06/04/2014 19:23

Wise sayings competition

Post your wise sayings here. However, these wise sayings must not be wise per se—they need to be "wise-ass" sayings. Eg. We are surrounded by skrags. Good, now we can attack from any direction! Winner gets nothing
28/06/2014 00:56


I need to get rid of some of my accounts how do I do it
28/06/2014 15:41

Bank say Impossible to do transaction.......why?

Never mind...game was glitches ..all fixed
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24/06/2014 19:34


We're not going to get anything to make up for what we've lost? Irish states that an apology and a server fix is compensation, it's not, it doesn't repay us for what we've lost. We lost time, and time on our buffs, and quests, and items...We've lost garu...
26/06/2014 17:14

We need more high level mines

we now have 57 players at 7k prospecting and only 2 silver and 2 rose mines we have 22 at the 16k mark and 5 at the 37k mark
20/06/2014 22:42

Forum Search

Try adding a search button to forums as it would greatly decrease time taken to find certain topics In English : me lazy
 Storm Kat45 
28/06/2014 01:51


I really would love to see a (quack) emote. would be the cutest little duck, just like the cat one. and would be really fun to use in the "you should have (quack)ed, you wouldn't be dead" statements. And cuz i think duckonqwack1 did such a great job on ...
25/06/2014 05:40

The Bank

Hi there everyone im just a bit confused about the bank if anyone can clarify plz i can take a 160real loan out on my account will that ever get reset or does it just keep building and building plz thank u for your time p.s KingCobraUK
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24/06/2014 21:06


I'm not going to harp on about what compensation we get, because I have been through enough of these crashes now and we never get anything. I am also not going to claim I am going to stop playing or stop cashing or any of that stuff, because it's just no...
26/06/2014 15:20

whats new?

please tell me.
 Storm Kat45 
26/06/2014 14:55

Nova Server under going maintenance

I'm glad this message pops up when I try to log in. Is there an estimated time on when I should try again? Are others getting this message?
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25/06/2014 10:29

Conqueror of Abyss?

Can anyone tell me what is going on, when on mobile device, I have a Conqueror of Abyss supposed to be going on first phase from June 24th 12:00 server time and nothing is going on by now? It is supposed to run second phase now, but still, nothing going o...
24/06/2014 14:11

What is going to be done about the clan wars from sever crash

Doesn't seem right to expect anyone to pay for having lost and seems all are out the expense of buffing out and other preps for war
 Lelouch 013 
21/06/2014 06:34

real not added in my account

I killed 100 monsters and got 0.2 reals but it was not added into my account and this happened 3 times
22/06/2014 19:00

sb fights

ok if going to sb fights heres a few reminders no hexes, curses, or BCs be over lvl 25 with blue belt and have fun :P
 Andor Bane34 
22/06/2014 10:41


Can someone please explain parcels to me. I have a Shining Parcel of Stamina I and have tried to use it over and over at great expence and nothing happens it just takes my money now it wants me to pay 1g again. What's up wit that.
20/06/2014 04:35

Group combat query

How Is group combat initiated during instances? I tried with a group at Skragg Caves , but we couldn't get together to fight.
16/06/2014 07:44

Double Reals Day - Promotional..........

Making the double reals promotional is another stupid update....and everyone agrees, it's not an opinion, it's a fact.. It was so much better when it was for everyone....or atleast make the update BEARABLE by labeling when someone is going to get double r...
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16/06/2014 16:04

Cant get rid of a quest

I got a prospectors quest I cant get rid of, seems that when I started this char, I did mining and got the quest, now Im a farmer and cant delete the thing, any help appreciated
10/06/2014 02:40


Rather stupid in my opinion. 1st you limit the amount of reals that can be donated to clan and then you make it so that people can exchange gold and reals with no limits. Seriously?! Seems kind of backwards to me since now people can just bypass the che...
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