into defiler's robes.... And a few days after that, I could not forbid the dark lords thoughts from entering my mind.. From controlling it... I was sprouting sharp teeth glinted with some kind of poison, and the curse of blight inflicted on me... my mind, the dark lords mind now, (Im gonna die soon, I can feel it, but I have to continue, for the sake of the people) told me to go to the village and attack as many as I could, making them all shaab's servants. I inflicted the curse of blight on many, those who were resilient enough to actually withstand me, I just had to sink my teeth into their skin, and then there they dropped, dead... I'm not sure how much (Ow) pain and (Oh no..) misery i caused, but I was cured later somehow, by a miracle, (My insides are burning up, swelling, on fire...) ad now I lie here, half dead after retelling my story, believe w-whatever you want, but I know (.....) the... truth... *Lies on the floor, dead, with shaab's blight outside him, but pain still killing him, still torturing him from the inside....*
Halloween: Scary times!

Halloween: "the best time of the year!" is what the warrior's kids think, they get lots of candy and they get to wear costumes. But the oldest and wisest inhabitants of Tartu know that this isn't true. Every year at Halloween ghosts and demons try to sneak into the peacefull and beautiful world of Adan. These wise and old wariors happen to be very brave and do all they can to protect the others, but one night they fail...

Melvin the Merchant wakes up in his tavern room at Winery Crossroads, his kids and wife are still asleep and he doesn't want to wake them up so he decides to walk around a little bit. First he meets people, sells them some rare items and then continues his trip. His grandfather has a grave at the Western Graveyard so he decides to visit it, he hasn't been there since a long time. When he arrives, he sees something strange and terrifying: some of the graves have been opened, and the coffins are gone. "Well then, maybe they don't like to be dead" is what he thought sarcasticly. "But on the other hand, maybe some of those graves were to old to keep and they had to dig the bodies up." This last thought seemed the best reason and the most logical too. But not everything is what it seems...
He finds his grandfather's grave and puts some flower on it which he bought earlier from a little stall at Eldiren's Farmstead. The grave is very dirty, so he grabs a brush and cleans it up a little. When he is done he admires his work and says: "Well grampie, here you go, some flowers and a clean grave: aren't you happy now?" Melvin heard a voice answering that he was very delighted about Melvin's work. First he looked around scared, where could this voice come from? Of course he didn't believe it and found the culprit: his imagination.

But now, was it really his imagination? I don't believe so, because Melvin never arrived back at the Tavern after his walk. The noble and brave warriors need his rare items and food so they decide to organize a search for Melvin the Merchant.

During the search a dark and mysterious castle was found hidden deep in the woods, there are ghosts everywhere and the demons live in the castle. This must be the place where they kidnapped Melvin to! The leader of the country, Ihit the great King of Tartu, asks for the strongest, bravest and the most fearless warriors to volunteer for the mission. The mission gets the codename "Mission Impossible: Melvin rescue". After a long discussion (only 5 people can enter the castle), the people of Tartu have gathered their best warriors which are capable to save their beloved Merchant.

(look at next comment for more)
Once arrived in the castle, the ghosts start attacking these warriors, they defend theirselves without fear but still 2 warriors die. The others are very angry now: they lost 2 friends in this battle! They hurry to the next room and find dozens of hordes of demons. Now they use their mount, the amazing animals help the warriors and give their life to help them win the fight. But still they lose 1 brave warrior. The others continue their mission and find the stairs to the basement where the dungeons are located. They encounter the King of Demons named Nakhandar, they go in the room and fight this King of all Demons. But the warriors are to weakened by the previous fight and can't win on their own, so they summon an Omniach, a creature so strong and beautiful that Nakhandar gets confused. But only for a few seconds, he slays the Omniach too and when the warriors are about to die...
Melvin throws them an Amulet of Replication hoping that he saves all their lives with this. Luckely the Demon is really weak and they finally win the fight. They free melvin out of his dungeon and go back to Ihit, their king.

Ihit is so happy that the warriors saved Melvin that he bestows them with gifts and gives them their weight in gold. The warriors are very happy with these gifts and they also receive a large amount of items from Melvin and his family. They thank both Ihit and Melvin for their generosity. They decide to buy graves for their fellow fighters who died during the mission with the gold Ihit gave them. The other items they received were used in SeaBattles, they won almost all of these because of it! And for the rest: they are happy that they survived the fights.

