24/04/2014 05:55

Nephilim Quest Guide
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 Storm Kat55 
06/10/2014 01:10

New Jewelry?

{ITEM 78778} Unique Ring of Strife - Upgraded Level 55 Zerk, purple rings. {ITEM 78790} Rare Ring od Strife - Upgraded Level 63 Zerk purple rings. There are the other classes and level too, but those are the examples. They are in 'best options' for e...
04/10/2014 23:42

He walked away with that one..

http : // dragoneternity . com/game/event . php?id= 54305fd0-9e5e-0405-d05b-ef29cf7e2c51
05/10/2014 05:41

I want a guardian be fired

i get 05:37 Heaven's Voice: For violation of the {LINK chat rules,/about/law_chat/}, ArcanePaladin has been struck with the Spell of Silence for {PERIOD 7200}. . when less then 5 minutes previous someone swore in main and nothing was done. stupid here ...
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02/10/2014 05:56


its time to say happy birthday to the nicest sweetest and most amazing and helpful person in all of DE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOVI!!!!!!
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02/10/2014 14:06

The Mold Was Broken

This day shall live in infamy... oh wait... that's a different day... now where was I... ah yes Some, if not most of you, are probably too young to remember what happened on this day some years ago. It was a normal day like any other until out of nowher...
30/09/2014 16:47

New Medal

Whats this new reputation we gonna have to work on about.. I think its cool but have no idea how it works... idk how and where to het undead hunter reputation
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28/09/2014 09:19

Mining Profession

This is pretty rediculous now, theres too many miners/players and not enough spots to mine. and as if that wasnt bad enough the Barbarian is making it worse with its 21k life, how is anybody suppose to build rep. Can you guys make it so we can mine dolomi...
31/08/2014 18:45

Asking Admin for some enlightenment but probably will not get it

Things are changing. When DE was a small company, they do everything to attract players to the game aka potential revenue stream. They even have double reals day twice or thrice time a year. Ever since the big company of game insight took over, the gam...
10/09/2014 23:50

Dragon warlords

Anyone going to play?
27/09/2014 05:48

I want an account deleted.

The account named Azaria needs to be deleted. Thanks.
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02/01/2014 20:50


This topic arose in my clan chat today and we all thought itd be cool to all have eyepatches... but alas! Our fellow female members cannot get such an accessory! How can this be?! we should ALL be able to wear eyepatches! Sharing the fun with everyone, ...
23/09/2014 20:49

Signs you play too much DE...

Have had a few moments in the recent past that made me think... maybe I play DE too much... thought I'd post a few here and see if anyone else had others. Some of these are real but most are just silliness. 1. You catch yourself including DE style emoji...
09/08/2013 00:14

Fort in Detail Part 1 and Part 2 and Now Part 3.

Fort Part 1, "Inner Yard" 1st your face 3 lots of single guards Sentry Skrag (Level 25 - 32) < 1k HP each Take each one in turn in a group of 5, these will be quite easy but you will get 3-6 waves (up to 30 mobs). Use your dragon 1/2 way or as needed, ...
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27/09/2014 01:09


How long has trade district been gone from forums? Just noticed lol
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25/09/2014 02:16

1000 dayyyysssssss

Leane hit 1000 days today!!! Good job chubster!!! Gratzzzzz But that doesn't mean you eat 1000 pork chops.
24/09/2014 14:52


24/09/2014 17:56


I cant equip the Glyph of Destruction, why????????
05/09/2014 03:48

Link for great battles

Let's remember some great battles be them old or new. Post links here. I don't have it anymore but I used to have one that a bunch of lower level vaalors won SB against a much higher level sadar team. So don't despair. Get out there! Update: Here's the ...
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21/09/2014 07:44

Isn't it funny when your clan leader demotes you to novice because you beat him in TOH

Yep, I admit I used an arrow but I won by 300 points so it didn't really matter. Gotta laugh about that one.
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