Sphere of Vernal Energy

Required level 9
Item type Room


Magic ball, inside which you can find:
- Elixirs of "orange" quality
- Elixirs and orbs of "red" quality
- Caskets of various reputations
- Dragon Trickery Phial or The vial of "Agility"
- Enchanted Phoenix Vials, Attenuation and Inspiration
- Stars of various reputations
- Glyph of Sorcerer's Might
- elements of the collection "Defender of Adana"
- Protective Membrane Insignia
- Glyph of Greater Vampirism
- Food "red" quality by character level
- Simple Wraith Sphere
- Awards outstanding for various achievements
- Amulet of Cursed Legionnaire Summoning
- Bonecracker Balls by character level
- Onslaught Balms, Dragon Ragweed, Dragon Breath Vials and Elemental Candelas by character level
- Machanoid summoning balls by character level
- Orb of Stun
- Idols summoning creatures by character level

If you are particularly lucky, you can become the lucky owner of one of the following prizes:
- Amulet of Replication
- Unique earrings purple quality by character level
- Casket of Plenty
- Missing elements of the collections of Bonecracker and Healer
- Orange parsel by character level and class
- Stone Guardian's Hammer, Ice Guardian's Hammer, Iron Guardian's Hammer or Empire Guardian's Hammer depending on the character level
- Eye of the Abyss
- Red parsel by character level and class

Also, opening each 500th ball, you will guaranteed receive Inactive Mithril Glaive, activating which, you will be able to use all the power of this formidable weapon for 1 day.