13/10/2014 14:25

My two cents on Bullying...

I'm writing this thread because I've read a lot of post and comments on this subject lately and I lost a good friend from the game due to it. Does Bullying exist on here? Absolutely. Is this a war game? Absolutely. Do we all play this game for the same re...
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13/10/2014 18:42

I am sick and tired of this all

To all of you I am talking to, and you know who you are, you need to know I'm tired of talking about it. We need to move beyond talking and into the discussing phase. Barring that, we need to converse. If all else fails build a discourse in order to co...
 Storm Kat55 
13/10/2014 19:32

Level 52-61 needed for Invincible Warrior this week

Lets get a few more nephs in the game Boys and Girls. Sign up for Invincible Warrior this Thursday October 17th. I will be there I'll be bugging you all in game, and harassing main a few hours before the event to remind everyone. Get in queue, unless ...
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13/10/2014 15:47

Vortex anyone?

Pretty please? lol My offer to provide the gold for it still stands. I know there are 18-27 lvl 39-48 out there. It is different from every other battleground available. For more info ask me or go to Post ...
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13/10/2014 21:43

I have manflu

Everyone else is whining I wanted to join in Someone bring me medicine and cupcakes. Kthxbye.
12/10/2014 20:31

Shaab is coming!

I like this event. Time to become a defiler :D
12/10/2014 21:29

Me and my memories

Taking it away from just 9th legion focus right now and broadening it to the whole game: Anyone remember the times of vaalor being the top dog? For me I remember it, 9th when the russians still had it, 8th legion (yes there was an 8th legion), IL and SW r...
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 Storm Kat55 
12/10/2014 09:21

Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Canadians

May your beers be cold, your hockey be violent, and your turkey be ready on time! I am thankful for my parents and sister. - Without you, being a single mom would be a nearly impossible task. I am thankful for my stupidly easy job that lets me play DE ...
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11/10/2014 10:12


Hy all.. i'm from indonesia
 Storm Kat55 
10/10/2014 07:47

Requested Emotes

I can't find the older posts to bump, and think we need another Emotes thread. I want: (clover) 4-leaf clover for luck (hike) (music) music notes! so many of us girls would use that, often! (quack) for a duck (woof) for a dog (ship) for when we are ...
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12/10/2014 20:54

Silence Reasons

My silence was justified but would ya give a proper reason lmao 20:52 Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you for 5 min. Reason: group in main
07/10/2014 21:19

Clans being robbed

So, I hear that since our clan robbery a few months ago RP and now Underworld have been robbed. Unless you make a change Ihit and completely ban these scumbags from the game forever, they will continue to do this. What right do these deadbeats have to ...
10/10/2014 22:43

Bullies Win - Moderators Lose

As you may be aware HF and 9th are having one of their set-tos unfortunately Dass Dass decided to target AS as well. I dont appreciate being bc-ed for those reasons as it is bullying as the intention was to make myself and other clan members leave AS. So ...
05/10/2014 06:39

team making system

you should have a better way of making teams for arena then by lvl.... there are rarely any even fight almost always one sided.... sometimes u end with 6 pots left cause ur on a stacked team... and other times its the whole other team vs you because that ...
09/10/2014 14:29

A new birthday...

Happy birthday Dunkel! I told u I was making a forum and I hold to my word ^.^ eats plenty of cake my friend and have a great day.
09/10/2014 03:18

Good Time Page

Page for jokes, funny quotes, poetry slam, whatever. Have some fun with it. I'll start with a quote: "A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's: She changes it more often." -Oliver Herford And some poetry. I'm not used to writing poetry so bear with me if...
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08/10/2014 13:52


hi, whats new ? or update just server rebooting :D
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08/10/2014 13:06


thanks for warning!
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03/12/2013 05:32

Happy b-d Asariel!

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24/04/2014 05:55

Nephilim Quest Guide
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