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26/06/2015 21:38

Send Admin FeedBack To Create Lighting & Death Characters

I think game Designers should create a Lightning Character to go with the lighning Dragon,it would maybe mean more money for them & give us more choices.i know you can pick a lighning dragon but most players chose the Class dragon.i told a friend who agre...
31/03/2015 08:54

GI Play Feedback

As you know we've recently launched GI Play client that is currently is available for both Windows and ...
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19/06/2015 00:29

Clan War date and time.

Which is it? On news post it says : "• The Clan Wars shall start each Tuesday at 22:00 and each Saturday at 18:00." But on clan tab it says Wednesday at 21:00 Server time and Saturday at 16:00 server time..... Screenshot in gallery
09/06/2015 08:53

Joining fights and drawing them out longer.

So by demand of some players I'd like to hear thoughts of most players. What do you think of these tactics? Legit or do you think it's simply cheap griefing. Discuss and keep it civil and no name calling please.
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22/06/2015 20:37


hi can somebody tell me how to share the link of this game on facebook. need to to that to complete the quest. many thanks
 Zalex Jr50 
20/06/2015 20:05

war results links

just add dragoneternity. com/ in front of links and take out the space after game sw v fallen game /event.php?id=55844a91-eb9e-0202-079c-88f990c09431 9 v nn game /event.php?id=55844a91-e372-0105-554b-7639dc69487b vs v drac game /event.php?id=55844a91-...
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22/06/2015 02:50

Sea wolves

I would like to join the sea wolves
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22/06/2015 03:25

lost the quest for skrag caves

just wondering how i would go about getting it back
Auron FFX12 
21/06/2015 08:35

Fast way to get gold

Anyone know a quick way to get gold? I would like to upgrade some stuff but need lots of gold to do so. Are there certain baddies that drop more cash than others?
 Zalex Jr50 
17/06/2015 19:02

skipping nymph quests

I would love to be able to pay 5r just so I can skip the need to get 3 sb wins. I do not sb often and when I do I do not win (sense option to switch factions been instated my W/L is 2/68. Yes, I keep track!) and in total I have made 5 kills so I will need...
18/06/2015 07:58

New prices on prof collection items and other new rules

Dear Ihit, could you please comment on new prices for collection items, I have few questions: 1) how long will be 5 time decease of prices in reals? 2) what is the goal besides to force people spend reals? Not sure that a lot of people (really playing for...
10/06/2015 02:24

Confirm please? Clan wars the 15th?

According to mobile customers, it's being advertised as coming back the 15th, with a declare on the 13th. Can this be confirmed or denied by admin?
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12/06/2015 07:22

is it possible?

I just jumped into this game and I am really digging some of the mechanics and game design. However before I go any deeper I have some concerns and questions for the community. Is it possible to really play this game with a minimum or moderate amount of ...
24/04/2015 09:06

Clan Wars: Discussion

Warriors! We are currently working on brand new clan wars which many of you are waiting for eagerly. We want to make these new changes so that event would be interesting and fair to everyone. Few words on how we're expecting the new clan wars to look. Ma...
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20/05/2015 03:23

sparks, sparks everywhere

The infamous MTDill has now expanded his farming capabilities to sparks as well as essence. Everything from inceptions to reasons, he farms it all. I really dont know how he does it, but I am in utter amazement. See Dill for all your spark and essence ...
13/06/2015 11:03


I was randomly attacked by a wraith what the heck was this about? Is it and anti-idleing feature or something?
11/06/2015 10:59

Group loot box.

I think that when your getting a drop in a group, like blue jewellery, it shouldn't just be one piece, but a Loot Chest....Loot chest could include - Jewllery - Gear - Food/Balm - Reals But don't make it so you get it every time, the same odds of gettin...
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 Major Ursa38 
11/06/2015 01:28

Medal of permanence question

does the level 2 medal have a shorter life than the level 1 medal? I got level two trial after the 2:30 local seven bridges. I saved it for after the swarm. At 8:07 there was no medal in my inventory. I'm did not use it or drop it. The only thing I di...
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09/06/2015 10:42

Ruler of fates

Is there no one to get ruler of fates other then paying reals?
07/06/2015 13:06

DOT Rewards (9-15)

I just wanna know first ..if the rewards given in Dot match between Meldina the witch & Advisor korf (9-15) are random coz if they r m cool with it but if they r damage or kill based...why some1 from my faction(VAALOR) with damage 2k lower than me and sam...
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