The people of Tartu live in peace untill next year's halloween when...

Our beautiful Adan,
May not be what it seems.
It brings all gory tales along,
They all will haunt thee.

Now, this is a true story,
It takes place in hell. (And Adan)
The horror came when the devil came,
Now might that just ring a bell?

When the devil was born,
We were all shocked,
Our families and friends mourned and mourned,
But the devil only mocked.

When he grew up,
He started to create bad,
Skeletars, mummies, and evil creatures,
You would never have.

The creatures were horrible and scary,
But some feared not.
They were my friends who were carey,
They slew the giant monsters!

That was only last year,
Who knows what they can do now.
That is for them to know,
And us to find out!

Happy Halloween!
Walking along the pond of tribulation on a cool autumn evening during the night of great dragons, watching the magma tkhiss' light up the grey dusk. I vaguely notice the warriors of Tartu walking by, chatting to each other as the Halloween quests continue.
My eyes spotted a dark figure moving in the distance. Not an uncommon sight in Adan, yet this figure was picking up items and looking rather suspicious doing so. I decided to follow this mysterious fellow to ascertain his motives. Living up to my ghost name I active a wraith sphere to keep my identity a secret.
The cool wind blows stronger now and chills my bones. The dark figure had now moved to the winery crossroads, and with the many mingling people there I almost lose sight of him. He starts to creep into the tavern unseen by those around. I creep close to him not knowing what I was following but that his motives seemed sinister and i needed to watch him.
Looking into the Tavern window I see him go upstairs to a room. I decided to peer into his room from outside and was overwhelmed at the horror I saw.
The items he had collected were strewn about the room in disarray. He had removed his cloak to reveal a horrible facade. A face of pure evil and not of this world. He arranged the items on a table. Seeming to put them into various groups. I almost passed out when I saw the body parts arranged before him. He had gathered the strewn body pays from all over Adan for some twisted reason my mind could not begin to fathom.
I left my perch at his window in fear that i may fall from sickness if i didn't. I walked back to the door of the tavern intending to return home and hopefully forget what I had seen in that I may dismiss it as dream. As I approached the first step, leaving the tavern my hand barely touched the railing before my world suddenly went black.

