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 Storm Kat70 
20/07/2015 16:14

Tendo Pain wishes to be called Tendo Bear

And he thinks he can kill all zerks. Anyone else feel like proving him wrong? 16:06 TENDO_PAIN » Storm Kat: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeah! (instrumental, nice pace metal beat) (normal screams) i'll try annoying storm kat just becuz i'm bored, feeling just lik...
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21/07/2015 01:14

Last Adan Boss fight

Could the defilers please make sure for next time that this is a fight they have to loose so everyone including them can finish the quest. Twice now we nearly lost and that would be a redo which most do not want. You would have thought we learned our less...
16/02/2014 04:09

Public notice: Novi the Awesome Hunter

HEAR YE HEAR YE!!!! Novi is an awesome hunter! Background: A few weeks back Novi and I had about the same Hunter Reputation... around 20k. We decided to put a little wager on who could get to 37k first. On Friday she pulled it off and one the bet...
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12/07/2015 23:28

A List of Things to NOT Give DB

Until she behaves......which i am guessing may be ETERNITY (good thing we are in this gameworld called Dragon Eternity).... Bacon (whether she likes it or not - not to be given out freely) Brownies Biscuits (the English kind) Cakes Candy Cookies Custard ...
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15/07/2015 15:50

Shaab Beast Etiquette

So a lot of people are in doing beast and will continue to do beast for a long time. Just some things I think we should all do. 1. Share! Yes I know there are some in here that never got past kindergarten and act as such, but for the most part we are al...
12/07/2015 22:46

ALL cookies on hold for Dragonblade until further notice

It seems our fun loving frolicking dragonblade has overstepped her bounds and now needs to be cut off from any sugar supplies you all have been giving her. I am guessing too much sugar has made her run rampant around is time for some tough lo...
18/07/2015 20:14

quick question

Can I transfer items from char to char is so , how do you?
15/07/2015 18:12

Rage of Element

I would love to know whom will enjoy bringing this event back to Tartu? Some interesting developments had happen since RoE was last played on Tartu. 1) Trial of Combat has been introduced and had an extreme makeover. a) That will drastically decr...
16/07/2015 13:36

Why I left Ninth Legion

So I don't want anyone to speculate about why I left Ninth Legion and then make wrong conclusions. I left to go and help another clan, not for any personal reason (I will return to Ninth Legion too). This probably already answers some questions. P.S.: Pl...
 Storm Kat68 
16/04/2015 19:50

Turning into defilers.

Let's start discussing how we can get the last Shaab fight done and more defilers Opinions needed. We tried talking in Current Combat chat last time, and too many didn't listen and we all got stuck. What can we do differently this time? Did admin ch...
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 Horned Devil18 
16/07/2015 00:12

New Awesome Announcement!!!

I was just looking at this...and I have a few quests....this is just the whole thing copy/pasted.... Achievements • Achievements will soon be added to Dragon Eternity, representing a player's progress in different aspects of the game. • Achievements are...
 Sparta Wolf36 
14/07/2015 05:18

Make her a wish

Happy birthday to Shadaran
13/07/2015 17:00

lets fight

hey who wants to do the skrag caves now
01/07/2015 00:16

the belt

can someone please tell me how to raise the storage on my belt
28/06/2015 08:11


Hello, everyone. I'm Adrimus. I'm fairly new to this game and think it's amazing for a browser has all the regular tools a client based game would. I love how in depth it is. Well, a little bit about myself. I'm 21 years old I'm a gaming enthus...
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10/07/2015 14:16

It really makes you wonder

As I sat in the square last night and listened to the every repeating tales of rivalry, I had to ask myself "What the heck?" Okay.. I really asked it a little more bluntly than that, but this is a G rated forum. Some of the back and forth tit for tat, ...
11/07/2015 17:42

Money loss

stuff is showing up in my inventory that i didnt buy, like the 330 fricken carrots, and i just lost gold
 Storm Kat70 
28/06/2015 23:19

For the first time, I used a BC to teach someone a lesson.

Before this gets thrown in my face, let me tell you all that I gave the level 43, vedmak1984, a very long time before I hit him. He cursed my clan mate in the arena, and refused to heal. I waited, watched him go to 7b & aoh, while my clan mate sat in sq...
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 Storm Kat70 
28/06/2015 00:18

Feed back after 3 clan wars

Please don't use this against me in 3 years There was a large PM message sent to leaders, asking us to consider no mount/buff wars. I have discussed with my council, and for the time being, we can not agree to no mounts/buffs in a war. Ihit has stated ...
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 Storm Kat70 
30/06/2015 03:19

War Reward factors

Hi Ihit, We just want to be sure this isn't a bug before reporting. But chatting with clan mates about the caskets awards, and there are a few concerns. Best Example I can find. -DDK- vs Syan. In the war on June 27th vs The Fallen
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