05/12/2013 03:49

The Highs and Lows of Dragon Eternity

The High: Buying your Blue belt. The Low: Watching it break. The High: Getting 1st place in TOH The Low: You realize you spent 10g on pots and buffs and you broke your cuirass, gloves...and blue belt. The High: Getting your badass statue in the colosseu...
01/04/2014 18:55

Vortex of Lost Souls

I really want to do one. At least once just experience it. My level bracket is 39-48. We need 18-27 people to go in order to do it. I am willing to pay the 3g for people that want to do it. My only stipulation is that if the vortex does not happen please ...
06/04/2014 19:23

Wise sayings competition

Post your wise sayings here. However, these wise sayings must not be wise per se—they need to be "wise-ass" sayings. Eg. We are surrounded by skrags. Good, now we can attack from any direction! Winner gets nothing
05/04/2014 02:10


I swear all councils needs two icons..... one banging their head on a table, and another looking at a watch
05/04/2014 18:08

Clan Reputation

dragoneternity.com/clans_about/clan_reputation/ says rather clearly "Clan Reputation reflects the Clan's performance in Clan Wars and conquering the Roaming Archipelago." 1. Clan Wars. Winners of a Clan War receive Clan Reputation if their level doesn'...
06/04/2014 11:17

can't loggin

wtf, wanna play this game, but can't loggin, this is frustrating, have seen enough, quit this shit
06/04/2014 03:22

stupid F ing server shutting us out!!!!!!!

ONce again, server overloads an logs me out!!! During dot- 13 bombs- and dead as a doornail when i finalllllllllllly get logged back in? i have a superfast connection and new computer- Fix your servers DE, for cryin out loud- for those of us who buy reals...
06/04/2014 00:51


Why can't I get into bank?
05/04/2014 23:09

Server Time

It supposed to be GMT: 0?? IT needs to be an hour ahead
05/04/2014 17:53

A poem about my clan, Ancient Specters

Deep into the forest, and far beyond the mountains, Lay the 40 undead spirits, ready to fight. Awakened since the dawn of time, never stopping to rest, They draw their swords and charge, for it is their right. *whips out guitar, starts playing it while s...
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12/12/2013 03:23

Name Origins

What were you thinking when you named your character? What did you name it after? Post here and tell us all (because a lot of you have weird names and I wanna know what's up :P but mostly cause this post is a fun post!
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03/04/2014 20:19


Does anyone understand what the deal is with arrows? I bought 50 simple arrow of exhausted spirit from AH 2 days ago, used them up, and haven't been able to buy any more since. Is there some kind of time limit in the AH as to how often you can buy them?...
04/04/2014 10:35

There is no spoon...

This post was sent front matrix...
29/03/2014 20:40

The Lost Tomb lv 25 quest. Is non existent. .

Hello I can't complete the lv 25 quest the lost tomb as itbdose exist I am on android Samsung Galaxy S3 also your forums are hardly compatible with android hencebwhybmy sentencesblook like this I cannot edit them
01/04/2014 04:04


His birthday is today, April 1, HAPPY B-DAY TENDO Even if he is a little dumb nub Make sure you say happy b-day to him or announce it here in the comments!!
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03/04/2014 08:14

army reinforcements

alright so im trying to do the "Army Reinforcements" quest but every time i try it says "There is a different social network site assigned to this game account, or a different game account assigned to the social network account" anyway i could ummm get th...
02/04/2014 22:55


i suggest this game should have ability for your character while your in combat pvp i know levl 22-70 can now use arrows but i suggest this game should have more abilities for your toon thatll make you do more damage just like draggys can have abilities o...
02/04/2014 02:08

switching between belts in a battleground? Good advice for witchers?

Is this possible on a phone? If so, how? Because I know I have seen people use more than five potions. Also any advice for witchers? Thanks in advance.
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 The Wolf6923 
01/04/2014 19:35

Skrag Caves

If any level 21-24 would like to do skrag caves, post name and time you will be on to do it.
28/03/2014 18:26

Sea Battles

A sore point for a long time in sea battles have been lower levels doing it and then being easy kills, getting the message, getting banned, getting bced, etc. Ending up not wanting to do it. A long time ago there were people trying to set up ways to manag...
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