I awoke slowly, painfully. My consciousness returning like a fading dream world. The images engraved in my mind causing me to feel instantly ill. I moved to get up and came to the shocking realization that I could not move. I was bound to a table in this room. I tried to scream but in an instant i saw the flash of cold steel from a dark figure leaning over me. The warm rush of blood as he slit my throat was my final experience. ~~~GH0ST ZERO~~~ NOVA
On a gorgeous sunny morning at valdian forest, huntress Meeleeyuri was training a bural. She encountered plenty of great hunters and warriors but hardly any handsome ones. She finally released the bural in search of the most handsome person on Adan. The bural travel long and far. His journey lead him to harbor front where he saw a shiny image of a man swimming. The bural bellowed a loud "oink". The tall, dark and handsome mortal got dressed and follow him to valdian forest. Meeleeyuri saw the man of her dreams and introduce herself to him. He introduced himself as ThisNsihT. They decorated the forest with pumpkins and leafs then they look up in the sky. The witch Meldina was flying on her broomstick dragging a dark gloomy moon with her. She covered the sun with that moon forming and eclipse. Rain and thunder started to form. Meldina slowly landed down at valdian forest. Meldina told Meeleeyuri, "If I can't have that tanned, toned warrior then no one can". The witch put a spell on Ield and the Ield went to fight ThisNsihT. One swing of the mace, the Ield head was cut off. The Ield then transform into Stone Rhun. Rhun is 10 times as strong as ThisNsihT. They battle for hours then the Rhun threw ThisNsihT into a dead carcass tree. ThisNsihT found some spider web and wrap it around the Rhun's eyes. While the battle ensue, Meldina open a black portal near Meeleeyuri and hit her with the broomstick. Meeleeyuri was knocked back and feel inside the portal. ThisNsihT saw the whole encounter and grab a stick of dynamite and stick it in between the spider web and the Rhun's eyes. The dynamite exploded and the Rhun was blown up into a million pieces. ThisNsihT ran and try to jump in the black portal but it barely close before he can jump in. ThisNsihT was so distraught that he draw his mace and pierced Meldina with it and drank the deadly potion that was intended for Meeleeyuri. Valdian forest is still full of blood and evil spirits from that very day so be careful if you want to visit that place.
She lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for a living. Folks living in the town nearby called her Bloody Mary, and said she was a witch. None dared cross the old crone for fear that their cows would go dry, their food-stores rot away before winter, their children take sick of fever, or any number of terrible things that an angry witch could do to her neighbors.
Then the little girls in the village began to disappear, one by one. No one could find out where they had gone. Grief-stricken families searched the woods, the local buildings, and all the houses and barns, but there was no sign of the missing girls. A few brave souls even went to Bloody Mary's home in the woods to see if the witch had taken the girls, but she denied any knowledge of the disappearances. Still, it was noted that her haggard appearance had changed. She looked younger, more attractive. The neighbors were suspicious, but they could find no proof that the witch had taken their young ones.
Then came the night when the daughter of the miller rose from her bed and walked outside, following an enchanted sound no one else could hear. The miller's wife had a toothache and was sitting up in the kitchen treating the tooth with an herbal remedy when her daughter left the house. She screamed for her husband and followed the girl out of the door. The miller came running in his nightshirt. Together, they tried to restrain the girl, but she kept breaking away from them and heading out of town.
The desperate cries of the miller and his wife woke the neighbors. They came to assist the frantic couple. Suddenly, a sharp-eyed farmer gave a shout and pointed towards a strange light at the edge of the woods. A few townsmen followed him out into the field and saw Bloody Mary standing beside a large oak tree, holding a magic wand that was pointed towards the miller's house. She was glowing with an unearthly light as she set her evil spell upon the miller's daughter.
The townsmen grabbed their guns and their pitchforks and ran toward the witch. When she heard the commotion, Bloody Mary broke off her spell and fled back into the woods. The far-sighted farmer had loaded his gun with silver bullets in case the witch ever came after his daughter. Now he took aim and shot at her. The bullet hit Bloody Mary in the hip and she fell to the ground. The angry townsmen leapt upon her and carried her back into the field, where they built a huge bonfire and burned her at the stake.
As she burned, Bloody Mary screamed a curse at the villagers. If anyone mentioned her name aloud before a mirror, she would send her spirit to revenge herself upon them for her terrible death. When she was dead, the villagers went to the house in the wood and found the unmarked graves of the little girls the evil witch had murdered. She had used their blood to make her young again.
From that day to this, anyone foolish enough to chant Bloody Mary's name three times before a darkened mirror will summon the vengeful spirit of the witch. It is said that she will tear their bodies to pieces and rip their souls from their mutilated bodies. The souls of these unfortunate ones will burn in torment as Bloody Mary once was burned, and they will be trapped forever in the mirror
"The Night of The Beast"

I will never forget the night it happened. It was a quiet night, and I was relaxing in the Tavern sharpening my axe, crafting my potions, with my dragon by my side, Capo. Suddenly there was a loud bang. I sprang to my feet and crept outside, trying to be as careful as I could. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, skinflint Bron around winery crossroads as usual. Suddenly I heard the bang again, but this time it was much more menacing and I knew it was coming from nearby. Summoning my courage, I grabbed roomy military belt and strode quickly past farmstead to the graveyard where the banging got louder. I might have met my end right there, if not for Capo, who let out a loud "ROAR!" Startled, I jumped instantly to the side just in time to avoid a long slash of a blade. I turned as Capo let out a breath of fire and gasped in horror. Lurking there in the Graveyard, bathed in the glow of Capo's fire breath, was a huge Elite Cadaver, quivering with anger, no remorse in its cold gaze! The hideous things eyes were blood red, the stench of death almost overtaking me.
"watch his sword!" I yelled to my Dragon.

I rushed back adjusting my pauldron's for the fight ahead, but the thing chased me with lightning speed. I was trapped, and knew I had to fight if I wanted to survive, my belt lacking all the potions I would likely need for this battle. First I tried to chop it with a swing of my Merciless axe, then I shot a fine arrow, but it had no affect. In desperation, I even tried throwing lesser potion at it, but all to no avail. It just kept coming. I thought I was dead for sure, when suddenly a strange figure smashed past the grave stones and leapt between us! He was tall, a giant by any other name, with fierce long claws and a stance that struck fear. He was dressed in full gear, ready to take on anything it seemed.
"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" the figure Grunted, and quick as lightning it jumped in and stunned the Cadaver with a mighty uppercut.

