19/07/2014 23:39

whose alt

man whose alt is that?
17/07/2014 04:00

How can I increase my inventary weight?

I almost can't go any where! I have never get any game which has so low inventary weight!
21/07/2014 03:32

Weapons you can upgrade?

I know the high level green armour can be upgradable with zikkar and purple gear can be upgradable also. My question is if we have a way to upgrade blue weapons. I am about to achieve the rank of legionnaire and I am looking at the blue masters of fate ...
18/07/2014 06:31


I would like to formally thank an awesome player Novinah is a good soul I had some gear break and was desperate She helped me and I just wanted to say that in this world of selfish people it was so awesome for someone to lend a hand Kindness is so rare th...
22/07/2014 19:13

enjoying the game

Awsome stuff love it
22/07/2014 17:58


This is crazy, the barbs control 90% of mining sites all day long. At least make it so they give them up sometime.
20/07/2014 21:24

Finding the wine key

Can anyone tell me how
20/07/2014 20:08


since when did we get 1hour and 20 mins pirates?
29/06/2014 23:00

If I had Ihit's powers

An exercise in imagination
16/07/2014 20:42

Conquerer of Abyss

The mini-shaab event, any idea when it is? I need my last 236repu!
09/07/2014 11:30

Ways to build gold at low lvl?

While I am not ruling out spending on the game in the future,,I am really enjoying it.Is there a good way to raise gold in the lower lvls? I have just hit 11,and need to spend gold I don't have on essences etc. for dragon and spectral trace..and i'll be a...
03/07/2014 22:07

Why would we have a crazy mob attack mines give it all the benefits of being a player char with better health and strength

no other profession has to deal with this why pick on the hardest one
15/07/2014 01:01

switching empires while you are married

Does it automatically divorce when you switch to different side ?
 Storm Kat47 
15/07/2014 01:44

Double Reals

Has Anyone seen double reals quest in the last month or so? I'm curious. Waiting patiently for my 'random' turn at it, but haven't seen in a long while. Is it still out there somewhere?
13/07/2014 08:03

Instances "wait" time

I have reached my limit for instances, please wait, it says, when I am trying to get back to my group for the 2nd part of the Shaab event "Heat of Blight Tome". Now, considering I had to do the first part 4 times just to get enough people with the right c...
11/07/2014 09:40

rings and other jewelry.

and for jewelry the administration plans to do what strengthening quarrystone? with English at me a problem. I write through the translator. so don't carp please.
 Sparta Wolf30 
10/07/2014 17:47

Blood Crystals

can the drops of them can be more then getting 2-4 crystals a fight when you fight elites cuz every elite fight i do with others always get 2-4 sometimes ill get 5-7 for doin alot of damage.
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 Storm Kat47 
10/07/2014 21:42

Heroism before level 22

From Library: Heroism, available at level 22, is a Characteristic that shows how successful a player is in Clan Battles and Sea Battles . Only the winning team earns Heroism. Players of higher levels receive more Heroism than their lower-level teammates....
 Storm Kat47 
11/07/2014 07:23

Shaab event description

In the event description: 750 of any of the following Essences: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Chaos or Order must be sacrificed on the Ciklotor in order to complete the secondary objective. Seems Death Essences also work. Can you please update the descriptio...
09/07/2014 08:43

breath of abyss finished early NOT HAPPY

why did this event finish early, needed 6 more essence of shaab and it ended early really not happy, as was about to get , plus allow us the time stated in quest
more about event