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17/02/2016 10:26

Getting Attacked repeatedly

I keep getting attacked by a particular player who calls me "Kish" and "B L U" I dont know what this player wants or needs, or why they continue to attack me. Any suggestions would be nice
 Zalex Jr51 
21/02/2016 13:26

something I wrote up! fire crystal rose

I wrote this for V day but did not get it done till this week and still need to do some proof reading and such for it but enjoy the story! comments liked to be had!!! Fire crystal rose Kora was unfortunate in his birth. Wingless and without a body of a ...
 Zalex Jr51 
22/02/2016 22:32

story time...

I was asked to share a story I wrote some time ago.I wrote this and won a contest this site hosted “Nooo!” you lowered your head after your scream of rage. You mate was dead. You were too late. The battle was clear. She was asleep when the raiding party...
 Clara Korn70 
22/02/2016 17:59

Delete plz

edit: changed my mind on this post delete plz
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22/02/2016 06:44

Dedaire Iron Ring

This feature of the game has been here a while for us at or above level 50. I've been curious for a while if there is some sort of extra benefit to building our mechanoids as buffed up as possible? What of the Guldens we earn that pile up once we no long...
20/02/2016 20:23

Question about buying reals.

So, my question is what currency am I buying reals with? I've been told it's my currency, but when I bought 100 reals last weekend I noticed that I was charged $150 for them, why is that?
 Storm Kat70 
05/07/2015 20:20

Another round of Vaalors switching to the Sadar side

Good luck to those that have already switched. I hope you find what you were looking for. For those of you that are on the fence, Please consider saving your reals, and explain to me why you would bother switching without giving the other vaalor clans...
 B L U21 
20/02/2016 02:26

A gift that lets you send money!

Someone in main chat asked if there was a way to just give people money and you can't just trade somebody free money that'd be illegal.So can there be a gift that lets you give reals or gold.I know it could be abused and someone will you someone 400reals ...
20/01/2016 18:45

Suggestions for Women only gear

Ok so if we females in game have to wear lingerie , I suggest we have gear just for women That has lingerie damage The Corset of Twotattas = does extra distraction damage Stilettos of Ironcalf = adds +2 stamina The Crystalthong = does binding damage -2 ...
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18/02/2016 10:36

Coal + Quartz not showing

Got me coal and quartz from pond and grand...then went to bridges and collected the one mine I had in bridges and all was well...till I checked backpack no coal and only 116 quartz
18/02/2016 17:32

challenging galad-dir

Can this quest be accomplished well after the level it was suppose to be completed on
14/02/2016 03:15

Draggy Magic

Shouldmt draggys have there own magic to dot bosses wit comment pls
29/01/2016 19:11

Daily Bonus

I am logging in everyday but receiving same 5 silver bonus all the time... Is there a bug?
14/12/2014 13:38

Rebirth at lvl 90

Will you keep everything what's in your backpack? Will you still be able to earn valor and heroism even when you're capped for that lvl? What happens to mount that are of a to high lvl?....
04/02/2016 19:52

A wondrous lock

A lvl 38 entry quest..has anyone the combo for the moon lock ? been at it since yesterday and just cant find the right, plz !
28/01/2016 18:38

Invincible Warrior!

Starts at 20:30 today and we need 20 people level 61-70... join queue and let's get that awesome battleground going again!
Tamina XD10 
09/02/2016 20:14

GIFT:Gardian Wargler Puppy what does it do?

What does it do? Is it like a pet? can you actually use it in battle? Or is it just a Colectors item Thx
06/02/2016 17:59


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 Lady Raya.39 
05/02/2016 21:20

Level 23 Nephilim quest

In the library it says you have to:• Provide 7 killing blows on Seven Bridges of Shadan. • Obtain 3 Scrolls of Elemental Weakness II Bane. • Participate in Seven Bridges of Shadan while under effect of Cover of Greatness and Reflection. • Earn 3000 Conque...
04/02/2016 20:31


Where do I find the underground tunnels that the skrags dig to find relics?
more about event