I shot off a Fireball and Without pause he scooped the Cadaver up, slammed it to the ground and destroyed it with a slash of its claws.

"How did you do that?!" I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

"Their only weakness is their balance," it replied. "One good SLAM and the things are helpless."

"But how did you know that?" I asked, staring at the enormous beast

"That is easy," it said. "Ive destroyed hundreds all accross Adan"

I thanked it for saving my life and asked for its name. "!!!!!!!" it said with the loudest roar I ever heard.

Now that I knew of this Nephilim I asked it to join me in preparation for the eminent invasion of Shaab. " I will join you when you are ready" it grunted as it spead away into darkness......
This will be a little long so i apologize

Have you ever wondered what happens to the bad children of Tartu? I mean the ones that you KNOW will grow up to live a life of truly horrible atrocities. No one thinks to delve deep. They just assume that some unsavory creature is the cause of their disappearance. If only that were true.

Deep in the Valdian Forest, there stands a lowly cottage surrounded by fog and mystery. It is home to many curious trinkets guarded by an old man equally mysterious. His name is Melvin, Melvin the Merchant of Curiosities to be exact. Many wonder how he comes to find the objects he sells. No on knew how he acquires them, that is until now.

Melvin is the cause of the children's disappearances. Him and that damned harp. I don't know how or why but only BAD children can hear it when it is played, drawing them in like lambs to the slaughter. How do i know this you ask? Well. i have seen it with my own eyes. By a terrible twist of fate i lost my baby sister, Darcy, to this mad man after she maliciously killed the neighbors wolf puppy because he accidentally nipped her.

I always wondered why Melvin was always gone for long periods of time and where he went. He is my grandfather after all. I loved him dearly and missed him terribly when he was gone. I finally gathered up the courage to follow him, so I made my plan. I packed my belt and bag, after visiting Skinflint for my supplies. I even bought a few item from Grandfather so that he would not suspect anything. From there I put my plan into action with the help of a few Wraith Spheres.

He set for home at midnight on Halloween night. All was eerily quite as he walked from the winery north through towards Valdian Forest. After about 15 mins of walking he stopped and pulled out a small harp and started to play. An undeniable feeling of dread filled my soul when i realized no noise was coming from it as he played.

As we walked through Tartu, little boys and girls started to come out of their houses, following with a vague look of euphoria on their faces. By the time we finally reached our destination 15 children were following. 9 boys and 6 girls. My heart sank when I recognized one of the girls to be my sister Darcy. A look of pain filled Grandfather's face when he too realized who was within the flock. "Oh Darcy, I am so sorry my little one but what's done is done. There is nothing i can do now. At least i can make sure you remain beautiful and unique."

With that, a flick of the wrist, and a few unintelligible words, Darcy turned into a vial of Dragon Ambrosia. I gasped and fell backwards, tears brimming my eyes. I made a commotion when i fell but i didn't stay to find out if i was discovered. Once i made it home i fell into bed and passed out due to grief and exhaustion.

that was two days ago.

Now i fear for my life because i received a not today. No signature or seal but i knew who it was from by what it said.

"I am sorry Allie, but i cannot let you tell my secret. Therefore it saddens me to tell you i will be coming to see you soon."
Jack and lanterns as bright as they could be
Skeletons as white and black and scary maybe
I don't know if I could go close as I could
Or I could ask an advice if I would

As the moon got brighter and brighter
I would get sicker and sicker as a scarier
Until Halloween is over than Ill be very happy
Or if I'm not than I'll be a very mad maddy

When my friends came down for a visit
Than I'll tell them to be a friendly lisit
Or if a vampire ask for my friend
Than I'll say it will never be an end

And when Halloween comes ill won't be ready
For trick or treating to get any candy for gready
Or maybe just maybe won't have a good time
Because i think Ill won't be back until nine.

