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08/12/2015 16:03

Holiday Specials??

Just curious if DE will be offering any REAL specials towards the end of the year or during the holidays?? I recall one earlier this year which was a 1.5/1 deal on REALS. Or, another discount on armor, weapons, etc. Thanks!!
11/12/2015 22:47

Bots for AoH and 7B ??

There are many times when there are just not enough people online to do arenas to go after the medallions. Or, even worse, you start the medallion quest and end up waiting in queue for hours and ultimately lose out on gaining the 2nd or 3rd medallion. S...
13/12/2015 13:55

Have you been naughty or nice?

I hope I would be on the nice list But who would you definitely put on a naughty list to have a bag full of coal? And who deserve to be on nice list? Just for the fun:)
 Dragon Fire.46 
03/12/2015 19:59

ROA new batle

I congratulate all of us a new kind of fights I want to ask the Administration, we will both s what server or distribution levels will be 22-70? I would like to make it on the GROUP levels
05/12/2015 16:11

change dragon

how can I change the dragon class? can it be done?
 Storm Kat70 
03/12/2015 23:41

Any links for the new battlegrounds fights

If anyone has done the new battleground and has links, I would love to see them. Will be queueing up as soon as possible, but the 3 times a day will really take some planning to get the timing right. Thank you Admin for bringing something new into the ...
03/12/2015 09:21

elite marks drop

Hi Ihit, Whats the rate of elite mobs dropping marks? Did that change recently ( last 6 months )? I did hundreds of elites of my level and only a single green mark. Blue marks still drop on elites? When I was level ~40, they dropped about once in 10-15 ...
03/12/2015 20:39

Asking for help

This is Swey / Weyah if some of you didn't know already lol and I am asking for help I was in hospital for 3 months and I am back now and need your help, especially, if possible, from all my old friends out there Since starting this game back in the beta...
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03/12/2015 17:33

Beta Testing new Arena's Ruins of Ancient Capital

I would make a suggestion that during beta testing you not allow bc/hex...and as for your breaking it into brackets, quit bracket should have been under 50 at the least and all I fought was lvl 70's
 GH0ST Knight45 
02/12/2015 21:57

Duel of Truth - Wednesday, Dec 2nd @ 21:00

I missed the link to our stats for the Duel of Truth event - level 44-51 bracket. The link was lost due to all the rewards scrolling down the screen. Can you please send us a copy of the link? Thanks.
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23/11/2015 22:11


Quest- use the eye of the air drgon to obtain blah blah blah. The quest immediately take me to the shop to buy blah blah blah. Please, where to get eye of the air Dragon ? so I can go collect the blah blah blah. Ty. An ingame search didn't help,
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19/11/2015 20:33

This game

I sit in queues all day without anything happening, my bracket rarely has arenas firing...even during the weekends. New stuff doesn't fire either, look at IW/Vortex. So I am it just my bracket that seems to have gotten boring or does anyone...
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20/11/2015 07:44

I got Canvas Belt by monster loot

Hello there, i am first time get canvas belt because that will be sell or use it to make to powerful(only level 16-21). How many of you got canvas belt?
25/11/2015 11:35

Master chef of DE! Holiday special :)

Here come the holiday season....I'm sure many of us spend lots of time cooking and bake. Let's hear and share our recipe or idea on you holiday dish cheesecake alway make it to the table...I will come up with something else this time
26/11/2015 13:02

Blessings to all !

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! Many blessings to all today !
13/11/2015 02:22

One of the stupidest things I have heard in a Duel of Truth

apparently some people in the level bracket 22 - 28 don't want any valor during a D.O.T. because they are bc and hexing people who do not have a mount yet. so they won't get valor for everyone leaving the event, so no valor during a no gear damage lots of...
22/10/2015 05:12

rf. Aka. Rat fick.

Who but the likes of a player like rf and trongster play so dirty? I can't tell you how many times this guy joins into my battles while fighting an elite. Guess he is too much a puss to fight me straight up. Hey rf, won't be long and I'll be close en...
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11/11/2015 05:26


Looking for a group that can do maze Tuesdays or Wednesdays. PM me or post here if interested.
01/11/2015 09:54

Friends list limit

Can we please get rid of this? Some of us have been here going on 4 years, if you expect us to only know 50 people you're nuts. It would be nice to have the limit removed. I see no reason why there should be a limit anyway.
06/11/2015 20:27

Recurring Gladiator Quest Completion

I have completed the quest "Death Bringer" but cannot receive reward. I have cleared cache and tried again to no avail. I have a screen shot uploaded to my profile, if required showing quest completion and Master Davian's lack of co-operation. Please help...
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