23/12/2014 15:52

Not the right emoticon

When you click on the new "hike" it gives you the old one.
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 Sparta Wolf33 
23/12/2014 03:06

New hairstyles

Will this game will ever update on different hairstyles
14/12/2014 13:38

Rebirth at lvl 90

Will you keep everything what's in your backpack? Will you still be able to earn valor and heroism even when you're capped for that lvl? What happens to mount that are of a to high lvl?....
09/12/2014 16:24

Clan Wars

IMO the penalty for losers in clan wars is too high , reducing the penalty would encourage more clan wars, game interaction etc etc. Just seeing what feedback is out there from u guys/gals
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21/12/2014 19:26

Just to make this clear

I've been hearing that lies are told about me, I have no interest in knowing any more... BUT let me get this clear: HF helped me get better but they also bc'd tons of my friends out of the game, a lot of them quit because of HF and yes last month (I think...
21/12/2014 02:58

switching side

how to change the side?
21/12/2014 16:34

help-unloading items from the belt

Hello! Can you please help me determining how to unload items from my belt so I can put something new to complete my task? Thank you!
12/12/2014 07:42

Describe anybody u want

Lol I wanna see what happens if u describe ur friends and enemies alike...max 3 words
20/12/2014 18:23

Want more Wars and Heroism???!! What about day of War!

Vaalor v Sadar for a whole day. Both sides get heroism but winning faction gets more plus treats. Any thoughts. And by the way Merry Xmas to you all
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17/12/2014 14:22

Clarifying "player" rules

Just to make sure I have all these down and feel free to add some I may have missed. - at level 16 you get a dragon companion (which by level 30 or so you cannot use in PvP) -you do a chain of quests, build up rep and acquire difficult to get collectio...
19/12/2014 22:00


Okay so I just leveled up and it told me I get 30 silver currency. But my player info thing shows me having only 7, and I desperately need new weapons. Am I missing something? Plz help
19/12/2014 18:15

No fun

Battles are crap in this game. No players online do have some fun, no need to play online if its like this. Seriously, no wonder there so less people playing if the battle sys is just boring and for all quests you have to kill 100 monsters. Like in old ...
 Storm Kat60 
10/12/2014 18:20

DoT Boss and Wars

There must be a better way to do this. Having Wars start at the exact same time the Duel of Truth boss fight starts.... This is very frustrating to all clans. Would it be possible to consider starting wars 1 hour later? Or starting DoT 1 hour earlier? ...
18/12/2014 08:30

Quest The Dedaire Squibs nog working

hi there, Anyone else beving problemen with quest The Dedaire Squibs? The shop doesnt let me buy the items needed. The panel shows bit nothing happend after pressing the buy button.
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17/12/2014 21:27


What happened to the christmas cuirass's? Instead, reward is an ice rod, not really worth grinding for 1000 decorations.
 Storm Kat60 
17/12/2014 20:03

Maze of Eternity THANK YOU!

The new times are a great change! Got 9, yes 9!, people in together today, killed an elite, got some sorcerer arks, killed random beasts, and since DoT started, we only used 1 key now and I will be able to go again at 0:00 with my other key! Thank You S...
27/11/2014 03:16

Curiosity strikes again

These questions relate to the day DE was made. 1.) Did anyone get silenced the day DE opened? 2.) Who got the most silences? 3.) Who got the most time in silences? 4.) Who has the most alts? 5.) How much reals does Ihit have? 6.) How much gold does Ihit ...
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11/12/2014 19:49

A letter to DE (part 2)

Admin... I know many of us players give you a lot of flack, and I’m sure that you often feel like you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. This frustration on both sides has been bubbling for quite some time. You’ve often been accused of no...
15/12/2014 04:32


Tomorrow - Monday 05:30 Server Time. NEED 18 people!! 3g to queue BRACKET 49-57 -- It's super fun I hear, and has awesome rewards. Rewards: • Experience • Valor • Heroism (for players who earn at least 2000 points) • Casket of Crimson Steward (for playe...
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15/12/2014 16:50


How do I add more useable space in my tavern ? There is 3 times as much space available which I can't access..
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