The Children
The street lights flicker in the darkness of the night making it hard to see anything as Laura peers out the window. Laura is babysitting two young boys for a family in the shady part of town. The boys are hyper as ever wanting Laura to play board games and dance to music and she plays along hoping to tire the boys out so she can put them to bed early.
Game after game the boys didn't tire and kept asking, "Can we play some more?" however Laura finally has enough and tries to put them to bed. As she took them to their room the boys relentlessly would object and try to sneak away. Laura sighs as she approaches the bathroom realizing she would have to go through the wasteland of a bedroom to tuck them into bed. She takes one last gasp of air and entered the room. Laura's nose hairs cringe at the awful smell and she is shocked to see piles upon piles of crud on the floor and refuses to walk in past a couple feet. She leaves the room and is happy to finally be alone. Laura grabs a cup of tea and sits on the couch to watch T.V.
After about half an hour she realizes there was not a peep from the boys and decides to go make sure they were not getting into trouble. As she walks past the kitchen "Brrrring" goes the telephone.
Laura picks up the phone to hear nothing so says, "Hello?" She waits a minute then puts the phone down. As Laura is about to step away "brrrrring" the telephone goes off again and her shaking hands slowly pick the phone up.
This time there was heavy breathing and a deep voice quietly repeats "Children, the children, where are the children?" Laura tries to speak but she can't so she hangs up and waits. Standing there the house comes alive, the lights start flickering, floor boards creek and the sound of wind going through the halls.
Before the man can calls again she dials 911, and a lady answers, "How may I help you."
Laura manages to speak however can only stutter the words "Help, a man keeps calling me!"
The lady quietly replies, "Where are you, is there anyone with you?"
Laura replies, "I'm at 1671 Contstolan Drive, I'm babysitting two boys who are sleeping upstairs." Before there is a reply the line is disconnected and a buzzing arises. Her phone in her pocket starts to buzz and the caller ID says unknown and she drops the phone in fear. Laura realizes she can use her cell phone to call the police again and as she dials the number she hears footsteps from behind her. She looks down to see a shadow and turns to face the figure.
Once she sees their face and sighs in relief to see one of the boys.
"Can I grab something to eat, I'm too hungry to sleep right now" the boy complains. Laura grabs some fruit and cuts it up into small pieces and throws it in a bowl. Satisfied by the fruit the boy runs back upstairs leaving Laura alone once again.
She decides to try call the police again and when the lady answers she realizes it is Laura and asks "What happened?"
Laura replies, "The home line was disconnected." The lady asks Laura to hold on a minute while she tracks the calls coming to the house. As Laura waits she hears the house coming more alive with dinging of bells on the front porch from the wind.
"Get out of the house, the calls are coming from inside the house!" the lady yells. Without hesitation Laura makes a break for the door but stops dead in her tracks losing grip on the hardwood floor. She spins and starts running for the kid's bedroom. So many thoughts are running through her head. Fear, confusions, and loneliness make her start to cry as she opens the bedroom door. She stops, she sees a man sitting in a chair at the end of the room, she can't see his face but she is able to see the white of his eyes. What seemed like minutes to Laura was really seconds when the sounds of sirens in the distance broke the silence.
"May I ask you one thing Hun?" the man said as if they have known each other their whole lives, "Why didn't you check on the children?" Filled with anger Laura approached the man screaming.
"What did you do with them?!" Laura yells at the man as she throws punch after punch. After about a minute Laura finally stops and falls back to sit on the floor looking at her blood covered hands. She is confused about why he did not protect himself and looks into the eyes of the man and cried "Why would you do this?"
The man starts to laugh and says "What exactly did I do? I am the one tied to this chair. You are the one with blood all over your hands standing in my house." The man looked at her and said, "Why didn’t you check on the children?"


By the one and only, Ducky
In times gone past there was a tale
of an evil creature in adan.
He'd creep amongst the tavern rooms,
a lonely demon man.

In darkness you would hear them,
his victims, as they screamed;
their blood would run through winery
as the morning sunlight beamed.

But noone ever saw him,
noone ever knew his name,
and nobody could save you
from his deadly demon game.

Until one night a warrior came,
to find this deadly soul,
He slithered in the darkness,
with vengeange as his goal.

He sat amongst the shadows
with the sound of dripping blood,
he listened for the footsteps
on the hollow planks of wood.

His tavern room grew colder
as he heard that feared sound,
and so he drew his sword back
and he struck him to the ground.

His head was bleeding deeply
but the mask was still on tight,
he looked in to the victim,
his eyes, as black as night.

He lifted up the veil,
the horror sinking in,
for this had just been Mindless
going rummaging through the bin.

And then he heard a whisper,
the wind called out his name,
his body began to tremble,
as the deadly demon came.

Though the bravest of them all,
He could never fight the death,
you can't stab through the shadows,
you cannot keep your breath.

So next time you are roaming
through the darkness of Adan,
remember you'll be next in line,
remember the Demon Man.
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