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30/08/2015 04:43

hhhmmm Not quite sure if this is the right place to post this, but...... This Adriano_ person keeps showing up in SB. He logged off right before the boarding phase in this one, as he se...
18/08/2015 20:17


Today I celebrate 2 years of being in Hellfire continuously and it got me wondering who has been in a clan longer? Note I said continuously; it doesn't count if you sneaked out for 5 minutes to bc someone (or get bc'd)
23/09/2014 20:49

Signs you play too much DE...

Have had a few moments in the recent past that made me think... maybe I play DE too much... thought I'd post a few here and see if anyone else had others. Some of these are real but most are just silliness. 1. You catch yourself including DE style emoji...
21/07/2015 05:25

The dragonblade ban has been temporarily lifted!!!

She has been on her best behavior for over a week.....well with a few slip ups here and there. Luckily the pony grew all her hair back after the shaving So for now, I am suggesting we lift the sugar ban from dragonblade. BUT.....if she starts running ...
19/08/2015 19:42

Novi the awesome Crafter

While you can please come get these items for the lowest price possible from Novi the awesome crafter Heavy Suppression mark II, Heavy Air Reflection Mark II, Heavy Chaos Reflection mark, Heavy mark of Stamina, Heavy mark of Steel Shield, and Heavy Air R...
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23/08/2015 03:15

help a newbie

Just started playing and I can't get past the point of putting something in my belt. What am I doing wrong? It keeps saying I don't have enough space.
23/08/2015 00:32

Dass an open forum for my kids you like to talk about in PMs

Instead of talking about my kids in pms would you like to talk about them here?
 Storm Kat64 
18/02/2015 20:05

PvP should award both players

Ok, to be clear before I start a quick rant - I do not blame the players for this..... but when I get bc'd, why do I not get Valor? It is PvP after all. And, when attacked in Maze of Eternity - again no valor!? This is a new PvP area, why are all the ...
 Storm Kat69 
03/05/2015 23:16

Valor Please

Ihit, Please, give us valor for this: We had no chance to win (probably no chance to win), but we fight so hard and try. Please reward us with more than just gear damage?
 Storm Kat65 
06/03/2015 20:05

We Deserve Valor for this fight

Ihit, please tell us what does or doesn't get us valor in fights? We definitely earned it in this one, even though we lost (not a chance with the 2 that were there + a cursed). I am even wearing Gift from Elder Dragons but got 0.
 Storm Kat69 
25/04/2015 07:26

Still no valor for fighting back

We all agree that this needs to be changed, so can we please either get it changed or explain why it won't be? We fight back as best we can when attacked. It's better for both sides when we do. Please reward us for our efforts!
21/08/2015 04:31

Make lost BC fights give Valor

Why not? If you're going to get BC'ed during HOP/Garuug you may as well put up a good fight as Garuug is gone anyway, you SHOULD get Valor! All other lost pvp fights get it? Why not BC's? Maybe like 1/2 of valor you would have gotton for damage if you wo...
08/08/2015 22:40

Ruthless Fury

Can we revert all changes that have been made to ruthless fury? Once again DE has ruined a perfectly amazing event! I used to enjoy this but now it is impossible as i can drop 8k damage in aoh but my team loses. No progress made for the quest, its now b...
20/08/2015 20:17

Rod of past quest

Anybody solved the combination?
20/08/2015 16:32

Server Surv

Wheres it gone lol, only noticed now
19/08/2015 02:30

Help! How to fight with a friend?

Hello, me and my boyfriend are trying to fight together, but we can't figure out how? Thanks for help!
03/05/2015 05:54

A Simple Request

It's not my intent to point fingers or lay blame, I've been guilty myself (I apologize here and now to anyone I may have offended), and this proposal has absolutely nothing to do with factions or clans but everything to do with us the players. As a side ...
 Auron FFX17 
16/08/2015 04:57

GUIDE How to access clan chat

Hey all I thought I'd make a guide on how to access Clan chat. (Please move this is this is the wrong place for guides.) What you want to do first is create a new chat tab by clicking the + icon located next to the chat tabs Now you should have four t...
31/07/2015 21:15


There was once this little boy named Shade, he was born pretty thick, a normal baby is about 3-10 pounds, but Shade was born at 26 pounds. He grew up eating twinkies & kit kats like nothing. At the age of 10, he was 180 pounds, thats pretty fat, no offen...
13/08/2015 08:43

Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Todayyyyyy!!!

Well, today, is my birthday And also.... It's chubsters birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish the lil leane a happy birthday Happy happy birthday, today's your special day, I'll get you a cake, and you'll blow the flame away. Now where's my beer? Edit: Super chu...
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