05/12/2014 14:19

The Holy Grail *** Does it exist, have you seen it? ***

Has anyone ever seen the following: Blades for Blighters Axe My search has been going on for months and I kinda recall seeing one about 9 months ago but not 100%......... Has anyone every seen or had this drop??? Also feel free to post you missing it...
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28/01/2015 17:15

No longer receiving hero of the empire quests

Ever since I reached level 22 and changed brackets, I no longer receive the hero of the empire quests. I can go kill the monsters for the quest and receive the 2 hero of the empire points, but I don't receive any insignia's for it and so can't collect the...
30/01/2015 02:38

People have so many alts, ihit please clarify what their main (top character) can and can not do.

There are many areas main character is giving their alts advantage either by threats or the like but I just want to talk about one area, the mining area. The main reason why barbarian 70-90 is introduce is to encourage people to level up and become as po...
01/02/2015 22:02

Google-Play Gift Cards

Are you able to purchase reals using these?
30/01/2015 12:23


i was just struck with the spell of silence for fifteen min..for no reason!! How is that even possible?! It said flood/spam...and I didn't say ANYTHING in main, only pms but I hardly said ANYTHING!
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28/01/2015 22:30

Sydian from AER to Nova

Ihit or anyone, We were told to bring all sydian in from the Arch so it would transfer. I kept mine in my bag on me, and it didn't transfer from what I see. Is there a way we can get this back at all? I know a few of us have screen shots of it prio...
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 Adam Collins44 
29/01/2015 03:17

Some AER transfers got things others not?

wondering about this dragon stellar give away, some people got 11-12, others none (both my names got 0) wondering why this is. and wondering who got the most.
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 Storm Kat63 
28/01/2015 20:56


Is he coming? Lots of us with Charms of Durability that need a new timer. Bring Melvin as planned.
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 Major Ursa35 
28/01/2015 14:32

AER Transfer Question

Good Morning. I apologize if this shows up twice. But its been over 45 minutes since I tried to ask my questions the first time and the post has not shown up yet. First, how do we find out about name changes. This character now has a period at the end...
28/01/2015 21:33

Duel tactics.

Sadar today was different . the duel more I'm not a foot . who taught you to poison the boss? first of all kill the top contenders . so they did not have time to throw their bombs .
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 Zalex Jr48 
23/01/2015 19:45

final boss shab boss quest

I did 15k on the final boss on the shab event and I could not be on to get the quest due to both work and exaustion... (which ended up me being in the hospital for days!!!) I do not know if I got credit for the boss quest or not
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28/01/2015 08:46

proposal .

can the administration of the game to make another chat ? where could all talk in the language which you want . moderator unneeded . not like im not uncover . pure chat for the brawler
28/01/2015 12:46


Will the merge mess up the rating again? Like it did with Luna
28/01/2015 09:08

early maintainance?

Ihit, why did the maintainance started 1 hour early? you said 10:00 server time. I wasnt prepared yet and now my crops will rot
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20/01/2015 21:53


If you go to the barbershop and change your hair to say a 2 Real haircut, then you change it, will you have to pay again to change it back.?
22/01/2015 17:51

Sorry for misunderstanding

I have gotten a few anonymous gifts that say not so nice things about me telling every one that i am leaving game and then joining a new clan. I do not air my real life or game issues within this game. I was very much going to leave game BUT had some fri...
 Storm Kat62 
17/01/2015 03:11


Thanks for the new emote. Is it here to stay?
26/01/2015 02:22

And another one down, another one down another one bites the dust.

Goodbye Demon Fury. fun while you lasted.
24/01/2015 16:34

New cap

I see russians got it now, any estimated time on when we get it? And did they get rebirth-feature too?
20/01/2015 22:56

How can I use the omnimach's chroniced

Hi, I have bought omnimach's chroniced in shop of Adan but I can't use it. Anyone can tell me how to use it. Ty
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